Top 15 Beard Styles That Are Worth Giving A Shot

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Men can be as stylish as women and should feel no shame if they want to spend their time and money grooming themselves. A beard is one of the most striking elements that can make or break a man’s appearance. Going for the right kind of beard depends on a lot of factors like face shape, length, hairstyle, skin tone, and, most importantly, the growth of facial hair.

To make things easier for all the men out there, here are the top 15 beard styles that are worth giving a shot!

1. Full Beard Style

This style might be hard to sustain as it requires fast facial hair growth. A full beard is connected around the cheeks, neck, chin, and sideburns. To avoid a patchy beard, grooming with beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, beard conditioner, etc., is important. This is one of the most classic and iconic styles of beard.

2. Garibaldi Beard Style

The best part about styling your beard in a Garibaldi form is that it seems natural and requires no grooming or maintenance. There is no special trimming or face shape to grow this type of beard. A Garibaldi-styled beard is the fuller version of a full beard. It infuses the combination of a thick, long mustache with a rounded beard at the bottom.

3. Ducktail Beard Style

This is one of the most popular beard styles that has been opted for by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ranveer Singh, and also Mel Gibson. The facial hair in this style points at the tips of the chin, so it looks like a duck’s tail. It’s a sophisticated style that looks great when combined with a full beard. Men with any face shape can carry this style well.

4. Stubble Beard Style

This beard style is low maintenance and can be transformed according to any face shape. It’s easy to take care of a stubble beard on a daily basis, and men who don’t like shaving consistently can go for a thick and full layer of stubble. If one prefers light stubble, then regular trimming is a must.

5. Soul Patch Beard Style

A few years ago, everybody was busy showing off their soul patch beards, and now it seems like the trend has returned. A soul patch consists of a small amount of facial hair above the chin and below the lower lip. This beard style is a combination of modern and edgy, which makes the person carrying it look appealing.

6. Goatee Beard Style

An ideal Goatee Beard is worn on the chin and is never connected to a mustache. For growing this kind of beard, a beardsman must allow the hair below the lower lip to grow down into the part of the beard growing on the chin. The beard at the bottom should also be rounded off.  

7. French Beard Style

Nobody can think of this beard style without thinking of Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. A French Beard encircles the mouth, and it basically looks like a goatee beard combined with a mustache. It’s important to make sure that your cheeks are completely free of all the facial hair when you’re supporting a French Beard.

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8. Anchor Beard Style

Just as the name suggests, this beard style should look like an exact replica of an anchor. It might be messy and hard to grow the first time, but after some trimming experience, you’ll eventually start getting it right. In this style, the beard should extend along with the jawline and should connect to a pencil mustache.

9. Mutton Chop Beard Style

This beard style might seem awkward and shabby at first glance, but with regular shaping and trimming, the Mutton Chop style will become your personal favorite in no time. To grow this kind of beard, a beardsman should initially let the sideburns grow freely to the corner of the mouth. Men can go for this beard style with or without a mustache.

10. Verdi Beard Style

This style was originally inspired by Giuseppe Verdi during the 18th century. It basically is a full beard that is styled to suit your face shape. It features a mustache, too, but that should be distinct from the beard and should always appear impeccably groomed. Verdi Beard is the boldest and ultra-masculine style.

11. Balbo Beard Style

There’s something for everybody on this list. The people who have tried to attain a French Beard style but have fallen into a few trimming mishaps, for them the Balbo Beard should be their go-to. This beard basically resembles an inverted ‘T.’ It majorly consists of 3 elements – the jawline facial hair, soul strap beard, and a mustache.

12. Chin Curtain Beard Style

This beard style runs through the jawline to the chin connecting the other end of the face. It looks great on men who have a diamond or an oval face shape. To get a really good-looking Chin Curtain Beard, it’s important to shave off all the cheek and neck hair. This style can perfectly be combined with a French Beard, a Goatee beard, or a mustache.

13. Imperial Beard Style

This is not a beard style, to be exact, but more of a mustache style that was extremely popular in France during the period of the second empire. An imperial mustache points upwards and consists of shaving the chin and sideburn so that the mustache can be the center of attention.

14. Yeard Beard Style

This style requires a lot of patience as it is much longer and fuller compared to other long-beard styles. It takes a full year of continuous beard growth without any interruptions to make it look impressive. Hence, commitment, smart grooming practice, and time are what you need to achieve a Yeard Beard.

15. French Fork Beard Style

If this style doesn’t ring a bell, then all you need to do is watch Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow has been credited for making this style look cool again. It’s basically a full beard style with hair extending past the chin and splitting down the middle into two segments. French Fork Beard is a distinctive style that anybody who is looking for something unique should try.

Be our own version of a ‘beardo’ with these crazy, popular beard styles, and let the grooming and experiments begin.

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