Top 15 Common Superstitions Around The World

Superstitions are beliefs or practices that are supernatural. We all have our own set of superstitions even if it’s about lucky numbers or a lucky color or handbag, pen, t-shirt anything that might as well bring us good luck. However, there are other interesting superstitions around the world. It depends upon if you want to believe in them or not.

Top 15 Common Superstitions Around The World

1. A Black cat crosses your path.

A Black cat crosses your path

Many consider the black cat as bad luck, and if by chance the cat crosses your path, it is believed to be a bad omen of misfortune and death.

2. Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th

It’s considered the unluckiest day and most of the most hazardous things tend to happen on this day. The number 13 is also considered unlucky.

3. Breaking Mirror.

Breaking Mirror

Many consider the breaking of a mirror as a sign of bad luck for 7 years. Also, there was a time when people would say that the mirror reflects your soul. Therefore, breaking a mirror was harmful to your soul.

4. Opening an Umbrella Indoors.

Opening an Umbrella Indoors.

It is considered that it might offend the sun god. It is also considered that there is an impending death on the individual who opens it and also on the people under that roof.

5. Itchy Palm.

Itchy Palm

If you have an itch in your right palm, you will meet someone new. If your left palm itches that simply means money is heading your way.

6. Horse Shoe.

Horse Shoe.

Finding a horseshoe in some cultures is considered to be lucky, especially when the opening side is towards you. Many even put up a horseshoe on their house entrance placing the open ends upwards which will bring them good luck. It is also considered that the number of nails on the horseshoe will resemble the number of lucky years you are going to have next.

7. Knock Twice on Wood.

Knock Twice on Wood.

This was back when people used to believe that gods lived in trees. Just to ask a favour or thank them, an individual would knock twice on the bark of the tree.

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8. Tossing Spilled Salt Over Your Shoulder.

Tossing Spilled Salt Over Your Shoulder

It is commonly known to purify the soul and forestall the evil spirits. The legend says tossing the spilled salt over the left shoulder goes into Devil’s eyes. It blinds him and makes him powerless.

9. Avoid sleeping your head towards the North.

Avoid sleeping your head towards the North

Sleeping with your head facing the north direction brings bad luck as that is the direction in which the deceased is placed.

10. Bird Poop.

 Bird Poop

Not necessary that when a bird poops on you, it’s actually a bad thing. Apparently, some superstitions say that bird poop brings good luck.

11. Owls are bad Omen.

Owls are bad Omen

When you see or hear an owl howl it is considered to bring bad news. Accidently, if an old one comes to your house, it means someone in your family will die.

12. Wedding Bells.

Wedding Bells

Brides often choose to wear wedding bells on their dresses to ward off evil spirits who might affect the bride’s new happy life with her husband.

13. Don’t wish Pre-Birthday.

 Don't wish Pre-Birthday

It is believed that you shouldn’t wish someone before their actual birthday as the devil can hear all the good news and will make sure not to get what you want, which is a “happy” happy birthday. However, you are allowed to wish once it’s 12 a.m.

14. Crossed fingers.

Crossed fingers

Crossed fingers are commonly used to wish good luck. Moreover, if you hide the crossed fingers behind your back, it means you told a lie.

15. Rabbit Rabbit.

It’s a lasting tradition in the U.K. where you say out Rabbit twice on the first day of the month, which means you’ll have good luck for the rest of the month.

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