Top 15 Food Items To Try In Monsoon Season

Monsoon is one of our favorite seasons; it is the perfect season after all, isn’t it? The climate is just right, not too hot, not too cold. So, what is it about the monsoon that sets it apart from all the other seasons and makes you crave a different variety of food items? Well, nobody really knows the reason behind it but it is perhaps thanks to the beautiful climate that it brings along.

In order to calm your craving for food, here are the Top 15 food items to try in the monsoon season.

Top 15 Food Items To Try In Monsoon Season

1. The Evergreen Pakodas

Image Credit:Malayala Manorama

This is one of the favorite old snacks in India. Nowadays, it is not limited to potatoes, onions, and spinach. We have a number of pakoda varieties, including baby corn, chicken, brinjal, fish, ice cream, green chili, noodles, macaroni, curd, and cabbage.

2. Bhutta (Corn)

Image Credits: Love Laugh Mirch

Bhutta also known as corn is one of the common food items of monsoon season. Bhutta is connected with the cool feeling of raindrops on our skin and we all enjoy eating roasted corn. The lemon squeez the spicy tangy taste and the roasted flavour make it taste amazing.

3. Raw banana kachori with yogurt dip

Image Credits: Pinterest

This is one of the unique food items to try in monsoon season. Just boil the bananas, mash them and mix it with rice flour. Add some chaat masala and stuff this mixture in kachori and your Raw Bnana Kachori is ready to eat. Don’t miss out on this one! Eat it with yoghurt dip to enlighten your senses.

4. Locho

Image Credits: Cityshore Ahmedabad

Surti Locho is the popular dish of Surat. It is best served with lemon squeezed with sev and coriander spread. We can serve it with coriander and tomato spicy chutney,it gives it a spicy flavour.

5. Chorico pao

Chorico pao
Image Credits: Pinterest

Every foody’s dream during monsoon is about to be fulfilled in Goa, as they serve freshly baked pao filled with Goan sausages. Vinegar,garlic, spices gives it smoky flavour. In the rainy season, sitting on a tranquil beach of goa and eating Chorico pao is one of the best feeling one can have during monsoon.

6. Masala sweet corn vada

Masala sweet corn vada
Image Credits:Archana’s kitchen

A drool-worthy snack that’s absolutely easy to make, the Masala sweet corn vada is just perfect to have with a cup of tea on a rainy day. It has a very unique taste and exciting mouth-feel, thanks to the combination of crushed corn with onions, capsicum and garlic paste. A touch of chat masala accentuates the masaledar flavour of this vada, leaving a warm, tongue-licking feel on your palate.

7. Eggplant chaat

Eggplant chaat

This is one of the innovative recipe one can enjoy in monsoon as it is crunchy from outside and soft from inside. Curd and coriander spread gives it a refreshing look . When served with chai it tastes more yummy.

8. Rice potato

Rice potato
Image Credits: Manjula’s kitchen

Rice potato snacks recipe is basically a cutlet which looks crunchy from outside and soft from inside. Rice flour,boiled potato, cumin seeds,chaat masala, and spices are the main ingredients of Rice potato snacks. They must be served hot.

9. Kanda Bhaji

Kanda Bhaji
Image Credits: RecipeBook

Sliced onions and gram flour are combined in the best way to make super crispy onion pakodas that belong to the state Maharashtra and are call Kanda bhaji. These are best paired with cutting chai.

10. Cutting chai

Cutting chai
Image Credit: Teafloor

Cutting chai has a strong flavour of cardamom and ginger. It gives a better kick to the taste. It doesn’t call for any special ingredients. But what makes it different is the way it is prepared. Cutting chai is simmered and brewed at every stage. It calls for slightly more time than regular chai.

11. Idli Pakoda

Image Credits:Cooking with siddhi

A very innovative pakoda that uses idli as its stuffing and a very healthy batter that makes the crunchiest of pakodas. Idli pakodas is not only a monsoon delight but also works as a great party snack or if you have guests coming over for breakfast or brunch.

12. Sabudana Vada

Image Credits: Navbharat Times

Not all monsoon recipes are deep fried. Vadas are deep fried but this recipe brings to you a healthier version, whereas sabudana vadas have been made in very little oil. Sabudana vada brings to you a great contrast of soft sago and crunchy peanuts, a must-try monsoon dish.

13. Bread dahi vada

Image Credit:Meenusmenu

This traditional dahi vada is a life-saver to beat the rainy blues. The soft bread balls stuffed with tasty vegetables and topped with a thick, creamy yoghurt is so good that will leave you craving for more.

14. Puff with chole and paneer stuffing


You can’t get over this finger-licking puff, that can be made in a very few minutes. The tasty stuffing is prepared with crumbled chickpeas(chole), paneer, ginger-garlic paste, channa masala and lemon juice.

15. Molaga bajji (Mirchi bajji)

Image Credits:Chitra’s food

How can we forget this epic monsoon snack that makes us celebrate even heavy rainfall? These piping hot bajjis during an intense downpour is more than enough to complete our day. Mirchi bajji is a popular South Indian street food made by frying battered green chilies. It’s a must-try dish in the rainy season.

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