15 Baked Food Ideas you must try out at Home

How about trying some new baked dishes thus weekend? Here are some amazing baked food ideas that you should try once and I’m sure, you would love them all. These baked dishes are easy to make and tastes yum. So, without wasting a minute, let’s get started.

15 Baked Food Ideas you must try out at Home

1. Soft chocolate chip cookies

This recipe is super easy to prepare and tastes delicious. All you need is some all purpose flour, cocoa powder, butter, powdered sugar and chocolate chips. To enhance it’s taste and make your cookies super fluffy, you can add a pinch of baking powder. These cookies can be consumed as it is or as an evening snack or dessert in your kitty parties.

2. Baked rasogolla

This recipe is an all new version of your old rasogollas. These baked rasogollas taste heavenly and is also a guilt free food idea. To prepare this dish, you would need some cottage cheese, sugar syrup, cardamom powder and some 15minutes to bake them. These baked rasogollas can be a hit in your parties or dinner plans.

3. Apple pie

This homemade apple pie tastes best with some ice cream topped on it or without ice cream, too. Serve this dish as a dessert and your guests would love it. This dish is quite unique and tastes yummy.

4. Crinkle top brownies

This chewy, smooth brownies are a hit. Try them out with some readymade brownie mix or make it from scratch, you would love them in both ways. These brownies serve as a great dessert in house parties, get together parties.

5. Cinnamon coffee cake

This cinnamon coffee cake tastes best as a breakfast treat but you can try them after your lunch, too. Do have them to quench your midnight cravings and enjoy with some hot coffee. The aroma of this cake is quite fulfilling and makes you desire for more.

6. Lemon bars

Tangy lemon curd topped on breads toasted with some butter is no less than a sweet treat. The sweet, tangy, creamy and crispy textures of this lemon bars would give a blast to your taste bud. Try them and enjoy with your family.

7. Banana bread

This recipe is quite easy to make and tasty as well. Prepare this recipe with some whole wheat flour, some brown sugar, mashed banana, butter and milk. Banana breads are super soft and can be served as breakfast.

8. Maple pecan sticky bun

Some sweet sticky bun with beautiful aroma is all you need in a cozy morning. These buns when made from scratch, tastes best. Enjoy them with your family and friends and earn some compliments.

9. Classic funfetti cake

This funfetti cake is a childhood bliss. Eating this cake with fun is all you need to have. This baked food is yummy and delicious.

10. Parker house roll

These homemade rolls have a special room in everyone’s stomach. Sprinkle some salt over these sweet rolls and serve, it’s gonna be a hit. This buttery soft roll tastes delicious.

11. Butterscotch blundies with walnut

These chocolate free brownies are quite chewy. This blundies go best with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. These are sweet like toffee but have no chocolate content.

12. Snickerdoodles

These are something special then normal sugar cookies. Sprinkling some cinnamon and sugar powder enhances its taste more. It tastes more delicious than a classic sugar cookie.

13. Homemade soft pretzels

Sweet round pretzel are like heaven. Every bite is moist, chewy and yum. Serve with plenty of mustard and see the magic!

14. Peanut butter cookies

Peanuts are a good source of protein and it can be eaten in various forms. Peanut butter can be homemade or store bought and these cookies are awesome. To prepare these cookies, you would need some scoops of peanut butter, all purpose wheat, some butter and olive oil.

15. Walnut cake

This cake is quite tasty and yummy. It can be served as a dessert in parties or you can have it to satisfy your sweet tooth. All you need to bake this recipe is a cup of roasted walnut, flour, powdered sugar, butter, baking powder and an oven, your yummy walnut cake would be ready in minutes.

These were some amazing baked food ideas that you must try once. Serve them to your family and friends and you would love to see their reaction. This is all for today, see you late, bye bye!

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