Top 15 KitKat Flavors Around The World

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Everybody loves chocolates, right? Everyone’s still in a dilemma about whether KitKat is a chocolate-coated wafer or a wafer with chocolate. The original version of KitKat is a chocolate-coated wafer, but it has a lot of different flavors, like matcha, lemon, strawberry, and many more.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the top 15 KitKat flavors around the world.

1. Cookies and cream

Ever tasted this KitKat? If not, then what are you waiting for? This unique flavor of KitKat is awesome in taste and would definitely leave your mouth watering. It has an upper coating of the chocolate wafer with crunchy cookie bits and cream stuffed inside it.

2. Japanese almond cranberry

This KitKat flavor is mostly manufactured in Japan and is famous worldwide for its taste. It contains sugar-coated cranberry and almond chunks in every part of it. This KitKat would cost you around 11 dollars per piece.

3. Japanese strawberry

This is another yummiest flavor of KitKat that is most famous around the world. This KitKat contains strawberry chunks and strawberry puree in it. This flavor comes with a whopping amount of 12 dollars, and its taste is quite worth it.

4. Chunky peanut butter

This chunky-flavored KitKat has the addition of peanut butter. It has the greatness of peanuts with a chocolate-coated outer layer. This unique flavored KitKat would cost you around 15 dollars.

5. Japanese raspberry

This raspberry-flavored KitKat has the twist of Japan’s secret ingredient that makes it more flavorful. This KitKat was first manufactured in Japan and got famous all over the world later. This chocolate-coated raspberry-flavored KitKat would cost you around 13 dollars.

6. Shinshu apple

This unique flavor of KitKat has the original taste of apple in it. It tastes as if there are sliced layers of apple coated with a chocolate wafer. This KitKat would cost you around 18 dollars.

7. Chunky original

The chocolate used in Great Britain is different from that in America. It has a chunky flavor with the taste of a chocolaty wafer. People claim that this version of KitKat is tastier than the American version.

8. White chocolate

If you love really sweet things and white chocolate, then this is the KitKat for you. Keep in mind that these bars are super melty during the summer months. This sweet KitKat version would cost you around 15 dollars.

9. Strawberry cheesecake

Have you ever tried cheesecake? If yes, then this flavor is only for you. The taste of cheesecake, along with chocolate wafer, is a blessing to your tastebuds. This invention of Japan tastes yummy but is quite overpriced.

10. Matcha green tea

This is the second most popular KitKat flavor after the original milk chocolate flavor. This version has a massive fan following. It has the unique taste of matcha green tea with a chocolate-coated wafer. This would cost you around 6 dollars.

11. Banana caramel

No taste of caramel pudding, but the banana and chocolate combo is awesome. It tastes more like a banana toffee but tastes less artificial. Of course, it was still a little artificial, but in a nice way. Although it is named caramel, it has more of a taste of banana and chocolate wafer.

12. Tiramisu

This flavor of KitKat is quite famous all over the world. This KitKat has the flavor of tiramisu dessert in it and has a massive fan following. This KitKat melts in the mouth instantly and costs around 10 dollars.

13. Custard pudding

Have you ever tried custard pudding? Then this flavor would be somewhat familiar to you. This custard pudding-flavored wafer tastes yummy, and its aroma is wonderful. This tasty KitKat version would cost you around 13 dollars.

14. Pulpy mango

This KitKat has a similar taste to mango candy coated with a chocolate wafer. It has a little chewy texture and is quite different from other flavors. This won’t be a choice for everyone and costs around 7 dollars.

15. Edamame milkshake

This KitKat is a milkshake-flavored chocolate-coated wafer that will leave you spellbound. This yummy-tasting wafer has the power to make you a great fan of it. This KitKat would cost you around 12 dollars.

These were some amazing versions of KitKat that were quite different from the original one but taste better. Do try these flavors and let us know which is your favorite. This is the end of the blog, and we will meet with another exciting new blog soon.

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