Top 15 Fiction Books One Must Read

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Fiction is that fine cocktail that intoxicates you not only by the storyline it depicts but also by the characters, romance, action and everything else it contains. The world of fiction creates an imaginary world where every teenager and adult wish to reside.

Top 15 Fiction Books One Must Read

1. Harry Potter Series

fiction series Harry Potter
Source- Harry Potter Wiki Fandom

Who doesn’t know about this masterpiece by J.K Rowling, right? Harry Potter series is one of the must-read novel series on the list of every book lover. The magic casts on you are undeniably perfect.

2. Percy Jackson Series

Source- Amazon

Percy Jackson is the most hilarious yet mind-boggling novel series based on Greek mythology. This is like a dream book for many kids who love adventure, mythological characters, and a great storyline.

3. Narnia

Source- Amazon

This is another book that everyone must be familiar with. Narnia is the magical world where the white witch gives you Turkish delight to eat and a hot chocolate drink to sip, and the lion gives you free rides on his back. Well, this book projects a fantastic fictional world where children would love to live.

4. Perry Mason Series

Not Percy but Perry. Perry Mason is one of the best novel series ever. It was published for the first time in the 1930s. The book will get to you and have your heart. It is one of the best books from the past, which seems almost a century-old to us and our generation.

5. Sherlock Holmes

Source- Amazon

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock is a famous detective with his quick calculation, unbeatable reasoning, and humorous wit, who has mesmerized us since the first time the book became public. Who doesn’t like Sherlock and Watson, the two best crime solvers?

6. Books by Agatha Christie

Source- The New York Times

The novel series of Agatha Christie is the best crime fiction that a parent can let their kid read. It’s easy, fun and full of adventures. Christie’s books are meant for all age groups, from teens to adults.

7. A Walk to Remember

Source- Nicholas Sparks

Well, if you walk with heavy weights on your back, it will surely be a walk to remember, because your legs won’t let you forget. But here, it’s just another cute, emotional love story that every love consumed teenager would love to read. This book is truly a reading journey and a memory you will remember forever.

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8. The Fault in Our Stars

Source- Amazon

This is another book for love-drenched teens and every adult who wishes for romance and love. The story transports you, and it makes you fall in love with everything around you. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to be yourself, but that’s what you will ever need.

9. The Invisible Man

Source- Amazon

This is a sci-fi novel made out of every kid’s desire: to be invisible. Kids often wish to be invisible to escape the punishments from their parents, but this novel is different from a mere child’s play. H.G. Wells depicts the horrors of science in this work. 

10. Catch-22

Source- Amazon

This book is full of roller coaster rides, and Joseph Heller wrote it. The events in the book could get a bit boring and slow-paced at times. However, as a whole, the book is just great.

11. The Godfather

Source- Amazon

God is indeed the father of all, but this Godfather is the mafia lord of the underworld working from New York. Mario Puzo wrote the book, and it will take you into a crime packed world and get you addicted to the story. The Godfather is indeed the Godfather of all the books.

12. Game of Thrones

Source- Amazon

Most of the people in the new generation would know this title by heart. Thanks to the T.V. adaptation of the book series by HBO. Like the T.V. series, the book series is also phenomenal. A book lover must read all the books in the series, and you might end up enjoying the books more than the T.V. episodes you had binge-watched.

13. Gone with the Wind

Source- Amazon

This is a BIG book, but a good book. Yes, it is quite a thick book, but you will enjoy reading it if you like reading classic novels. Margaret Mitchell wrote it, and it’s like a cult classic. 

14. Master of the Game

Source- Amazon

This book doesn’t talk about your P.E. teacher- be assured of that, nor does it go into detail about all the sweaty games you play on the ground. It’s just a story of revenge and power, that’s all. Yes, don’t make hasty opinions or assumptions about a book by its title. 

15. Tell Me Your Dreams

If you have nightmares, never tell me. But if you like reading suspense thriller novels with a twist about mental disorders, then be my guest and read this book. It will positively affect you and make you see a whole new side.

In Conclusion

The above-suggested books are some of the best fiction published to date. Go ahead, pick your favourite genre and enjoy reading. Let us know if you’ve got any other books that you would add to this list!

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