Top 15 Things Kylie Jenner Spends Her Money On

Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire in the world, which indeed makes her shopping list very grand and dynamic than ours. She has been in the headlines several times for her out-of-the-box purchases. Let have a look at her top 15 most expensive purchases.

Top 15 Things Kylie Jenner Spends Her Money On

1. Holmby Hills Mansion

Holmby Hills Mansion, kylie jenner
Credits: Pinterest

Kylie Jenner has spent all her life in luxurious mansions, but the girl still manages to take it a step ahead. Recently this year, she purchased a $36.5 million bra and a new house in Holmby Hills, California. It surely is the mansion that one can dream about. It has seven bedrooms, 14 baths, and 20 parking spaces. According to the reports, Kylie bought the mansion to have fun and hang out with her friends during this lockdown due to Covid-19.

2. Luxurious Cars

Luxurious Cars
Credits: Page Six

When Kylie Jenner wants to travel, she likes to do it in style; she shows the world how billionaires travel. She has several luxurious cars, but the ones that catch people’s eyes are her Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. These supercars are worth $229,000, $400,000, and $250,000, respectively. She even has some stunning Rolls Royce models.

3. Private jet

 Private jet
Credits: MTO News

When Kylie wants to fly away to other countries, she doesn’t step on commercial planes. She flys on her private jet, which is worth 1 million dollars. And if she doesn’t travel on her private jet, she usually rents private jets that can be worth $60,000. Kylie once made headlines when she customized her plane in pink and branded it KYLIESKIN.

4. Stormi’s Stuff

Stormi's Stuff.
Credits: Life & Style

In 2018, Kylie Jenner gave birth to Stormi; when it comes to her daughter, Kylie doesn’t like compromises. She went on a $70,000 shopping spree even before Stormi was born. The little princess owns several designer shoes, outfits, and even toys. Stormi has a mini Louis Vuitton Lamborghini, she without a doubt, lives in pure luxury.

5. Her Gifts For Travis

Her gifts for Travis
Credits: Entertainment Tonight

Kylie’s love has no limits; Kylie and Travis are truly couple goals. Kylie has gifted Travis with several items, all of which are worth a dynamic amount. She has gifted him with several exotic vacations, designer clothes, and even some rare jewelry pieces. Before Travis, when Kylie Jenner dated Tyga, she had gifted him two brand new supercars.

6. Her Expensive Manager

 Her Expensive Manager
Credits: Dailymail

You all must be dying to know who this lucky human is. Well, it’s none other than Kylie Jenner’s own mother, Kris Jenner. Kris gets paid 10% of the management fee, which sums up to an amount of $17 million a year. Kris surely knows how to make money. As we can clearly see, she hasn’t even spared her own daughter.

7. Kylie’s Grand Wardrobe

Kylie's Grand Wardrobe
Credits: Vogue

Along with being the youngest billionaire, Kylie is also the most followed celebrity on Instagram. She has an exotic feed since her pictures are composed of amazing views and glamorous clothes. Kylie and her sister are known to be fashion trend makers of the industry. Her MET gala gown was worth $8.6 million, Julien Macdonald mini dress was worth $16,000, and her 21st birthday outfit was worth $8,000.

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8. Her Magnificent Handbag Collection

Her Magnificent Handbag Collection
Credits: Luxury Launches

Kylie Jenner’s famous handbag collection is a whole new world within itself. She has three different cloth closets, and one of them is just full of handbags. Kylie owns 400 different handbags each, which has its own beauty. Kylie’s personal favorite is her Hermes Birkin bag collection, and she has a whole separate row full of them. The most expensive one of them is her white Himalayan croc skin Hermes that cost up to $432,000.

9. Kylie’s Dreamy Parties

Kylie’s Dreamy Parties.
Credits: Modern East

When it comes to throwing parties, no one can do it like the boss lady herself. Kylie Jenner’s parties are always the most trending event, which floods the internet. Recently, she threw a themed birthday party for her little princess Stormi; it cost her more than any lavish wedding ever. For Travis’s 26th birthday, she rented six flags in Los Angeles was worth $150,000.

10. Kylie’s Stunning Jewellery

Kylie's Stunning Jewellery
Credits: Pinterest

We won’t find a single picture of Kylie Jenner where she hasn’t worn any jewelry. Her most expensive piece is her sparkly Rolex watch. The piece is worth a huge bulk of $53,000. Her other eye-catchy piece is her diamond ring that is worth $7000. Apart from these, she even has Cartier bracelets and rings that cost more than thousands of dollars.

11. Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions
Credits: Eyes of Solotica

Another thing for which kylie is famous is her bright, bold, and classy hair extensions. The one she wears is quite expensive due to the supreme quality it has. Typically, her extensions are priced somewhere around $600-$5000. Her most talked-about set of extensions were the ones she wore for her 21st birthday; it cost her somewhere between $6000-%8000.

12. Kylie’s Famous Lip Fillers

Kylie's Famous Lip Fillers:
Credits: People

The entire Kardashian family is both well known and criticized for their surgeries and lip fillers. Well, Kylie Jenner is no exception; she has out loud admitted about having used lip fillers. The procedure is both lengthy and expensive. They take about 2-3 months and are worth $1900-$3900. According to reports, Kylie spends $23,000 every year on her lips.

13. Fresh Manicures

Fresh Manicures
Credits: Elle

If you follow Kylie on Instagram and Snapchat, you will surely know how badly the girl loves her nails. Kylie efficiently knows how to pamper them; she is always seen matching her nails with every outfit she wears. She gets this A-class facility from a LA manicurist named Britney Tokyo. Her price is $125 for a two-hour session and an additional $50 for house calls.

14. Her Adorable Pets

 Her Adorable Pets
Credits: Star Changes

Before Stormi, kylie is the mother of 3 adorable dogs, namely Bambi, Norman, and Sophia. All of these are greyhounds. Greyhounds are known to be very expensive, and they cost somewhere around $1000-$4000. On Stormi’s first birthday, she even adopted a new member, a Welsey breed dog which cost her a considerable bulk. Her English bulldog with Tyga cost her $50,000.

15. Footwear

 Her Adorable Pets
Credits: Teen Vogue

Just like her purse Kylie Jenner also has a crazy footwear collection, a whole different closet for those. The closet is full of designer heels and shoes; some are even customized specially for her. The top 2 rows are full of Alexandre Vauthier Cindy pumps worth around $711 per pair. She even has a pair of Christian Louboutin x Roland Mouret Cage, and Curry pumps that cost around $1095.

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