Top 15 Must-Read Great Books On Mythology Of All Times

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As we all know, mythology is a pile of myths that specifically belong to a period defining its culture and religion. Some mythology includes greeks; some include Hercules, while some include legends like Rama, etc. Let’s have a look at some of the great books on mythology, which are not just interesting to read but will fill you up with deep knowledge as well.

Top 15 Must-Read Great Books On Mythology Of All Times

1. Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology
Source: Ancient Origins

This is about the North Germanic people. Usually, when people speak about Norse mythology, they talk about Thor, which is not the case; there are many other interesting heroes and deities to read about. The book is fascinating, and you will surely love reading it.

2. The Immortals of Meluha

Source: The Indian Express

This book is a trilogy and tells the story of a Hindu God, Lord Shiva. This book is based on the idea that all Gods were once human, and their great acts and gestures as human beings made them God in the eyes of other people. It shows how evil can be defeated; although the book faced a lot of criticism after publication, it is a great read.

3. Jaya

Devdutt Pattanaik, Jaya
Source: Good Reads

The book is written by the famous author Devdut Pattanaik; it deals with the great Hindu epic, Mahabharata. Jaya deals with numerous things like humanity and its different meanings, and way of life, etc. The book has 108 chapters, and it is one of the most brilliant books on mythology to read out there.

4. The Illiad

Iliad by Homer
Books On Mythology
Source: Good Reads

This book was written by Homer and is one of the greatest books in the history of English literature. The book was written during the Trojan War, and it deals with the story of many Greek gods like Odysseus, Achilles, Agamemnon, etc.

5. Children of Blood And Bone

Children of Blood and Bone
Source: Good Reads

This book by Toni Adeyemi tells the story of Zelie Adebola and her attempt to restore magic. This book is drawn from African mythology, and it is quite different from every other mythology-based book.

6. The Song of Achilles

The song of Achilles
Source: Aiden Thomes

 Madeline Miller writes the book, and it deals with so many different things other than mythology, such as fantasy, fiction, romance, etc. The book is so good, and it is a treat to read.

7. Boxers & Saints

Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang
Source: A book and a hug

This book by Gene Luen Yang defines Chines mythology and tells the story through a little boy’s journey. It is so beautifully written that it makes you fall in love with this culture instantly.

8. Voices Of The Winds

Voices of the Winds
Source: Pinterest

This book is written by two people Margot Edmonds and Ella Elizabeth Clark. It deals with the story of around 130 Native Americans in a very nice way, which is very easy to understand.

9. The Legend Of Sigurd & Gudrun

The legend of Sigurd & Gudrun
Source: Carousell

This book is written by none other than J.R.R Tolkein. He had a keen interest in Norse mythology, and he wanted to translate those books instead of writing fiction. This book tells the story of a prince who dramatically killed a dragon.

10. The Egyptian Book Of The Dead

The book of the dead
Source: Britannica

This book is written on papyrus, and it is an interesting book for everyone who wants to know and learn about Egyptian culture and their mythology. The book contains some nice and intricate images, which will help you understand the book better.

11. The Hero With A Thousand Faces

The Hero With A Thousand Faces.
Sources: Depop

This book by Joseph Campbell defines and compares mythology with modern psychology. This book was published almost 6-7 decades ago, and it is still relevant in today’s era.

12. The Book of Yokai

The book of Yokai.

Michael Dylan Foster has written this book, and it dwells on Japanese mythology. The book is about Yokai, a fusion of humans, ghosts, monsters, etc. It includes the culture and folklore of Japan.

13. American Gods

American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Source: The Nerd Daily

This book was interestingly written by a British man, Neil Gaiman, instead of any American. This is a brilliant book written in a very modern way and deals with many topics such as satires, mysteries, sex, etc. The book was also made into a tv series, which is great too.

14. The Complete World Of Greek Mythology

The complete world of greek mythology
Source: Facebook

Despite defining heroes through a collection of stories, this book focuses on the geographical and historical context of the myths. The book has maps, illustrations, etc., which you will find insightful while reading the book.

15. Women Who Run With The Wolves

Women who run with the wolves.
Source: Bookworm Hanoi

This book revolves around women and is also a New York Times bestseller. This book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes runs deep into women’s psychology and deals with many important topics.

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