Top 15 Hacks to Make Your Summer Easier

Summer is the happiest and most colourful season of the year. Everyone likes to be outdoors, all decked up and enjoying life. But there are a few disadvantages and to cover up for those, here are fifteen hacks. These hacks will make your summer easier!

Top 15 Hacks to Make Your Summer Easier

1. DIY Your Own Temporary Air Conditioner

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In case, you are in a hostel or a rented flat and do not want to spend money on an air conditioner then you can DIY it! Just take two bottles of water that is completely frozen and keep them in front of your table fan. Obviously, it is not as good as the original air conditioner, but it is better than the fan.

2. Sand Remover

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Summer is the season of sun, sand and sea. Beach visits are frequent and the most annoying thing about beaches is the sand that gets stuck everywhere. A simple hack for this is baby powder. Just use baby powder and you’ll be sand-free.

3. Dry Lint for Campfire

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Summer is a season where you do all sorts of activities, camps being one of them. Sometimes, it is very difficult to start a campfire because not every material catches fire that easily. The solution here is to use dry lint as it catches fire rapidly.

4. Smokeless Mosquito Repellent

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If you are planning a barbeque or a camp, make sure to carry a mosquito repellent. The coils could be very annoying because of the smoke that it emits. A simple life hack would be to cut limes into half and stud a few cloves in the pulp. Place them near you and no mosquitoes will trouble you.

5. Say Bye to Messy Eating Watermelons

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Watermelons are the most summery food and also the tastiest! But, watermelons can be very messy to eat with their water rolling down from your hands and face. To avoid this, cut the watermelon into triangular pieces and press in a popsicle stick in its outer covering. You now have a literal watermelon popsicle and you can eat it without messing it up!

6. DIY Beach Towels

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Cute beach towels can be pretty expensive. Why buy it, when we can just DIY it? Just take any plain towel and a contrasting colour of pom pom/ tassel string. Glue the string on the sides of the towel and you are ready to go to the beach.

7. Snack and Drink Holder

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It is very difficult to keep your cups and paper plates on the uneven sand of the beach. It keeps on falling! The best way to hold snacks and drinks is to use a muffin tray. It will hold all your stuff without dropping it on the sand.

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8. Avoid Sand in Your Cold Drinks

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When you are on the beach, enjoying your cold drink, you suddenly feel sand in your mouth. Annoying right? Well, to avoid sand in your cold drink- just take a cupcake liner and push your straw through it. Now, dip the straw in your drink and the line will act as an umbrella. No more sandy cold drinks!

9. Treat Your Sunburns with Aloe

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Aloe is the most soothing gel to apply when you are sunburnt. Before going outdoors, just put a bottle of aloe in the fridge and then take it out with you. This way if ever feel too itchy or burnt, just apply the gel and it will soothe you within minutes.

10. A Drink Holder for Swimming Pools

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Just blow up your tub and put in some ice in it. Pop your cold drinks in the tub and let it float around the pool. This is the nest hack for pool parties where drinks will float to you without you having to get out of the pool again and again.

11. Easy Beach Waves

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Its summer and you do not want to use any heating tools for your hair. There is an easy way to wave your hair. Put a headband and make multiple strands of your hair. Take each strand and roll it up and tuck it inside the headband. Spray some water and sleep. This trick works overnight. In the morning, you’ll have beautiful beach waves.

12. Take Tinted Photos

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Summer is the time when you can click the best photos. In case, you want to have a tinted photo or a photo with a different background but you do not have the lens. A simple way is to use your sunglasses. Just hold the glasses in front of your camera and get Instagram worthy photos.

13. Temporary Tattoos

Draw some designs on your hand or your back with sunscreen. Take a sunbath and then remove the cream. You’ll have a tattoo that stays till your tan stays. You can also buy design stencils and put it on your skin. That way you’ll have more professional looking tattoos.

14. Fruit Pizza

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Summer is the time when every one of us wants to have a good body. And the biggest barrier between our beach bodies is pizza! Now, this hack doesn’t taste as good as pizza but it will try and satisfy your craving. Take a circular slice of watermelon and apply yoghurt on it. Now top the pizza base with some more fruits and you are good to go!

15. Prank Your Friends

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When you are the only one sitting at home and doing nothing for summer, you feel a little conscious. If you want to upload vacay photos and prank your friends, then this hack is for you. Make a good looking drink and hold the drink in front of your laptop. Make sure to keep the wallpaper of your laptop of some beaches or tropical destinations. Then, click the photo. It looks very real. This hack is a must try for all the pranksters!

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