Top 15 Mysterious Murders: Celebs and Common People

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These are some real life murder mysteries that can be a plot of a Hollywood movie, the difference here is just that here victims and murderers are real life people, not any fictional characters.

Top 15 Mysterious Murders: Celebs and Common People

1. Bruce Lee

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The Great actor and stunt man Bruce Lee had died in his sleep. His death was ruled “death by misadventure”. He died because he had a muscle relaxant before sleep. But some people believed in the theory that he was murdered and the muscle relaxant was given to him which cause the brain.

2. Brandon Lee


Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee died tragically just like his father. He died in an accident that happened on a movie set. Where he was supposed to be shot with a blank bullet but he was shot in reality because the prop gun was not properly prepared. Some people say the Lee family was cursed because of the tragic deaths of both son and father who died at such young age.

3. The Atlas Vampire


Lilly limderstorm a divorced woman who is making her living as a prostitute was found dead in her apartment, completely naked with a condom in her ass. She was found three days after she was murdered.

Her best friend, Minnie who was also a prostitute heard her making plans with a client and left her to it and saw her again when Lilly borrowed some condoms from Minnie. What’s more disturbing is that cops found a bloodstained ladle. It was confirmed later that the murderer used the ladle to drink the blood of lily. In the end, the killer was never found and the mystery of the murder is still unsolved.

4. The Silent Twins


A set of twins, only speak to each other in the language they created on their own. They even try to murder each other. One day they decided that one of them have to die so that the other can live a normal life. After that one twin dies of heart failure. It’s less of a murder mystery more of a mind twisting puzzle.

5. Mary Money


The mutilated body of Mary money was found in the railway tunnel of England. The body had a scarf stuffed in its throat. According to a witness, she was seen in the first class compartment of a train with a man and another witness said the man exited from the train alone. The police questioned all the men Mary knew but couldn’t find any suspect.

After seven years the brother of Mary money was also killed in a house fire started by him, which killed his wife and child as well. He shot them twice before the fire and he also shot his other wife who escaped from the burning house. After this incident, some questions were left unanswered, Was Robert responsible for her sister’s murder or do they share some messed up mental issues which led them both to a tragic end?

After seven years the brother of Mary money was also killed in a house fire started by him, which killed his wife and child as well. He shot them twice before the fire and he also shot his other wife who escaped from the burning house. After this incident, some questions were left unanswered, Was Robert responsible for her sister’s murder or do they share some messed up mental issues which led them both to a tragic end?

6. Brandon Swanson


Brandon Swanson went to a friend’s party, his car crashed in a ditch. He called his father, who was unable to find him. Then he told his father he was going to a city up the road when the call dropped suddenly. The next day cops found his car in a ditch but there was no city nearby and Brandon Swanson was never seen again.

7. George Junius Stinney Jr.


This is a story of three tragic deaths. It starts when the dead bodies of two white girls were found near a house where an African American family lived. The primary suspect of the murder was George Junius Stinney Jr., a 14-year-old boy. His case went to trial where the jurors were all white, the trial ended in 2 hours and the boy was sentenced to death. After 81 days from the trial, he was executed by an electric chair.

In 2014, 70 years after the death of George, he was proven innocent as the beam used for murder weighed more than 19 kg and it is impossible for George to lift it and kill two girls with it. All the evidence were planted because he was a black child living in America.

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8. Maura Murray


Maura Murray’s car crashed into snow. When the police arrived the car was still in the place but Maura was missing. Some people told the police they saw the crash and talked with Maura but the police still couldn’t find her. Police assumed that she was kidnapped but was unable to find any suspect. After a few months, a man claimed that his brother has kidnapped Maura and killed her but nothing was proved.

9. A boy in the Box


Frederick Benosis, a college student found a dead body of a young child in a box. He informed the police. The boy was naked with wrinkled hands and feet as if he was drowned in water. Even though this case was very popular in the media, still no one identified this boy.

45 years later, a psychiatrist reached the police to inform them that his patient, Mary has confided that the boy in the box was bought by her parents as their sex toy and one day, her mother was giving a bath to the boy when he vomited, so in anger, her mother beaten the boy to death. Mary left the country shortly after her name leaked into the media and due to lack of evidence the police accepted Mary’s statement as truth.

10. The East Area Rapist


It’s one of the most disturbing stories of a guy who raped more than 50 women, murdered around a dozen of people and also burgled more than 100 houses and all of this happened from 1974 to 1986, police found the guy who did it all in 2018 but due to California’s statute of limitations, he was not charged with any rape case of pre 2017. He was only charged with 13 abduction related cases.

11. Arlis Perry


Arlis Perry, 19 years old marries women had an argument with her husband, Bruce Perry, then she left for church saying she wanted to pray alone. At late night after the closing time of the church, Bruce informed the cops that his wife is missing.

Police started their search of Arlis, after searching the roads they went to church, which was locked. They asked the authorities to open the church and as they entered the church they found the body of Arlis on the floor, strangled to death, a candle on her chest and she was naked down from the waist where another candle was inserted in her vagina.

12. Katarzyna Zowada


The operator of a tugboat found some skin tangles in its tugboat’s propeller. He first recognized the ear and then some more skin. The tests proved that the skin belongs to Katarzyna Zowada, a polish student who went missing 2 months ago. Then they found a leg floating near a dam. They couldn’t find the rest of her body and the case is still an unsolved mystery.

13. Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery


Three lighthouse keepers on an island went missing. Cops found the uneaten meals still on the table and other weird things. Cops also found the logs diary which was weirdly used as their journal in their last few days. They’ve written in a diary about a storm that was going on for many days. The keepers were terrified of the storm.

On the last day they mentioned that the storm had ended and everything seems fine and calm. That was their last entry and then they went missing. When cops contacted people from nearby islands, people from that island reported that there wasn’t any storm in the last few days. So the secret of the storm and the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers is still a mystery.

14. The Dancing Plague

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It’s a bizarre event that happened in 1518 where more than 400 people started dancing for days and some even for months. It’s a case of dancing mania. Many of these people died due to heart attacks, strokes, and simple exhaustion. There are many theories but the exact reason for this mania is still a mystery.

15. Marilyn Monroe


The death of the greatest actor, model and the sex symbol of the 1950s was ruled as suicide as her housemaid found her body in bed with an empty bottle of pills next to her. But theorists believe her death was a planned murder because she wanted to talk about her affair with John F. Kennedy and his brother.

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