Top 15 Nationalities In The World To Discover

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Beauty has no set definition, and it has no universal set norm. Beauty is simply something that makes your heart happy. Let’s look at all the places in the world that have some of the most beautiful people in the world.

Top 15 Nationalities In The World To Discover

1. Netherlands

source: AFS-USA

This country is not only the happiest in the world, but it also has some of the most beautiful faces in the world. Many of our favourite models are from this country.

2. India

source: india tv

India is a country full of culture, and it definitely has some of the most gorgeous people on earth. Be it the queens and princesses of this country or sportswomen or film stars, they all are just breathtakingly beautiful. This country has also won many beauty titles, including 6 Miss World, 6 Miss International, and 2 Miss Universe titles.

3. Spain


If you remember the beauty of Penelope Cruze, then you might be convinced with our list. She is definitely gorgeous, and so are the people of Spain. With beautifully defined features and perfect bodies, they top the list of the hottest nationalities in the world.

4. Australia

source: go study australia

We don’t know what it is, but the people of that country are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Maybe it’s because they are very fitness conscious or because of the climatic conditions of that country. Whatever the reason may be, these people are just amazing. Just look at the Hemsworth family or Margot Robbie, and the list is uncountable.

5. Paris

source: pri

Paris is one of the most romantic places on the earth, and it goes without saying that this place has some of the most beautiful and sexy people in the world. Many people have all the attractive features in them are they are just gorgeous looking.

6. Egypt

source: t10ranker

This country is one of the oldest civilizations, and they are also the first people to invent perfumes, oils, and many other beauty supplements. People in this country are naturally beautiful and use many beauty products to maintain their beauty.

7. Sweden


The blonde people of this country are ranked as one of the sexiest people in the country. Apart from their skin, the blue eyes and the tall height are definitely additional features of their beauty.

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8. Ghana

source: buzz ghana

Just like the cocoa produced in this country, the people of this country possess a beautiful complexion. Not just the skin colour but also their hair and eyes are the additional features to their body. Also, they do not smoke or drink, which adds to healthy living and beautiful skin.

9. Columbia

source: mama’s latinas

This culture celebrates people with more curves and thick body features. Not only women but the men of this place are also just amazing. With their tall, handsome, and shiny complexion, they win our hearts.

10. Slovakia

source: theculturetrip

From many fashion models to film stars, many gorgeous people are from this country. This country has many hotties. On average, the height of the women and men of this country is more than the average height of many other countries.

11. Brazil

source: popsugar

This country celebrates both fitness and fashion in the same manner. Many highly paid models are from this country which proves the strong genetics of this country.

12. Russia

source: siberian times

This country is home to innumerable athletes and models. People of this country take care of their beauty, fitness, and body health. Maria Sharapova, Natalia Vodianova, Aleksey Chadov are some examples of the beauty of this country.

13. Nigeria

source: buzznigeria

Like Ghana, Nigeria also has some of the most beautiful people with adorable complexion. It is also the 1st African country to win the Miss World title in 2001. Not only Nigerian women but also the men of that country could give a good run to professional models.

14. Angola


This is a west coast country of South Africa, and it is the 7th largest country in the world. Just like the other counties of this continent, Angola also possesses some of the most beautiful people on the planet. They have also won the prestigious beauty award. 

15. Venezuela

source: pinterest

This country has one of the most beautiful women in the world. With their sharp and eye-catching features, they have turned many heads. This country has also won 17 beauty titles in the past 30 years, including Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Universe.

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