Top 15 Fashion Trends That Can Never Go Out Of Fashion

Fashion has a different definition for all of us. But one thing constant about fashion has been that it has a tendency to change itself from time and again. While fashion trends have a nature to change and alter as per the season and culture, there are some things that never go out of fashion. Here’s a quick list of top 15 fashion trends that can never go out of fashion.

1. Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Princess Diana has been a big fashion icon for all her life and one of her favorites was the polka dot prints. At many events, the fashion icon was seen wearing the polka dot dresses. From then to even today, the trend of polka dot is both a fresh vibe and an air of nostalgia. Whatever it may be, but it can just never go out of fashion trend. Thus, topping out the list of top 15 fashion trends that can never go out of fashion, we have the ever-living and legendary Polka Dots.

2. The Red Tie

The Red Tie

White shirt, black pants, and black coat is one classic wear, but the perfect red tie can spark the charm from zero to hundred in just a flash. From Bollywood to Hollywood to any of your favorite stars, you will find the guy killing it with this look. So, for all the boys out there, if you are up to planning a major look, then this one is a sure shot. 

3. White Dress

White Dress

There is a thing about a woman who dresses up in style and more dresses up in that perfect dress. While the trends of solids, prints and flowy can keep on coming and going, there are a few fashion trends in women’s fashion that can hardly go out of trend. One of these fashion trends is the White Dress. The right choice of dress for the right occasion can make head turns for you ladies! Having said that, solid cotton always is a safe play and a gorgeous choice too.

4. Tuxedo


The next thing in our top 15 fashion trends that can never go out of fashion is the Tuxedo. A man in the suit has an air about himself. He obviously looks suited up, presentable, and also confident (unless he is wearing the right color!). Therefore, a tuxedo is one of the few things that has been ageless. From the late ’80s to maybe even before that to date, a man can possibly slay in a tuxedo.

5. Boots


The only thing about the boots is that they make sure the season and the place that you are wearing it to. Boots have been made a mark in the fashion world for quite some time now, and they are surely here to stay. You can either love them or hate them, but you can’t ignore them. This is one of those fashion trends that is up for both the genders, but the only trick is to understand how you wear it. The right choice of clothes to pair them along, the right season and the right place is the trick that you need to solve before zipping them up.

6. LBD


The LBD – Little Black Dress. Girls! When in doubt, go for that Little Black Dress that’s been waiting for the perfect date to come out of the closet. The LBD can literally change the fate of the fashion if dressed in an elite manner. No chunky jewelry, no over the top bling, and you are set to rock the fashion trend that has been a savior for a lot many years now.

7. Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

For all those people who are in love with an all-time casual look, the denim jackets have been the one-stop fashion trend for them always. It seems as if the denim jackets have been there forever and they still carry the same cool quotient as ever. Out of all the top 15 fashion trends that can never go out of fashion, this is one of those that is surely going to stay forever and ever, no matter what!

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8. Red Dress

Red Dress

Red at times can be seen as a colour of boldness. It surely is. For many people, red has also been that colour to which they hesitate before wearing. But our aim at bringing the top 15 fashion trends that can never go out of fashion is to substantially enlist the fashion trends that have that x-factor attached to them. And the Red Dress has just got that thing. Make sure that you do not overdo the look and also the length of the dress.

9. Converse Shoes

Since how long have you been witnessing people around you witness the converse shoes. Better, since how long have you possessed that white pair of converse shoes? Could not think of the exact years? Well, that’s exactly the reason why we have converse shoes in our top 15 fashion trends that can never go out of fashion. Converse Shoes are casual, comfortable and above all, the easiest way of pulling a cool look. Thus, you can’t get away with this fashion trend ever.

10. Ear Hoops

Ear Hoops

The fashion trend of female earrings keeps changing with the wave of the air. Sometimes, they are the air of big heavy chunks, and the next minute a small pearl looks. All of this is fine and stays for some time, but what has always stayed and slayed is the ear hoops. The big hoops go just fine with every look. May it be ethnic, casual, or formal. They are no less than a potato who just mingles perfectly everywhere.

11. Straight Hair

Straight Hair

When it comes to women’s fashion trends, hair plays a vital role. From bob to long, short to trimmed, the hair trend in women’s world has seen a major change from mild to wild. But even then in all of it one fashion trend that has always stayed and I am sure will always stay is the straight hair look. Just like the LBD, when in doubt, go for the straight hair look. They too have the air to catch up with any sort of a look, ethnic, formal, casual, or a party look. They just always look perfect.

12. Long Coats

long coats

Next in the list of top 15 fashion trends that can never go out of fashion is the long coats. Although they always remind me of Sherlock Holmes, you can’t deny that they always look classy. Again, this look is a killer one for both gender, may it be men or women. It automatically transfers the look to a more pious, elegant, and gracious one. Just a small tip, make sure you choose solid colours that go well along with most of the things in your wardrobe.

13. Scarfs


Sometimes the smallest of the things can add the much-needed zing in your entire look and the scarfs are one of those things. They are small and handy, but that does not stop them from making the statement. Over a plain white shirt, if you throw a scarf around your neck, it can without fail to add the colours and confidence to the look.

14. High Heels

High Heels

A woman looks dapper when she wears her confidence, and she looks a goddess when her walks have it too. High heels can sometimes help you get that boost in just a step.  While high heels have had their share of debate of whether they are good or bad, we here do not recommend wearing them to complete the look. But for all the women who love them, here’s good news the fashion trend has ruled her world as it has been there forever to stay up forever.

15. Minimalism


If you look at the 100 years of fashion, the worst kind of fashion came in the 2000s, and it was badly accused by critiques around the world. But what has always been looked up to is the fashion trends of the ’90s. It is almost as if we never had the fashion trends of the 90s we must have been still struggling with gowns and hats. To date, most of the inspiration for the fashion trends have the credits go back to the ’90s. And one such fashion trend of minimalism came from those days. It is as clear as the title- no over the top things, simple yet classy is the key and so it is!

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