Top 15 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls

Barbie are the most loved dolls by children as well as adults. Barbie is considered to be one of the most realistic dolls in the world and people go crazy to look alike Barbie. They are the most beautiful dolls in the world but do you know there are several editions of Barbie present in the world? If not, then this blog is for you. In this blog, you would know about the most expensive Barbie in the world and I guess, you would definitely go crazy about it.

Top 15 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls

1. Pink Diamond Barbie

David and Phillippe Blond, designers from New York made this Pink Diamond Barbie for New York Fashion Week 2013 along with Bill Greening, Mattel’s famous designer. The dress is adorned with rose and pink diamonds and was sold for 15K dollars.

2. Chicago Cubs Barbie

This Chicago Cubs Barbie was made at Chicago in the year, 2000 and designed in the form of complete classic Cubs uniform. It was designed by designer Sharon Zuckerman for the Barbie Loves Sports collections. This Barbie was the winner of the show and hence, was sold for around 2000dollars at that time but now, it is sold for as high as 100dollars.

3. Centennial Barbie Alpha Kappa Alpha

This Barbie was specially designed for Black women for the first ever time. Alpha Kappa Alpha was designed in the year 2008. The doll was booked swiftly at that time and is now worth of around 700 dollars.

4. Princess of the Korean Court Barbie

Inspired by Korea’s traditional outfit, this Barbie wears a hanbok in the beautiful colours of spring. If you also are thinking of having this Barbie, then book it first as these are selling out quickly and this Barbie would cost you around 100 dollars.

5. Queen Elizabeth I Barbie

The Women of Royalty Series released the Queen Elizabeth I Barbie in the year, 2004. The design of this doll shows every details of it elaborately and you’ll have to pay a lump some amount to buy it. This Barbie is being sold for around 2000dollars currently.

6. Barbie as Athena

This Barbie doll edition was released in the year, 2010 as a part of Goddess Athena series. Under this edition, only 5,300 dolls were sold in the market and was considered to be a very rare collection. These dolls were sold around 700 dollars and the prices would rise, if sold for a longer time.

7. Stefani Canturi Barbie

This the most expensive doll you would have ever seen. This Barbie doll was specially designed to collect fund for the Breast Cancer Research foundation. It was released in the year, 2010. The kicker? This Barbie doll had a necklace that was made up of emerald-cut Australian pink diamonds and was auctioned for around 302,500 dollars.

8. Pink Splendour Barbie

This Barbie doll with a whopping amount of 900 dollars is one of the expensive Barbie doll in the world. This Barbie doll was created in the year, 1996 and it’s present cost is around 240 dollars. This Barbie doll has a pink gown and long hairs, considered as an epitome of beauty.

9. Devi Kroell Barbie

This Barbie doll with thigh-high gold boots, beautiful pink purse, a wrap dress, a platinum bracelet, was designed by the famous designer Devi Kroell in the year, 2010. This Barbie was made for charity purpose and was auctioned for the price of 1,075 dollars. This Barbie doll was named after its designer.

10. Lorraine Schwartz Barbie

This Barbie was designed by the jewellery designer, Lorraine Schwartz. This Barbie doll has red hair, embedded with diamonds and its worth is around 25,000 dollars. The Barbie doll was sold for 7500 dollars in the auction held for its sale. As per the name, it is named after its designer.

11. Original Barbie

This is the first ever Barbie doll released in the market in the year, 1959. This original Barbie doll had blonde hair, blue eye and had an attire of retro swimsuit. If you’re lucky enough to find holes on the bottom of this Barbie’s feet, then you are having the first edition of this Barbie and it would cost around 27,250 dollars.

12. Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

This Barbie doll was released in the year, 2014. This Barbie doll was a limited edition by Karl Lagerfeld that was sold for around 200 dollars. She was dressed in Ferrari Red and had the signature Ferrari hairpiece. In 2014, Net-a-Porter released 900 limited-edition Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Dolls for $200. The dolls were sold very quickly that time and its resale price was around 11,400dollars.

13. Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie (Gold Label)

This Gold Label Barbie doll was very beautiful and costly. This Barbie doll was designed by Sharon Zuckerman in the year, 2006. It was much similar to the platinum label version of Barbie. This Barbie doll had diamond stud, a ring embedded in it and its price was around 400 dollars and about 8,500 pieces released that time.

14. La Belle epoque Barbie

This Barbie was released in the year 2012 and ddesigned by Robert Best. She has a pearl necklace around her neck, her elegant look and beautiful hairstyle has made her more expensive.This doll is quite expensive currently because it was specially designed for those people who attended the Paris fashion doll festival.

15. Aqua queen prom Barbie

This Barbie was specially designed for the National Barbie Doll Convention held in the year, 2001. If you’re planning to buy this Barbie, then this would cost you around 5000 dollars. This Barbie is so expensive for the aqua green dress she is wearing and of course, she is the prom queen, after all.

These were some most expensive Barbie dolls in the world. Do check this blog out and let me know in the comments which Barbie doll you liked the most. Till then, meeting you soon with another new interesting blog ahead.

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