Top 15 Spooky Dolls that actually exist

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Dolls are undoubtedly the cutest and most loved toys by children. Be it barbie dolls, or fluffy soft toys, they are just adorable. However, there are certain dolls that are not only spooky but also dangerous. Imagine your soft toy creepily staring at you! or hearing voices from your doll! Scary right? But these things have apparently happened, read on to know the best of the fifteen spooky dolls that actually exist.

Top 15 Spooky Dolls that actually exist

1. Annabelle


This is definitely the most famous spooky doll, thanks to The Conjuring(2013) and Annabelle(2014). A girl named Donna received this doll in 1970 and realized that it possessed paranormal powers. Annabelle currently remains ‘secured’ with holy water in a locked case in Warren’s Occult Museum.

2. Joliet


Allegedly, a woman named Anna now owns this doll. This doll has been passed down from mother to daughter through generations. The doll is cursed, and therefore, the woman who owns it is said to give birth to a son, who dies within three days, and a daughter, whom the doll is next passed on to. 

3. Pupa


This doll was a best friend and confidant to its owner from the 1920s until the owner died in 2005. After the death of the owner, the doll became very active and displayed paranormal instincts, after which it was locked in a case. The doll can move around by itself and cause things to move around. A white film with the words “Pupa No” obscured the video when someone tried uploading it on YouTube.

4. Amanda


eBay has auctioned this doll over 20 times now. Each time someone purchases her, they try to get rid of her, often within the same year. When left unhappy, the doll causes terrifying nightmares. She currently lives with paranormal investigators in Atlanta where she can be spotted scratching the case that holds her.

5. Mandy


Mandy the doll rests at the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia where she has been on display since 1991. Many visitors claim to have seen her move inside the case, whereas the staff and volunteers have reported that objects in the same vicinity appear “damaged”. Electronics near the doll immediately drain out of the battery.

6. Amelia


When auctioned on eBay, this doll received the highest views. While the previous owner claimed that her eyes changed colour, the current owner claims that he has seen her moving around and giggling at night.

7. Letta


Letta is one the oldest doll and internationally acclaimed to be to one of the most haunted dolls performing weird activities, for instance, house objects shift overnight, the doll scurries around in front of people, and the owner regularly finds footprints of the doll on his floor. The spirit of a boy who accidentally drowned possesses this doll.

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8. Isla


The doll was first owned by someone in the 1800s. The owner felt an unusual attachment to the doll, so much so that she started taking her on walks in a carriage and talking to her. After her death, people claimed that they heard the doll crying at night. The current owner also experiences a weird sense of attachment and love towards the doll.

9. Harold


Harold is the first haunted doll ever sold on eBay. Stories about the doll’s evil smile continue to cause horror in the minds of people. The owners are known to suffer sudden illness and injury shortly after noticing the doll smiling at them.

10. Okiku


Okiku, a young girl, originally owned this doll. The girl’s spirit possessed the doll after her death. This doll initially had short hair, which continues to grow and is now pretty long. Scientific researchers conclude that the hair is that of a young girl’s, probably Okiku’s.

11. Robert


A Bahamian servant who practised black magic and voodoo supposedly gave this doll to Otto. Otto’s parents often heard him talking to the doll, and sometimes suspected that the doll answered back. Neighbours also claimed to have seen the doll moving. Currently, the doll is located at the East Martello Museum, Florida.

12. The Hands Resist Him

The Hands Resist Him

Bill Stonham’s extremely unsettling painting has a doll in it, which is said to regularly come to life and force the boy out of the painting. Moreover, viewers complain of an uneasy feeling at the sight of the doll. 

13. Isla de las Munecas

Isla de las Munecas

In the south of Mexico City, rests Isla de las Munecas. The caretaker of the place found this doll, along with a drowned girl’s dead body. He hung the doll as a sign of respect, but after being haunted by her began hanging more and more dolls. After 50 years of obsessively collecting dolls, the caretaker drowned and died in the same spot where the girl was found.

14. La Pascualita

La Pascualita

This little lady is the attraction in the Chihuahua bridal shop. The striking resemblance she bore to the owner’s daughter fascinated the locals. Rumours spread that this was not a doll but in fact the corpse of the owner’s daughter. Tourists can catch a glimpse of her varicose veins, fine lines, thin hair, and fingers; growing nails.

15. Charlie the haunted doll

Charlie the haunted doll

Rumored that this doll has tormented a family within the late 1960s, this doll currently resides in a very quiet very little oddities possessions. The family who owned it gave it the name Charlie and placed it with the other antique dolls. However, the doll started moving around and creating chaos in the house. The ghostly powers of this doll are said to be mainly unlocked by children.

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