Top 15 Vegan Food Ideas

Vegan food is the best idea for those who love animals and try to avoid the consumption of any dairy product or nonveg. Vegan food has a variety of food options to choose from. Vegan foods are plant-based foods, that is, they are extracted from various edible plant products. In this article, we have some amazing vegan food ideas that you would love to eat.

Top 15 Vegan Food Ideas

1. Vegetable rasam

Vegetable rasam is one of the most yummiest south Indian dish you would have tried. It is made up of different types of vegetables steamed and cooked with different types of spices. Coconut milk is added to enhance the taste and is quite healthy.

2. Tofu honey chilli

Tofu is the best vegan alternative to paneer and tastes quite similar. This dish requires tofu, onion, spices and other seasonal vegetables. Top it with some honey and serve hot. It goes best when paired with rice.

3. Almond milk smoothie

This smoothie is prepared not from milk but from the milk extract of almond that is made by soaking almonds overnight and grinding it into paste. Then the milk is extracted from it and this milk is quite nutritious and no less than original milk. To prepare the smoothie, you would need a glass of almond milk, some fruits, nuts and honey. Mix them well in a blender and serve chilled.

4. Tofu and veggies pasta

Want something for sudden craving? Try this amazing pasta recipe and you would never regret it. Tofu is a vegan option for paneer and tastes yum. Like your regular pasta recipe, add some veggies, sauted tofu and pasta to it. Serve with some cheese on it.

5. Oats pudding

oats can be taken as pre workout diet dish. Soak a bowl of oats overnight and mix your favorite fruits, seeds, honey and a cup of milk. Have it and enjoy!

6. Dal with vegan ghee

Vegan ghee is prepared from coconut oil boiling it with some guava leaves. To prepare dal, soak a cup of your favourite dal for an hour and then, give it a boil. For tadka, take a pan, add vegan ghee, some cumin seed, coriander seed, chilli and a pinch of turmeric. Mix your dal and tadka together. This dish has a lot of nutritious value.

7. Oats chilla

Oats chilla is a good to go dish to have when you’re in a hurry. Soak some oats, grind it into paste and add some curry leaves, spices sauted in oil. Make chilla from it and have it woth some coconut chutney.

8. Almond cake

Almond cake is one of most yummiest vegan dessert recipe that you must try once. The recipe is quite simple and similar to other cake recipes but you have to alternate the milk with almond milk. You can top it with some chopped almond and store it for a week.

9. Coconut milk Rasam

This rasam is another heavenly pleasure dish and you would love to relish it. It is something unique from your regular rasam recipe. Coconut milk adds a creamy flavour to the rasam.

10. Oats Payasam

Oats payasam is a very unique recipe and can be prepared in any festivities. To prepare this recipe, all you need is coconut milk, a cup of oats, ghee, dried fruits and nuts. Serve them to your guests and see how they love it.

11. Banana almond milk brownies

Brownies are just wow. Vegan brownies are mood and you shouls definitely try it once. Top the brownies with banana pieces and have it with some chilled vanilla ice cream.

12. Sprouts salad

With highly proteinicious and low calorie value, this recipe could be quite beneficial in your health journey. You would need a cup of overnight soaked grains, finely chopped tomatoes, zucchini, carrots and beet. Have it as your pre workout meal and enjoy.

13. Idli rasam

This South Indian dish gives you mood. It one of the most delicious breakfast idea to have anyday. It contains a lot of vegetables and is highly nutritious.

14. Tofu kebabs

If you’re vegan and craving for some amazing kebabs, then try this kebab recipe. This kebabs are bliss for vegan people. They have high amount of protein and would keep you full for a long time.

15. Steamed puttu with Rasam

Puttu is made from rice flour and has an unique taste. When it is served with some hot rasam, the taste goes wow. It requires a minimal preparation time and you can have it for every single guilt freely.

These were some amazing vegan food ideas you could try and you would surely love them. Do try these dishes and tell us if you would give them a hit or miss. We will meet in another new blog, till then have a good day!

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