Top 15 Adverse Effects Of Modernity We See Today

Modernity simply means the quality or state of being modern not just in terms of lifestyle but also in the way of thinking and working. Though it is inevitable and has many benefits, its drawbacks cannot be neglected.

Top 15 Adverse Effects Of Modernity We See Today

1. Phone Addiction

Phone Addiction
source: kern valley sun

In this world of technology, there’s not a single person who doesn’t have access to cell phones and thereby the internet. Many people spend most of their time scrolling through social media, playing games, watching movies, etc. which are in no way doing any good to them. Moreover, many youngsters have become pubg addicts, selfie addicts, and even porn addicts.

2. Deteriorating Relationships

Deteriorating Relationships
source: CTV news

People nowadays are so indulged in working and building their careers that they can’t even spare a few hours for their family. This leads to conflicts among family members. Most husbands and wives do not get to know each other well since they are busy with their jobs and can’t spend quality time together. This in the future may lead to misunderstanding, trust issues, fights, extra-marital affairs, and even divorce.

3. Reckless Expenditure of Money

Reckless Expenditure of Money
source: business insider

Spending on unnecessary and expensive branded things has now become a trend and society judges you by the clothes you wear,  the vehicle that you use, the furniture you have in your house, etc. People have become so materialistic that they would even end up becoming bankrupt but won’t give up on spending in vain.

4. Hook-up Culture

Hook-up Culture
source: talkitoutnc

Being physical with any random person just for temporary pleasure seems cool to some of the youngsters. Having sex with someone you met for the first time without even falling in love with each other seems so immoral. Sadly even Bollywood promotes such kinds of acts through songs like ‘hook up song’ and many female objectifying songs.

5. Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle
source: the jakarta post

Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, anxiety, depression are some of the common diseases which can be caused due to an inactive lifestyle. People sit for hours in their workplaces and hardly do any kind of physical activity. Even children prefer watching TV and using the phone rather than playing outdoors.

6. Alcohol and Drug Abuse

 Alcohol and Drug Abuse
source: magzter

Teenagers in this modern society are so influenced by actors that they tend to follow them blindly. It’s a common misconception among most of the youth that it appears cool when they smoke or drink. School-going children due to undue peer pressure try smoking and drinking and once they start, there’s no going back. They become so badly addicted that they try all sorts of drugs and alcohol to please themselves. In extreme cases, they may even steal or commit crimes to purchase these materials.

7. Fall of Moral Values and Etiquettes

Fall of Moral Values and Etiquettes
source: DNA India

We have been taught moral values since our very childhood but do we really apply those values in our day to day life? Corruption, racism, communal hatred, domestic violence, rapes,  murders, wars are a few among many unethical acts prevalent in our society. People can’t do any social activity without posting it on social media.

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8. High Stress Levels and Depression

High Stress Levels and Depression
source: business insider

According to WHO, more than 264 million people suffer from depression all over the world. Conflicts among family members, heavy workload, the pressure to excel in exams, financial problems, losing a dear one, etc. may give a lot of stress and even depress us. We have hundreds of friends on Facebook but hardly a few are actually available when we are in need.

9. Unhealthy Eating Habits

Unhealthy Eating Habits
source: milwaukee independent

In this fast-paced world where everyone is hustling, no one wants to waste time cooking. One prefers packaged food which is full of chemicals rather than cooking something healthy, especially students living in hostels and other working people. Many girls starve themselves to get the perfect body shape. Even the fruits and vegetables that we buy from the market are full of pesticides and fertilizers. Some people are often left obese due to overeating.

10. Fake Feminism

Fake Feminism
source: feminism in India

Feminism basically means equality of both sexes in all terms but nowadays, there have been cases where it has been misused by some women for their own advantage and ultimately men have to bear its consequences. There have been many false accuses of rape attempts, dowry, and domestic violence against men even though they are innocent. Certain movies too, misuse the concept of feminism to promote alcoholism and abusive language. Even though we very much need feminism in today’s world, it’s misuse is wrong.

11. Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues
source: sarah beekmans

Mother nature has blessed us with oxygen,  food, materials required for shelter, medicine, cycles of seasons, and whatnot. It’s sad that our needs have now become greed and we are recklessly harming nature for our selfishness. Global warming, ozone layer depletion, different kinds of pollution, rising sea levels, and many more are the consequences of human activities.

12. Downfall of Our Tradition

Downfall of Our Tradition
source: living hours

India is an incredibly diverse country. It’s a land of festivals with kind-hearted and generous people. However, over the course of time, people have somewhat adopted the western way of living. We no longer live as joint families, we prefer gyms over yoga, our rivers are getting polluted, we prefer pizzas and burgers over tasty Indian curries and even our villages are turning into cities.

13. Unworthy Role Models

Unworthy Role Models
source: insider

The youth these days are so influenced by the so-called celebrities that they make these people their role models. They want to be like them, do what they do, purchase what they endorse, basically impulsively follow them. We really need to stop doing this and be inspired by the real heroes of our country like APJ Abdul Kalam, all the freedom fighters, our army men, our doctors, our policemen, our workers and all those who are ready to give their lives for the sake of our nation.

14. Habitual Use of Slangs

 Habitual Use of Slangs
source: the crow’s nest

Another really disappointing point that needs focus is the habitual use of slangs among people. How can one find himself or herself cool by abusing someone’s mother or sister? This really needs to stop. Nowadays people use slang words as exclamations and in every possible situation.

15. Unequal Distribution of Wealth

Unequal Distribution of Wealth
source: global citizen

The richest 1% of Indians own 58.4% of India’s wealth and a lot of people are below the poverty line. The rich people invest more in riches and skill and are getting richer and richer while the low earning families have even to think before spending on their basic needs.

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