Top 15 Warning Signs Of A Gold Digger

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Finding the right person for you could be difficult at times. We all tend to end up with people who are fit for ourselves. Some of them might just play with your feelings or some with your money. Let’s get to know some of the signs to know whether your partner is a gold digger or not before you get too serious about them.

Top 15 Warning Signs Of A Gold Digger

1. Always Curious About Your Finances

curious about your finances
Source: Catch Cheaters Fast

 If you start dating a person and they seem to be more interested in your finances than in your personal life then this might be a problem such people will specifically want to know about your incomes and investments.

2. They Never Pay

they never pay
Source: Bonobology

Even if you are in a committed relationship or just starting to date, you should always start to split your bills with your partners. Gold diggers will never ever pay and will always make the other one to pay for all the expenses.

3. They Reject Inexpensive Gifts

Source: LifeDaily

Gold diggers do not value gifts that have no monetary value or in simpler words, they will just reject the sentimental gifts that you bought for them from your heart. They do want gifts but definitely not of this kind.

4. They Start Fights Just To Have Gifts As An Apology 

stat fights to receive gifts as an apology
Source: LifeDaily

This is another sign of such people. They will just start stupid fights on tiny things and the other one will only have to end up buying gifts for them as a form of apology.

5. They Aren’t Good Listeners

not a good listener
Source: SpunOut

Gold diggers will never be interested in your day-to-day life and the personal stuff you want to share with them. They might just not even remember the things that you once told them and it is because they were not even listening to you in the first place.

6. Their Partners Will Be Extremely Wealthy 

wealthy partners
Source: The Journal

If you look at the kind of people these gold diggers date then you will find out that they only get involved with people who are extremely rich. So that they are capable of handling their expenses

7. Quality Time Is Not A Priority

quality time not a priority

 A gold digger will not have any interest in spending quality time with you because they will be busy spending more time shopping or enjoying spa treatments with their friends.

8. They Are Way Out Of Your League

way out of your league
Source: WordPress

You might have seen many young and beautiful women or men getting married to people who are 30-35 years older than them. No, we aren’t judging them and we know love has no boundaries. But this concept is not true all the time. So be aware of these kinds of people.

9. They Leverage Sex To Gain Other Things 

they leverage on sex
Source: DailyMail

It might not sound subtle but this is actually what most gold diggers usually do. They use sex and seduction to get monetary things and other things that they want.

10. They Don’t Get Attached

they don't get attached
Source: What Happens In Vegas

Oh yes, they do get attached, but only with your bank balance. They will have nothing to do with your feelings and emotions. As soon as your money goes they will vanish too.

11. They Like To Live An Extravagant Lifestyle

Extravagant life.
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 Gold diggers are never bothered about saving money. Because they know they can easily switch from one person to another as soon as when broke. They like spending money on all the luxury stuff and having an extravagant lifestyle.

12. Their Friends Are Gold Diggers Too 

their friends are gold diggers too.
Source: LifeDaily

You might have heard about the phrase, ‘birds of the same feather, flock together’. Gold diggers will only hang out with people who are golddiggers themselves and this is a very big sign.

13. They Are Not Ambitious 

not ambitious enough
Source: nkiruede

These kind of people are neither ambitious nor career-oriented. All they will think about is your money and a hundred other ways to spend it on themselves.

14. They Are Obsessed With Status 

obsessed with status
Source: MoneyPPL

Gold diggers get really crazy about their status and will be obsessed with all the fancy and luxury stuff. They will want to have all the expensive things without thinking twice before spending your hard-earned money.

15. They Are Not Interested In You 

they are not interested in you.
Source: Otherwords

People who have more interest in your money more than you will never make you happy. They will always be bothered about your money rather than your feelings or emotions.

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