Top 15 Weirdest World Records Ever

Everyone wants to be famous; everyone wants to be known. So to be a celebrity, you must have a talent or skill that makes you unique and different from others. Well, some people found their way towards fame, and they have created some of the weirdest world records ever.  Here are the top 15 world records that would make you go, “WHAAAT! Seriously someone did that? Wow!”

Top 15 Weirdest World Records Ever

1. Longest Fingernails On A Woman

Source- Allure

Well, she must be having difficulties doing her daily chores with such long nails on her fingers, no doubt there. But if it breaks, won’t it hurt? That’s a question worth asking her, right?

2. Longest Moustache

Source- Pinterest

Having a long moustache must be itchy as hell, and he might be having a comb for that. It would be funny to see him grooming his moustache.

3. Most Piercings In A Lifetime

Source- Wikipedia

OUCH! That hurts. How is it even possible to get oneself pierced so much? Must be having a lot of talent and strength to bear the pain. Commendable.

4. Longest Distance Keeping A Table Lifted With Teeth

Source- Pinterest

Now that’s what we call strong teeth. Those teeth must be like iron bars to achieve such a feat. The number of heavy objects these teeth could have the weight lifted over the years is a question worth wondering about.

5. Most Tattooed Man

Source- Guinness World Records

Why do some people love needles so much? I have seen people cry over a tetanus shot, but this guy is getting tattoos repeatedly all over his body. That’s true gut, man.

6. Most Toothpicks In A Beard

Source- YouTube

Okay, this is just plain weird. Why would anyone try to do that? But this would be funny to watch, a face full of beard and toothpicks. Whoever has lunch with him would never have bad teeth.

7. Fastest Typing Using The Nose

Source- Guinness World Records

Well, we all know that our fingers sometimes get tired and start aching after typing for a long time. So, how about putting our noses to work? Sounds funny, I know.  Anyway, congratulations to this guy for making the world record to type quickly with his nose. Sometimes, most of us can’t even type with our fingers quickly, but this guy challenges it by typing with his nose in a swift action.

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8. Most Spoons Balanced On A Human Body

Source- The Nation

That’s a dream fulfilled indeed. The art of balance! On a different note, balancing so many spoons upon one’s body is also hilarious to think about.

9. Maximum Number Of T-shirts Worn

Source- YouTube

Well, this person will never be cold again for sure, and he will look as huge as a bear in this look. Also, it will take him forever to change and clean the mess that he might create in the process.

10. Tallest Hat

Source- UPI

With the witch’s cackle, the hat also rattles. With a pointed tip and a flat brim, this hat sure does settle the best. It appears like a tall building.

11. Fastest Time To Eat A Bowl Of Pasta

Source- YouTube

Now that’s a tasty world record to make. A bowl of pasta and a fork that’s all that we will ever need to live a life of absolute bliss and joy.

12. Heaviest Weight Lifted With The Tongue


Alright, now that tongue must be engaging in many weight training activities to carry heavy weights alone. It is indeed quite fascinating to think that a tongue can lift weights.

13. Most Apples Crushed With Biceps

Source- Guinness World Records

I feel bad for the apples. Poor them getting crushed by biceps must be painful. This is like watching the goons getting beaten up in Bollywood movies. 

14. Longest Tongue

Source- YouTube

Now, this is something I can relate to. I know some people who have tongues of great lengths to the point that they can touch the tip of their nose with their tongue. But this world record of having the longest tongue is on a whole different level. 

15. Heaviest Weight Lifted By The Human Beard

Source- Guinness World Records Day

Now now, why such fury against the beard? Just why? Let it live in peace. Why such cruelty against it? It needs rest; why put it through such pain. Although it is painful to watch the poor beard weightlift, it is also commendable in a different sense. 

In Conclusion

The above-mentioned world records are undoubtedly some of the weirdest instances you would encounter in the book of world records. However, it is also interesting to know that some people can do the unimaginable. It is their unique talent. Everybody has something that they are proud of, and the records mentioned above are the skills that some people possess, and they are proud of themselves for it. We should respect and appreciate each individual for their respective skills. 

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