Top 15 Most Expensive Experiences That Money Can Buy

Money has the power to buy almost everything. It has the power to provide you all the luxuries of life, and if you are rich, then you must be familiar with this thing. Rich people often experience some of the extravagant experiences that other people can’t even think about.

Top 15 Most Expensive Experiences That Money Can Buy

1. Luxurious Glamping & Heli-hiking

Luxurious Glamping & Heli-hiking
source: lonely planet

For those of you who don’t know what glamping means, let me tell you that it is a glamorous form of camping with all the luxurious experiences available. Similarly, Heli-hiking is another thing that will give you once in a lifetime kind of expensive experience. These activities include a helicopter ride, a fancy camp with elite amenities, star gazing, a private chef, etc.

2. Stay In A Space Hotel: 

 Stay in a space hotel
source: orlandosentinel

Several organizations in the world are trying to make a mark in space. But did you know that you can also stay in a space hotel? It will cost you $9.5 million, but the experience will be worth it. It is likely to start in 2021 and will include a 12-night stay in space. 

3. Dining Experience Worth $2 million

Dining experience worth $2 million
Expensive Experience
source: first stop singapore

If you have $2 million to spare, then this is for you. There is a restaurant called Cé La Vi, which is on the rooftop of Marina Bay, Singapore. They provide you a lavish experience that starts with 45 minutes of a helicopter ride. They then take you to the restaurant, which serves 18 courses meal, and the ride is on Rolls Royce. They provide diamond chopsticks to eat with and also provide you a 2-carat diamond ring at the end.

4. A 7-Star Stay

 A 7-star stay
source: jumeirah

Now, if you want to experience something above a 5-star restaurant, then go for a 7-star. You can stay in Burj Al Arab, which is in Dubai, which will cost you around $3300 per night. Starting with the decor, 24-hour service, luxury rides, and amazing food, this hotel will provide you everything you could have ever imagined. Also, every room can be controlled by a 24-carat gold i-pad. Isn’t it super cool?

5. Gold Plated Facial

Gold plated facial
source: trip advisor

Having a good spa or facial is one of those therapeutic things that everyone loves. Gold plated facial is amongst them and will cost you between $400-$1200. It is believed that these facials work wonders for dark spots, dullness, damaged skin and help to hydrate the skin.

6. Explore Antarctica

source: national geographic

If you are looking for an exclusive trip to Antarctica, then this one is for you. The trip is of 11 days, and it will cost you $83,000. You can explore the place and enjoy your stay having access to several luxurious amenities.

7. Enjoy Solar Eclipse At A Luxury Private Camp 

Enjoy solar eclipse at a luxury private camp
source: black tomato

This can be experienced in Argentina and will cost you at least $18,000-$20,000. The upcoming December 2020 eclipse, which will last for around 2 minutes, already has many bookings. The luxury they provide includes chefs, camps, lavish bedrooms, music, bartenders, and astronomers. Now, this is an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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8. Get An Exclusive Concert 

Get an exclusive concert
source: Los Angeles times

You must have heard about Mr. Ambani hiring Beyonce for a private concert during his daughter’s wedding. Well, this is the kind of experience that only the rich can afford. You can hire any of your favorite stars for your private concert if you have a couple of millions to spare.

9. Concert Inside A Volcano

Concert inside a volcano
source: icenews

 No, definitely not inside an active volcano! This concert is arranged in a dormant volcano in Iceland, and you will be carried there with the help of a helicopter. You can even book a table and enjoy your dinner at a private concert. This whole package will cost you around $16,000.

10. Hire A Private Island

Hire a private island
source: insider

This is a great chance to enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Hiring a private island is such an amazing thing to do, and you can hire any island according to your budget. There are several islands, and you will have all the luxurious amenities and full staff to make your stay even more comfortable and lavish.

11. Underwater Hotel 

Underwater hotel
source: conrad maldives

‘The Muraka’ is an underwater hotel in the Maldives, 16ft below the Indian Ocean. It is an exclusive hotel and costs $200,000 for a 4-night stay. They offer a 100% oceanic view, and you can see all kinds of creatures paddling away while you are resting on your bed. It is definitely a fun experience, and people who have enough money to spend must try this hotel at least once.

12. Lunch Amongst Art Legends

Lunch amongst art legends
source: explore france

This will cost you over $7000 in Paris, but you will have the most memorable experience ever. If you are an art lover, then this is for you because you will have access to the entire gallery. You will be provided spa treatments, luxury rides, and a very fancy meal too. 

13. Visiting Titanic 

Visiting Titanic
source: cnn

Yes, we are talking about the Titanic, which is sunk in the ocean now. Titanic is one of the most famous shipwrecks, which is almost 4000 meters under the water. Before diving into the ocean, they train you for a few days, and it will cost you $100,000.

14. Experience The South African Diamond Mine

Experience the South African diamond mine
source: nasa earth observatory

South Africa is one of the most beautiful places to travel, but this particular experience is different. This mine is one of the largest globally, and now you can experience it with full luxury. This is one of the most precious places to visit, and you can experience lavish hospitality.

15. The Royalty Tea

 The royalty tea
source: truly experiences

A hotel in Berkshire offers this experience at $900 for a couple. They serve the most exclusive food and the world’s most expensive coffee. 

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