Top 15 Ways To Deal With Depression

Depression is one of the very common and dangerous mental agonies we see in humans (even some studies claim that animals also suffer from depression), without a trace this condition makes a person weak from the inside and may even end with the death of the suffering person if he/she is not helped in time. Even after recent incidents, no one is going to talk about depression. Skepticism is shown only on Instagram stories. So, to combat this mental condition we are here with: 

Top 15 Ways To Deal With Depression

1. Upbeat Music

upbeat music
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Music is an important part of daily life. How a single track hits the right note inside us, no one knows likewise if you are suffering from depression then try to listen to upbeat music only and please avoid sad/blues for some time. Upbeat music is fun and cheering, you will feel better but stick to plan at least for a couple of weeks only. 

2. Stop Overthinking 

stop overthinking

Overthinking is like breathing, we all overthink no matter whether people accept it or not. Overthinking affects depression indirectly, how? I’ll tell you, try to expand your thinking but overthinking always results in negative thoughts which ultimately leads to depression. So stop right now, don’t overthink, everything will be alright. 

3. Socialize With Friends

socialize with friends
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Either they are your study or booze partners but spending time with friends is pure fun. So if you are having some depression conditions then one easy and simple step is to socialize more than usual with your friends, especially with the inner circle. You will definitely feel improved after a single get together. 

4. Get Adequate Sleep

get adequate sleep
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Scientific studies prove that lack of sleep leads to depression and insomnia makes it even worse. Use bed for the purpose of sleeping only otherwise avoid any activity to do on the bed especially laying down on the bed for the entire day for no reason. Please try to sleep on time by making a bedtime schedule.

5. Exercise And Get In A Routine

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What regular exercise does in depression is that it helps you get into a routine and it strengthens you both physically and mentally? So all you have to do is make a routine for everything and a few more punches on a boxing sandbag. 

6. Combat Negative Thoughts

combat negative thoughts
source: emerald psychiatry

As we discussed earlier, negative thoughts only result in mental agony and nothing else. The only person who suffers after negative thinking is you and you only. So stand, gear up, and be ready to combat all the negative thoughts inside you. 

7. Travel For A Fresh Start

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Remember Aditya from “Jab We Met”? Travelling is the natural healer of almost all mental illnesses and all a depressed person needs is a fresh start. So, if you are suffering from depression, try this way right now. Be the Mr Kashyap of your own journey. 

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8. Find The Problem And Discuss With Your Loved Ones

talk to your loved ones
source: everyday health

The first step for solving any problem is to find the cause of the problem. Once you find the cause then plan a strategy, build up your team, and hit where it hurts the most. The same applies in the case of the battle against depression. Your family and friends are your teams. Talk to them, share your problem, find the root cause, and then see yourself how it is like a cakewalk for you to beat depression.

9. Visualize A Happy Memory For Positive Thoughts

visualize A Happy Memory For positive thoughts
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Memories, some of them are good and some of them are worse but all these memories stay with us forever. I know there is a thin thread between them so I want you to think about the Positive memories, stick to the good ones that fill you with positivity, and ultimately help you in healing. Only one rule, stick to positivity. 

10. Make Plans And Keep Yourself Busy

Make Plans And Keep Yourself Busy

If you are feeling low then don’t sit in the corner, it will affect you very badly. Just make yourself busy either by making your bed or by doing some extra work at your job or you can try to make some plans for yourself or with your loved ones to cheer yourself up. Don’t give up on yourself. Self-care is a must to beat anxiety and depression.

11. Take Different Views And Find Something To Look Forward

Take Different Views And Find Something To Look Forward
source: the ladders

Maybe Jack will survive the night if Jack & Rose sit on the wooden block turn wise? This is my personal perspective so sometimes you need to change your sight to see more clearly. Don’t say why me? Always look at the brighter side, the bigger picture, and then only start complaining.

12. Eat Healthy Food And Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

eat healthy food
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Often it is seen that people stop taking regular diets and start taking too much alcohol if they are going through some tough times which makes your body weak physically and freezes you mentally. That habit occupies a space day to day and makes you depressed and all alone. Maybe now you’ll understand why a healthy diet is so important and too much alcohol is injurious to health. 

13. Take Responsibilities And Forgive Others

taking responsibility
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Taking responsibility makes you a leader of your small clan and motivates you to do good things. The habit of forgiveness discharges you from grudges and provides a feeling of mental peace. And self-motivation and inner mental peace are the two best things to beat Anxiety and Depression. 

14. Meditation 

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This is a well-known phenomenon to beat depression. Meditation relaxes the mind and boosts blood pressure and immunity. Meditation kills negativity and provides peace, vision, and helps to focus. 

15. Consult A Specialist/Doctor/Therapist

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This is the last option if you are not able to follow the above-mentioned steps then consult with your family doctor, therapist plus nowadays there are various specialists available in the market working on things to combat depression.

We are a species that no one is able to understand. Our actions can tell you what is the problem but what’s going on inside the brain, no one knows. We as a community tried to provide you with some of the easy and best ways to combat anxiety and depression. Share your thoughts and views with us.

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