Top 15 Hair loss Remedies to try at Home

Hair loss has been a constant issue for the youths. Do you experience dry, frizzy hair?? Even, I do but worry not, here are some simple yet effective solutions to treat hair loss efficiently. Hair loss can be caused due to insufficient multivitamin intake, unhealthy lifestyle, love for junk, stress. Although this remedies aren’t an instant solution, they take time to revive your lost follicle but are more efficient than any of your store bought chemical products.

Top 15 Hair loss Remedies to try at Home

1. Onion juice

It has been effectively treating Alopecia condition and helps in reducing baldness or patchy area but the strong smell of onion juice may be difficult to tolerate. Onion juice revitalizes the hair follicle to promote hair growth and also makes your hair look shiny and thick. All you need is to take a cup of onion juice, you may add few drops of lemon juice and apply on the patchy areas for 20- 30mins before rinsing.

2. Rice water

flax seed conditioner- Flax seeds are great for hair growth and rice water works as a good conditioner for hair. This remedy has been practised by the Korean people for several decades and can be considered as one of their beauty secrets. To prepare this remedy, boil some flax seeds for few minutes, cool it. Then, add some previously cooked rice water to it, give it a mix and apply on your hairs after cleansing. It works as a great conditioner and helps in vitalising your hair follicles to promote hair growth and increase in volume of hair.

3. Neem hibiscus coconut oil

This hair oil helps in reducing hair loss due to dandruff or any allergic cause and also, conditions your hair like magic. All you need is to take some handful of neem leaves, few hibiscus petals and boil them in a cup of coconut oil for few minutes till they leave their essence in the oil. You can apply this oil on a regular basis or apply overnight before shampooing.

4. Egg mask

Egg is well known for keratin protein treatment for hair loss. Egg mask works like wonder for hair growth and you can apply it as a mask or hair pack. To prepare this mask, you would need the egg white of 3-4eggs, beat them well, add some essential oil and a tablespoon of yoghurt and few drops of lemon juice. This hair mask adds extra shine to your hair, too.

5. Castor oil hair mask

Castor oil, unlike its high viscosity, works like wonder to reduce hair loss. Castor oil helps in strengthening of hair, reducing their excessive fall. This mask could be applied 1hour before hair wash. It helps in hair rebounding and hair shine. Although this oil works like a miracle, you need to check if it goes well on your hair as it is highly viscous.

6. Banana hair mask

Banana works great for hair and skin. It has a high level of potassium, magnesium that helps in promoting hair growth. This hair mask can be included in the hair spa routine and you would definitely be amazed by its result. To prepare thus mask, you would need one banana, honey, few drops of essential oil, yoghurt.

7. Yoghurt hair mask

Yoghurt helps in smoothening the hairs, reduces frizzy and dry hair, hence reducing hair loss. You can apply this hair mask once in every week to get shiny, lustrous hair. All you need is a bowl of yoghurt, few lemon drops, honey, neem juice and aloe to prepare this mask.

8. Rosemary green tea hair mask

Rosemary oil is one of the essential oil that works in vitalising the hair follicles while green tea is a great hair conditioner. This combination helps the hair to rebound easily, reducing dryness and promotes hair growth. You can apply this hair mask twice every month. This hair mask acts like a boon who want an easy solution to their hair loss issue.

9. Almond honey hair mask

Nuts are a great source of nutrients that help in promoting hair growth. If you consume a handful of dry fruits and nuts daily, you would definitely see the change. This hair mask conditions the hair follicles, preventing dry hair and reduces hair fall. Take some overnight soaked almond, grind them, add some honey and a spoon of methi to it. Your hair mask is all ready to set your hairs.

10. Aloe

lemon hair mask- Aloe acts like a protein treatment for the hairs and lemon helps in preventing dandruff, that is a huge cause of hair loss. All you need to prepare this mask is a bowl of freshly collected aloe juice, few drops of lemon juice and you may add some onion juice, too. You need to apply this hair mask once in every two weeks, as it is quite prone to cause cold.

11. Oil conditioner

Oil conditioning is the best way to keep your hair follicles healthy and reduce hair loss. Oil doesn’t the root of hairs to dry out easily, reducing the hair loss. This remedy can be done by using any essential oil along with it your regular hair oil. With your regular amount of hair oil, you just need to add few drops of essential oil that suits your hair and massage for 15 minutes. Keep it for another 1hour before washing your hair.

12. Hair spa

Hair spa is a step by step process that includes hair oiling, steaming, hair mask, hair cleansing and conditioning. This process relaxes your mind, reducing stress and the hair fall due to it. It strengthens the hair follicle, hence, preventing them to fall in excess. Hair spa must be done at least twice in a month to visible effect.

13. Cinnamon hair mask

If you are in search of a natural hair lightener, this cinnamon hair mask is a great choice.You would experience the difference in your hairs after applying this mask 4-5 times. To prepare this mask, you will need honey, cinnamon and hair balsam.

14. Lemon and Wheat Germ Oil Hair Mask

Lemon works well in cleansing the hair follicles and getting rid of dirt. Sour cream act as a hair conditioner. Wheat germ has a high content of linoleic acid and that’s why, used in shampoos. It helps in restoring dry, frizzy hair and improve strength and volume. You would need some sour cream, lemon juice and wheat germ oil to prepare this mask.

15. Amla hair mask

Amla is rich in vitamin C and can be used as hair mask or hair shampoo. You can use amla powder to prepare the hair mask that would help you to maintain proper hair care. Amla can be used as a hair tonic, too.

These are some amazing hair loss remedies that you can try at home, hassle freely. Apart from these remedies, you need to maintain proper diet, healthy lifestyle, perform regular exercises and be stress free to solve this problem. You also need to be consistent with the remedies you follow to see visible effect. This is all for today’s blog, we will meet with another new blog soon.

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