Top 15 Mysterious Islands In The World

Nature is undoubtedly full of mysterious things. It never fails to shock humans, but at the same time, we get surprised and fascinated by these things nonetheless. Islands are pieces of land present amid water bodies like seas and oceans. Let’s have a look at some mysterious islands in the world.

Top 15 Mysterious Islands In The World

1. Snake Island

 Top 15 Mysterious Islands of the World - Snake Island
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Ilha Da Quiimada Grande, also known as the snake island, is located about 20 miles from the coast of Brazil. As the name suggests, this mysterious island is full of snakes, and it is dangerous for humans to visit there. Be it venomous snakes or poisonous ones, so many species of snakes are found here.

2. Island of Socotra

Island of Socotra
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This island is located in the Indian Ocean, and it has an environment unlike any other place on the earth. Over one-third of the plant life of this island is not found anywhere in the world. Also, three bird species are found only on this island. 

3. Lazzaretto Nuovo

Lazzaretto Nuovo
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This island was a quarantine station during the plague outbreak for maritime travelers. The island is located in Corfu, Italy. It was used to isolate the ships coming from across the Mediterranean sea, as they were suspected of carrying the disease.

4. Diavik Island

Diavik Island
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In the northwest territory of Canada, this mysterious island is found, which has diamonds on it. Ever since the mining began in 2003, people have found over 100 million worth of carats of diamonds on this island. The 552-carat yellow diamond was also found on this island.

5. Ernst Thalmann island

Ernst Thalmann island
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This island is located in the Gulf of Cazones, and until 1972, it was known as Cayo Blanco del Sur. Cuba gifted a piece of the island to Germany, but they didn’t want any communists to come there. It was also hit by a hurricane dismantling a statue.

6. Easter Island

Easter Island
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This island is famous for its unusual stone structures. Located in Polynesia, it is renowned for its archaeological sites. The native people of this island fled, and it is still unknown to the people why and when they left the land.

7. Palmyra Atoll

 Palmyra Atoll
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Located on the south of the Hawaiian Islands, an unoccupied island in the Northern Pacific Ocean. This island has many mysterious things that happened, and no one could prove any of those happenings. It is also considered one of the most haunted islands in the Pacific Ocean.

8. Vulcan Point

Vulcan Point
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This is a tiny island in the middle of the lake inside the crater of Taal Volcano. It is one of the most dangerous volcanos in the world. During one major eruption of the Taal volcano on 12 January 2020, the water inside the main crater lake disappeared.

9. Island Of The Dolls

Island of the Dolls
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This might be one of the scariest or most frightening things that you will ever see or hear about. Located in Mexico, this island is full of thousands and thousands of creepy looking and weird dolls. The island is a tribute to a little girl who died too soon, and it is believed that the dolls get possessed by the girl’s spirit during the night.

10. The Island Of Bermeja

The island of Bermeja
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According to the various maps crafted during the 16th to 20th centuries, this mysterious island is believed to have existed in the Gulf of Mexico. This mysterious island has now disappeared, and nobody knows where it has gone.

11. Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia
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This island is located in the Indian ocean and is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. This island is believed to have been given on lease to the USA by the UK. It is used for many military purposes, and the terrorists are prisoned there. But the interesting thing is that no one is allowed to go there, including the civilians or the journalists.

12. Poveglia Island

Poveglia Island
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This small island is located in the Northern part of Italy. During the plague, this island was home to around 1,60,000 people. Napolean also used it to store weapons later on. Death has touched every bit of this soil, and the legends say that it has seen so many casualties that half of the earth is composed of humans’ remains.

13. Floating Eye Island

Floating Eye Island
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This mysterious island was discovered in the north-eastern part of Argentina. It is a floating island that is perfectly circular and was detected by Google Earth. It is named ‘The Eye’ because of its unusual characteristics, and it always keeps changing its axis.

14. Partridge Island

Partridge Island
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Located in Canada, this island is now a National Historic site of the country. A French explorer discovered this mysterious island, and you can find a considerable number of birds here. It has been illegal for people to step a foot on it since 1990.

15. Bannerman Island

Bannerman Island
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Also known as Pollepel Island, it is located in New York in the Hudson River. This mysterious island was owned by a man named Bannerman, who built a fortress in it. It was not used for residential purposes but rather to store his weapons. The island is abandoned now, and no one is allowed to visit.

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