Top 15 Exquisite Locations For Scuba Diving

An ideal scuba diving has to be one that brings along high spirits and thrill in you! Scuba diving is one of the most exciting adventures that you should try at least once in life. There are numerous locations for scuba diving, but nature is undoubtedly full of mysterious things in some of the locations. Spotting the marine life, corals, and the blues of oceans is indeed a fascinating experience. 

Top 15 Exquisite Locations For Scuba Diving

1. Micronesia, United States of America

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When looking for the best locations for Scuba Diving, you cannot miss out on Micronesia. Micronesia is one of the most graceful locations for Scuba diving. Micronesia is an attractive amalgamation of various islands. Some of these locations have historical destructive stories. You would be able to spot the unique manta rays in this diving experience.

2. Sipadan, Malaysia

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Sipadan is predominantly a spectacular site for an unimaginable Scuba Diving experience. It is an enjoyable site to live the ever fresh and magical aquatic life. It has this amazing tour inside the water where one can spot Barracuda Point, Hanging Gardens, Drop off and the beautiful Coral garden. Sipadan is home to enormous turtles, dolphins, the magnificent cave system, and bright corals all around.

3. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

great barrier reef
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While there are numerous locations for Scuba Diving but diving in the Great Barrier Reef is something beyond amazing! It is the largest reef located in the heavenly country – Australia. The place is surrounded by exciting and numerous Scuba diving sites. You would be able to see – eagle rays, the thrilling sea snakes, and Giant trevallies. We already know that Australia is home to the wildest species, so experience the thrills!

4. Great Blue Hole, Belize

Great Blue Hole
source: the belize collection

You cannot really look for locations for Scuba Diving without having the Great Blue Hole on the list. The picture itself communicates and delivers those thrills with its natural creation. It is a sinkhole created in the middle of the blues. Great Blue Hole is always on the list of passionate divers. The crystal clear waters, wide-area, and the stories of divers – these all would make you visit Belize for the timeless moments. One is lucky to spot some hammerheads, reef sharks, and bull sharks!

5. Maldives

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You might have known the Maldives for expensive vacations and the ideal destination for a honeymoon. To your surprise, Maldives is also about experiencing the craziest adventure. It is one of the best locations for Scuba diving where you can find a variety of sharks in the dive. The turquoise waters and the vibe of being surrounded by the waters all around are beyond imagination! You would be able to witness White Tip sharks, Hammerheads, the huge manta rays, and the Eagle Rays.

6. Egyptian Red Sea

Egyptian red sea
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Nothing could be greater than actually diving in the Egyptian Red Sea. It is indeed a stunning experience to enjoy the turquoise waters, watching the life within the waters. Numerous wrecks including Ras Muhammad and the Big Brother have made extensive contributions in glorifying the Scuba Diving experience in the Egyptian Red Sea. Beautified coral reefs and a distinctive collection of fishes make the experience of Scuba diving more and more worthy. The Egyptian Red Sea is undeniably one of the best locations for Scuba diving.

7. Hawaii

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It is not just one diving site but various diving sites in the beautiful location of Hawaii. You just cannot name anyone’s site as it would not be of enough appreciation this place deserves! Hawaii is significantly colourful, vibrant, and bright to visit. When in Hawaii, you just cannot pack your bags without experiencing this thrilling adventure of Scuba diving. It is one of the most colourful locations for Scuba Diving. You would be able to spot a great sea turtle, seals, and the charming manta rays. Well, if the fortune supports, you could be luckier to watch the amazing humpbacks or even the whale sharks.

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8. Berlengas Islands, Portugal

berlengas island
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Some of the best locations for Scuba Diving are still untouched and not explored at the full capacity. Berlengas Island in Portugal offers an enthralling diving experience. The underwaters are majorly about the Haliotis shells along with the touch of silvery interiors. This island is home to various colored anemones. You would be able to spot octopus and numerous fishes in the blues.

9. White Sea, Russia

white sea
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Scuba divers generally look for a variety of species and aquatic animals however the White sea in Russia offers a different kind of phenomenal experience. It has a vibrant underwater world different from other locations for scuba diving. It is beautified with clear water and the sea is glorified with extensive and clean fauna. You would definitely be able to spot the starfish, some crabs, and shrimps. It is also home to a variety of corals, sponges, and hydroids.

10. Indonesia

source: the jakarta post

Indonesia is home to numerous and excellent diving sides for Scuba divers. Rock boo is one of the most famous diving sites in Indonesia. Astonishingly, this site is considered to be one of the best locations for scuba diving. The underwaters are filled with a variety of colors, fishes, and the magical marine life. You would be able to spot the finest multicolored Pinnate batfish along with the grunts. Watching these pieces would undoubtedly create an exhilarating aura around the blues. The views are incredibly awesome and you should not miss out on Indonesia when looking for different locations for scuba diving.

11. Boracay, Philippines

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Why miss out on a dazzling location for scuba diving? The Philippines is undoubtedly a place of Paradise when it comes to Scuba diving. You might be lucky to spot some clown fishes along with eels. It is also home to abundant and colorful reef systems. This location has long, stretched, and clean beaches where you can simply sit back and relax the phenomenal view of the ocean. Trust me, the paradise of the Philippines is indeed one of the happiest locations for scuba diving.

12. Cayman Islands, Caribbean

cayman islands
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The Cayman Islands are one of the most joyful sides for a phenomenal Scuba Diving experience. This place is definitely for the ones who are looking for a promising and enthralling experience underwater. You would be able to spot grunts, sergeant majors, and the snapper. If you’re, by any chance, determined enough then you may be able to spot a barracuda.

13. Tobermory, Canada

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What a scintillating experience to dive in the Scuba Diving Capital of Canada. Tobermory is significant as it is home to numerous shipwrecks. If you’re diving for a historical experience, this place is the best locations for Scuba diving. The sunken vessels glorify the beaut of this location. The experience of diving in Tobermoney is historical, relishing and scintillating. What could be better than spotting sunken elements in the deep blues? 

14. Aliwal Shoal, South Africa

aliwal shoal
source: SA

The phenomenal shoal of Aliwal is inhabited by numerous and bright corals. It is a happy home to a variety of subtropical fishes. Aliwal Shoal happens to be one of the best locations for Scuba diving in the world. This place gains significance as one can witness the thrilling Grey Nurse Sharks. Divers dive in the underwaters to spot this astonishing creation of nature. You can find enough resorts and restaurants around the destination. 

15. Bay Islands, Honduras

bay islands
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Honduras is a location that is home to 8 islands along with 53 mini cays. There are numerous diving sites in the Bay Islands. You would be able to witness the amazing reefs along the diving journey. The thrilling divers would definitely be able to spot butterflyfish, Yellowtail snapper, lobsters, and moray eels. This is one of the most popular locations for Scuba Diving. 

When planning for Scuba Diving, you absolutely need to visit these locations for a phenomenal experience. Let us know your favourite locations for Scuba diving along with your personal experience in the marine world.

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