Top 15 Essentials That Must Be In Women Purse

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Our handbags are stuffed with so many things that it becomes almost impossible to find something needed at a moment. From phone and house keys to chocolates and whatnot, we put so many items inside our purses. However, sometimes we forget the basic things that must be in there.

Top 15 Essentials That Must Be In Women Purse

1. Napkin/ Wipes/ Tissues

source: good housekeeping

Whether you are traveling or heading towards your college or workplace or you are anywhere outside of your house, you must have a napkin or tissues. You never know when you would need one for wiping tears/ sweat, blowing your nose, or cleaning your glasses or phone screen.

2. Phone Charger/ Power Bank

power bank
source: PCMag India

We can hardly spend a few hours without our phone these days and thus carrying a power bank or a charger becomes necessary. You won’t get a charging point everywhere and so power banks could be more preferable and of great help. Obviously, I need not remind you to take your phone with you.

3. Pads/ Tampons

pads, tampons
source: healthline

Periods can be quite unpredictable sometimes. We can predict the date but not the time, so keeping pads or tampons would surely be a good decision. If not you, it can surely help any of your buddies or colleagues in need.

4. Pen

source: newyork magazine

Keeping a pen with you is a great idea. You don’t have to ask others for it when needed and thus prevent yourself from the germs that might come your way. Also, you don’t have to wait for anyone searching for a pen to help you out. If you’re a writer, you can pen down any idea that strikes your mind anytime, anywhere. You may even carry a pocket diary.

5. Mask, Hand Gloves, Face cover

masks, handgloves
source: intermountain healthcare

During this COVID-19 pandemic, a mask is a must. It not only protects you from the virus but also bacteria, dust, allergies, and germs. In fact, you should be wearing it all the time you are out of your house. You can also wear or carry hand gloves and face cover for better protection.

6. Sanitizer

source: the jakarta post

There’s no doubt that washing your hands with soap is a better option than using a sanitizer but it’s not always possible. You should always keep a bottle of sanitizer with you, especially during this crucial time. It kills most of the germs. You can even wipe your phone screen and other surfaces.

7. Hair Accessories

hair accessories
source: alibaba

You should always keep some basic hair accessories like rubber bands, hair clips, and some bobby pins in your handbag. Sometimes open hair can be very irritating. Just tie it up when it hinders your work whether you are exercising or studying or working. Also, we lose our rubber bands and bobby pins very often, so you may even help someone. Keeping a comb can also be a good idea.

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8. Cash

source: SheThePeopleTv

Apart from your credit cards, you must always carry some cash with you wherever you go. Though most of the shops nowadays accept online payments and cards, there may be some that may not. Also, there may be some transaction problems or emergencies.

9. Pepper Spray

pepper spray
source: SPY

Every girl and every woman should carry pepper spray for self-defense. It’s easy to carry and is available at a low price. Even if you know some sort of martial art, keeping a pepper spray with you will better ensure your safety.

10. Some Important Documents

Important documents
source: zee business

You should also carry any proof of identification like aadhar card or pan card with you, especially when you are traveling as you don’t know when you would need it. Also, a driving license is a must when you are driving to and from your office or college.

11. Mint, Gums, and Mouth Freshener

source: candy industry

A bad breath is quite intolerable. Always keep some gums with you wherever you go. Nobody wants to get embarrassed in front of their colleagues or friends or anyone with whom they would be talking. It would be great to carry when you are going on dates or heading to a meeting.

12. Mini First-Aid

mini first aid
source: life spring for life

Keep a small bag or a small box with some band-aids, painkillers, and some important medicines. It will help you for sure if any kind of accident occurs and also in case you get foot bites from your new pair of sandals.

13. Safety Pins

safety pins
source: amazon

It’s a lifesaving thing and I don’t think any of us is unaware of how helpful a safety pin can be sometimes. When the zip of your jeans or the button of your top or when your dress gets torn because of any reason, a safety pin can be a boon.

14. Basic Makeup Things

basic makeup things
source: style craze

Some of us are really obsessed with makeup things and we have different tastes. Some of us like heavy makeup, some of us apply makeup lightly and some of us are okay with no makeup at all. However, a kajal, a lip balm, and a compact mirror are good to keep always. Also, you can have a separate makeup bag containing whatever products you like.

15. Some Snacks and a Water Bottle

snacks, water bottle
source: business traveller

I think you should always have some healthy snacks like nuts, nutritious bars, dark chocolates, etc. with you and munch on them whenever you feel hungry. Keeping a water bottle will prevent you dehydration.

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