Top 15 Luxury Pieces Worth Buying

Luxury items usually don’t make sense to middle-class people and on the contrary rich people love buying luxury stuff. But there are some things that every individual must own. These might be of high price but is worth every penny. Let’s see some of the luxury things that you won’t regret buying.

Top 15 Luxury Pieces Worth Buying

1. Burberry Trench Coat

Burberry Trench Coat
Credits: Pinterest

The trench coats are not only for women but also for men. However, it is highly marketed for women but everyone should buy it. There are sure other trench coats in the market but no one can even come closer to the top quality of this particular item. It is 100% cotton and the buttons are made from buffalo horns.

2. Tom Ford Made To Measure Suit

tom ford made to measure suit
Credits: Mens’ Flair

 All sophisticated people need a good and classy suit and what’s better than owing to this Tom Ford suit. Starting from $4500, they have the top quality of suits and they have made suits for many Hollywood actors too.

3. Louis Vuitton Luggage:

Louis Vuitton Luggage
Credits: Fellows

 You might have seen a lot of people carrying Louis Vuitton Luggage while travelling, well yeah, that’s because their luggage is worth the price. The quality leather will keep your valuables safe. Apart from looking classy it also does its job very profoundly.

4. Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags

Hermes Birkin and kelly bags
Credits: Pinterest

This luxury handbag will surely turn many heads. The highest quality material made of ostrich and crocodile skin gives it an edge over all other handbags. These bags are not just easy to carry but are also timeless. Their price range starts from $5000 and might have to be in a waiting list before you get your hands over one of these bags.

5. Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe Watches
Credits: Classy Club

Their watches are a little more exclusive from other luxury watches brands. The price range starts from $20000 but they are extremely masterpieces. These are not only elegant but will last for a long time. You can even inherit it to your children or grandchildren.

6. Soul Of Nomad Jeans 

Soul of Nomad Jeans
Credits: Youtube

Denim never goes out of fashion. These premium Nomad jeans will convince you the moment you put it on your body. It is way more comfortable and wearable than any other jeans and you will feel the difference yourself after wearing them. 

7. Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier love bracelet
Credits: Town & Country Magazine

This cute and beautiful bracelet is made up of 18-carat platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or pink gold. The price starts at $4000 and can go up to even $50,000 if you want it to be with diamonds. These bracelets are just stunning and it can go with any outfit.

8. Edward Green Shoes

Edward green Shoes
Credits: The Shoe Snob

 The shoes from this brand have all the good features that will make you invest your money. These are perfectly durable and made with the highest quality leathers by skilled people. Everything is done by hand including the stitching part. They make only 250 pairs a week and it is priced at $650 for each pair.

9. Citizen Cashmere

Luxury Cashmere
Credits: Amazon

 This cashmere will keep you warmer than any other brand’s material. The quality is top-notch and it is very soft too. Also, it looks good and they produce both for women and men.

10. Christian Louboutin Shoes 

Christian Louboutin Shoes
Credits: Frecklesandthoughts

You might have seen a lot of people wearing these shoes and they just love it. Apart from being comfortable they just look stunning and elegant at the same time. The shoes are made by highly skilled craftsmen and they have the quality to uplift any outfit.

11. Tiffany Engagement Ring 

Tiffany engagement Ring
Credits: The Fashion Folio

Tiffany already gives high competition to all the other brands for their jewelry items. But when it comes to engagement rings, no one can beat Tiffany. They use the highest grade gemstones made by highly skilled artists and it takes at least 50 hours to make any Tiffany’s ring. The price starts at $50,000 but it is completely worth it.

12. Chanel Flap Bag 

Chanel Flap Bag
Credits: Racked

Chanel is another luxury brand that makes exquisite pieces. Their flag bag is worth every penny of yours. The price starts at $5000 and it can go with any outfit.

13. Gucci Loafers 

Gucci Loafers
Credits: Gucci

These casual but extremely fashionable pairs of loafers will make you stand out. You can wear these with literally any outfit. Be it suits or pajamas or jeans or anything, they will look good with anything and everything. Also, how can I not mention the mad level of comfort these loafers gives to your feet, it is just excellent.

14. Crombie Overcoat 

Crombie coat
Credits: Truffle Digger

The coats from Crombie are the real classic. If you go for a coat from this brand then they will, first of all, help you choose your perfect fabric from 400 fabrics. Every coat is highly detailed and it takes at least 6 weeks to make one. They cost almost $2300 and it is worn by many rich and classy people like David Beckham.

15. Hermes Silk Scarf

Hermes Silk Scarf
Credits: Hermes

Hermes apart from their high-quality bags are also known for their silk scarfs which are made from the finest quality of silk. Their scarfs are made from traditional printing techniques and they are also famous for their detailed patterns. It is priced at $420 and you won’t regret buying one of these.

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