Top 15 Amusement park around the world

Have you ever visited any amusement park? Those parks are amazing and thrilling, right. Do you know about the best amusement parks present around the world? Here, I’m with another new blog that would take you around some of the best theme parks with amazing rides and thrilling experiences.

Top 15 Amusement park around the world

1. Universal studios

This theme park is one of the top amusement park and has a lot of themes like Hollywood, New York City, Madagascar, Sci fi city and many more. This theme park is quite budget friendly and located at Singapore. There are lot of option nearby to this park to stay and enjoy.

2. Disneyland

This theme park at Paris is the largest amusement park in the world and all the characters of Disney world are present here. This park has many roller coasters, themes like Big thunder mountain, pirates of Caribbean. Apart from these, it also has musical tour, many shopping complexes and entertaining places.

3. Pleasure beach

This park is an amazing option to visit during summers and has its position in the top amusement park list. You could enjoy beach features like stage shows, that are Hot Ice, Ken Webster. This park has special roller coasters, night shows and is an all in one place where you cam enjoy with your family.

4. Legoland

This park located at Denmark is one of the best amusement park in the world. While you are at this park, you could have the craziest rides, chase the ghosts through enchanted mirror mazes, do fun experiments with the crazy scientist and a lot pf fun activities would be waiting for you here. You must visit the snowmobile where you could enjoy family rides, polar land, kid rides and many more.

5. Walibi

This amazing park at Belgium has a lot of roller coaster rides, themes and entertaining surprises. Some of the amusements offered by Walibi includes the Staggering Werewolf, Vampire and Dalton Terror, Gold River Adventure, and Challenge of Tutankhamon. It has surprises for kids as well as the adults.

6. Tivoli gardens

This is the oldest park that was opened in the year 1943 at Denmark.The park’s first coaster, Rutschebanen is the best coaster in the park that travels in and around the mountainside. Other places in this park includes exotic buildings of an imaginary orient, theatre, band stands, restaurants, cafes, flower gardens, and amusement rides.

7. Shanghai Disneyland

This park is situated at China and is one of the biggest theme park in the world. It has the best water rides and light shows that the audience enjoy the most. This park has amazing shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Disneyland is the first Disney park resort in mainland China and features adventure delights like Gardens of imagination, Mickey avenue,Tomorrow land and Fantasy land.

8. Fuji Q highland

This park is situated at the foot of Mount Fuji and amidst the Fuji National Park. It has a number of roller coaster rides, water rides and various themes for kids and adults. Apart from some these wonderful rides, this park also has some amazing attractions like the Fujiyama, Eejanaika, Tondemonai, and a few mazes & puzzle rooms.

9. Essel world

This amusement park located in Mumbai, India is the oldest and largest theme park. It has 15 family rides for all, 15 rides for children and 11 adventurous rides for the risk takers. This is an amazing and best place to spend your vacation.

10. Alton towers

This amusement park was inaugurated in the year 1980 and holds one of the top position in amusement park list. It has a water park, theme park and a resort where its visitors can stay and enjoy their staycation. This park is situated at UK and the water coasters, amazing rides would make your vacation worthy.

11. Europa park

It is one of the top amusement parks in the world and located at Germany. It has many options in rides, roller coasters, fairyland and haunted houses. This 200 acre area covering park has a lots of options for its visitors. Along with fairy land journey, it has water rides and everything at which you would be amused.

12. Aqua venture waterpark

This is a wonderful place where you can find water rides, swimming pools with exciting and thrilling water slides with lots of adventure. You can also see some marine animals and have a lots of dining options. It is situated at Dubai and is among the best amusement parks.

13. Ever land

This thrilling amusement park situated at South Korea is the most visited park at that place. It has various themes that include Zoo topia, global fair, magic land, American and European adventure. This park was opened in the year, 1976 and has different roller coaster rides to amuse the visitors.

14. Happy valley

This amusement park is located in China and has various happy rides. This has wonderful and amazing rides and carnivals that kids and adults love. It includes nine areas of different themes that are Sunshine beach, typhoon beach and many more. This place has a separate fan base for it.

15. La Ronde

This park is one of the most visited amusement park in Canada. This park is open only in the months of May and October. It has around eight roller coasters and every coaster is fun. Le Vampire is the best coaster ride and you must attend their Fright fest held during the Halloweens which is organized in a grand way.

This blog was about some amazing theme parks around the world. Theme parks are quite relaxing and a good option to spend your vacation with family and friends. Do let me know which theme park you liked the most. Hope you’all liked this blog and we will meet with another new, exciting blog soon.

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