Top 15 Worst Things About Marvels Disappointing Finale

“Great cry and little wool,” the perfect proverb which suits the grand finale of Marvel’s iconic series of Avengers. Apart from the crazy plot holes and the loose ends, there are things that made little to no sense at all in the film, and also how several iconic characters got ruined in the film is what this list is about so buckle up!

Top 15 Worst Things About Marvels Disappointing Finale

1. Iron Man’s Death

Iron Man's Death
Credits: Daily Express

When you cast aside all the hype and emotion tied to this movie, you will be able to see how Iron Man’s death failed to make many people feel anything at all for him and the main reason behind this is the way his death was executed and written. Why didn’t strong characters like Thor or Captain Marvel do what Tony did? They probably wouldn’t even die because Tony is just a human who couldn’t handle all the powers of the stones.

Or Ant-Man could have shrunk the gauntlet so that Thanos couldn’t use it. Or Captain Marvel could have flown away with the gauntlet far away from Thanos since she had already destroyed his ship so no one could actually follow her. Moreover, why can’t the time-stone be used to bring Tony back to life? There is no way that Dr. Strange saw all the possibilities of winning from Thanos and Tony’s death like the way it happened was the only way!

2. Black Widow’s Death

Black Widow's Deatth
Credits: The Verge

The death scenes were handled so badly that it was painful to see how the stories of these iconic characters ended. Surely many people cried in theatres but it was not because of the amazing screenplay but because of the emotions people invested in these characters. The way she died was really nothing special and just lazy writing. She had a fight with Hawkeye – nothing we haven’t seen a hundred times. She had an inconsistent arc not only in the film but also throughout MCU, this movie should have given her more but ended up killing her character.

Her storyline about her relationship with Hulk also remained unfinished, left-out, messy and since the beginning-unnecessary. Moreover, let’s not forget Gamora from another timeline came into existence in the current one, the original Gamora died for the soul stones sacrifice so why not bring Natasha back the same way? Hawkeye screaming that it can’t be undone makes no sense because he has not been a part of the team since forever so how can he have any idea about what’s possible and what’s not? Black Widow was the only woman in the original Avengers team and that’s how her character gets treated and killed.

3. Captain America

Captain America
Credits: Artstation

What about Captain America? He got his happy ending and stayed alive so what’s the issue with his arc, right? WRONG. His last scene also had no emotional impact at all because we have already seen how the time-machine can make people young again. There are multiple ways in which Steve could have lived the life he desired and came back to protect the world in his younger self again when you think about the way time-travelling works in the marvel universe.

Moreover, why did he go back to Peggy? The guy has lived-in present-day world longer than the days he spent as a soldier; how much longer does he need to get over a girl he wanted to date years ago? The more you think of it, the more you feel like his character is so obsessed with this one girl even though Endgame side-lined another important relationship Cap has with someone else from the past – BUCKY! Sam getting shield instead of Bucky is fine but why does the last confrontation with Cap at the lakeside happens with Sam, not Bucky is inexplicable.

4. Women Team-Up Scene

Women Team-Up Scene
Credits: Atom Tickets

Everyone was uncomfortable watching this scene unfold in the theatres. Why do only female superheroes come forward to protect Spiderman? Why does Captain Marvel even need the help of all those female superheroes at all? The film is full propagandas so probably the only reason for this scene was to show “Girl Power”. However, it looked super-forced and really just put in the movie for propaganda purposes because Marvel Studios only released a single female-led superhero film after making tons of male-superhero films.

And this is probably the reason why Bucky and Steve’s relationship was completely side-lined because of its homoerotic undertones, Marvel Studios are at present thinking of including LGBTQ characters but until Endgame they probably never gave it much thought and went forward with the standardized sexuality of superheroes as heterosexuals. Moreover, no one has forgotten the terrible treatment of Black Widow’s character, when we see that she isn’t a part of this female avengers unite this scene feels incomplete.

5. Hulk’s Character Got Ruined Completely

Credits: Looper

When Natasha dies, Hulk’s reaction is not as anyone expected it to be. We learned in the first Avengers movie that Dr Banner is actually “Always angry.” (Bruce Banner, Avengers) and now that both Bruce and Hulk are merged together, their powers combined should make him angrier and stronger but he gives an almost cold reaction to Natasha’s death and is too focused on how to defeat Thanos. It’s not just inaccurate in terms of his character in Comic-Books but also in terms of how he is presented in the MCU universe too.

Russo Brothers also missed the chance to present Hulk with some awesome scenes like Captain lifting Thor’s hammer or Scarlett Witch almost killing Thanos since Hulk put on the gauntlet which had gamma radiation in it and also the fact that he lost Natasha moments ago, the anger inside him along with the gamma radiation could have turned him into this over-powered Hulk who could have fought Thanos better.

6. Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex. Machina
Credits: Fandom

Need more examples of lazy writing? Captain Marvel somehow always comes to save the day whether its saving Tony and Nebula stuck in space or destroying Thanos’ ship, it reminds one of divine intervention in classic Greek. Yet, she can’t be the one who could use the gauntlet. It almost seemed like MCU just wanted to phase out three major characters somehow and rushed their endings to be unconvincing.

7. Bland Reactions

Nebula & Rocket
Credits: Los Angeles Times

Nebula and Rocket lose the only family they ever had and they just sit and hold hands for like ten seconds in the movie. Yet, somehow, it seemed that Captain Marvel was much sadder about Nick Fury’s death whom she knew for about five days at most. When Black Widow died, we already discussed how the reactions of the characters were very unrealistic.

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Weird Sudden Cuts
Credits: The Mary Sue

The movie begins with the major conflict that Tony and Nebula are stuck together but boom! Captain Marvel magically appears to save the day. Then, they realize the stones are destroyed and Thor decides to Kill Thanos anyway, so the tension is at a high point and it could have been something awesome but no we get a time jump of FIVE YEARS! Moreover, we never got to see Hulk’s development as the new Hulk. Deadpool is screaming: Lazy Writing in the background.

9. The Whole Time-Travelling Idea Of MCU

Credits: Trending ETC

First, let’s talk about the plot holes, Bruce said, “Time-Travelling is out of his area of expertise.” Yet, he is the one explaining Time-Travelling to War Machine. We have already discussed how Time-Traveling could have simply gotten Tony and Nat back but somehow, they can’t.

The whole idea of a dangerous mission to get the stones back and beat Thanos also loses its significance when we realize how easily and without facing any major threat, they complete the Time-Heist. Infinity War made us curl our toes as we anticipated what would happen next but this was way too easy to be the final mission.

10. Hawkeye’s Character Development Potential Ruined

Hawkeye's character development
Credits: IGN Southeast Asia

We never see how Clint became violent, the extent of violence he had caused and how he suffered without his family. The scene where he goes as the test subject for the time-heist, he sees his family, there could have been a beautiful scene of contrast where Clint could have pondered over who he was and who he has become and the most important thing, would his family want this to happen to him?

The scene where Clint and Natasha fight to make the sacrifice would have carried more weight when Clint would want to sacrifice himself to bring his family back because he is no more the man he used to be, so it would be better if he is not there when his family comes back. This argument would have made his character arc beautiful but Alas! We didn’t get this. All we got to see was a new haircut.

11. The Complicated Plan to Get the Stones Back Was, UNNECESSARY

Credits: Time Magazine

Yes, why didn’t they just go back to the time when Thanos was crippled and about to destroy the stones on another planet. They would have gotten all of the stones easily or they could simply go the exact time when Thor stabbed Thanos before he snapped his fingers, Thor could simply just cut his head off by landing there with the time-machine. Or they could chop off Thanos’ arm just before Star-Lord ruined the plan. There are literally so many ways they could have done it simply and safely but no they made a three-hour-long movie for nothing.

12. Consequences of Bringing Back the Dead are Never Shown

bringing back the death
Credits: Cinema Blend

Forget the traumas of the superheroes but think about the people who came back to find out that they are now homeless or their partners re-married or maybe their kids’ committed suicide out of trauma or so many difficult situations everyone must be in. All of this is never talked about in the next Spiderman film too, everyone seemed to be affected by only Tony’s demise.

13. How is Thor still worthy?

Credits: Cinema Blend

Thor has his stand-alone films which show how he becomes worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Then, he acts selfishly, treats everything lightly, has no sense of duty for his people, he is practically bribed to join the mission and he is given the easiest task in mission yet he has a panic attack and even thinks of abandoning the mission! How is he worthy, again? Forget everything, why did he even get the hammer? He has a better weapon already, doesn’t he?

14. The Entire MCU Fight Scene

Endgame Fight Scene
Credits: Pinterest

Everyone was waiting for this moment, the portals open and everyone is on the edge of their seats but as soon as the battle commences, you just try to focus your eyes in the chaotic execution of the scene. Not only is too dark, marvel fanatics should be regretting all the “Too-Dark” jokes on DC, but poorly executed into a five-minute scene.

15. No Sense of Dread

No sense of dread
Credits: Cinema Blend

What Infinity War achieves is what Endgame fails to do. The Avengers are not fighting Thanos but Thanos from the past who has nothing to do with what happened in present. He was shoehorned in the story because they needed a final boss. Anyway, whenever moments of dread come one doesn’t really feel it because of Captain Marvel coming out of nowhere to save the day. The whole battle is one-sided.

The largest climax should have had an epic climatic end with “Endgame” but the movie only disappointed and those refuse to believe the flaws in the film are only saying so because they are nostalgic about all the previous films with which they grew up which is understandable. It is such a crying shame that there was so much potential for this story-line of Endgame to be epic but it did not.

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