Top 15 Luxury Experiences Worth The Leisure

Leisure and luxury go hand in hand. We know that many luxury things are quite extravagant for ordinary people, but the rich tend to love all these luxury experiences. However, some luxury experiences are worth the money, and one would not regret spending their hard-earned money on them. Let’s have a look at some of these luxury experiences where you can happily spend your money.

Top 15 Luxury Experiences Worth The Leisure

1. Hiring A Private Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter
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This is such a fun experience and worth your money. You can hire a private jet and enjoy it with your friends or family. This feels amazing, and you will have several other perks too.

2. Flying First Class

Flying first class.
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It doesn’t matter if you do this just once, but make sure to experience flying first class once in your lifetime. The kind of treatment you get is exceptional, be it indulging yourself in your favorite wine or over caring by the crew. Maybe, it could be a waste of money for some of you, and we sure agree on this, yet having this wholesome experience will benefit your adrenaline.

3. Flying Over Landscapes In A Helicopter

Source: Bookme

Do you remember the scene where Bear Grylls jumps of the helicopter and wanders around the forest, caving a way out? Well, no, we are not asking you to walk around the Amazon forest but having to view over landscapes and forests is such a thrilling experience on its own. You can enjoy it anywhere, maybe over a city, it sure makes a beautiful thing to try.

4. Stay In A Treehouse

Treehouse resort

Done with all the 5-star resorts and hotels, this time, make sure to enjoy your stay at a treehouse. We will suggest you experience this, especially in Phuket or Bali. Waking up with lots of greenery around you with birds chirping and monkeys running up and down the tree will make your stay even more worth it.

5. A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Source: Curly Tales

A hot air balloon ride is as exciting as it sounds. A ride on a hot air balloon over Masai mara, which is in Kenya, will genuinely make you happy. The view of wildlife and nature will make your heart happy, and you will be thrilled with joy.

6. Find Tinkerbell In Neverland

Source: Scotsman Food+Drink

This experience will be worth every single penny of yours. It is in Scotland, and they will arrange your stay in rustic cottages with many amenities. The lush green vegetation and no vehicles will make your stay even more peaceful and beautiful.

7. A Night at Opera

Opera Night.
Source: Wall Street International Magazine

A tour of an Opera is a lifetime kind of experience. Along with all the enjoyment, you will also get to learn a lot of things, and all in all, it will turn out to be a wonderful experience. 

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8. Drive A Ferrari

Source: GrandPrix 24×7

Who cares if you can’t afford a Ferrari? You can always hire one. Driving a Ferrari at the old Barcelona street will make you thrilled from the inside. The trip will be epic, and you can also choose the kind of Ferrari you want.

9. The Luxury Train Travels

luxury trains
Source: Travel Triangle

It doesn’t have to be somewhere specific; hence you can do this anywhere in the world. Many countries like India provide very luxurious train travel with all the royal facilities. You can also choose to travel from Istanbul to Paris, which is also an amusing experience.

10. Stargazing In Namibia

Stargazing at Namibia
Source: Namibia Tourism Board

Stargazing with your loved ones always sounds like something fun to do. But stargazing in Namibia is unique because it has some of the highest sand dunes in the world. The cloudless and dark night skies with less to no pollution will make your experience worth it.

11. Party At The World’s 1st Underwater Club

Underwater Club, Maldives
Source: BBC

Our world has 1st underwater club in the Maldives, and it is just amazing. The Maldives is anyway one of the favorite destinations for the tourists to visit and if you are going there again, then make sure to visit this club. It is going to be the thing you’ll brag about for years.

12. Visit Sublimotion

Source: Veebrant

This restaurant in Spain is one of its kind and is run by Paco Roncero, a Michelin star chef. The experience they provide at their restaurant is unique, and it includes art, sound, video, and the delicious food they serve.

13. Hire A Private Chef

Private chef
Source: Insider Hook

Next time when you are having a small gathering at your house, make sure to hire an excellent private chef to cook for you and your guests. Enjoy some of the extra delicious, great cuisines with your loved ones.

14. A Luxury Spa

Luxury Spa.
Source: World Luxury Spa Awards

Everyone deserves a good and relaxing luxury spa at least once in their lifetime. There’s nothing better than booking a spa along with your family and friends. It will relax your mind and body and will give you a much-required break from this busy world.

15. A Weekend Of Glamping

Source: US News Travel

It is a combination of glamour and camping for all who don’t know the meaning of glamping. It usually comes with some views which you have never experienced in some extra marvelous tents.

There’s no limit to leisure; the human population has enormous ways to be extravagant. There’s so much more to luxury, and we are getting the hang of it. No matter what, live your life as extravagantly you can, because you live only once.

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