Top 15 Pictures That Provoke The OCD In You

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a term that suggests that you need things to be perfectly arranged or in a strict order. If they are slightly mismatched, it might as well drive you crazy until and unless you fix it right. You might have come across many satisfying videos that are viral all over social media. However, here we are going to come across 15 images that will drive you crazy. They are annoying. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Top 15 Pictures That Provoke The OCD In You

1. Ceiling In The Living Room

Ceiling In The Living Room
Image Credits –

Do you see it? It’s so mismatched. Imagine the situation when the workers realized what they’ve done? You see my friends, communication is important when you plan on building a house. There’s no turning back!

2. Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover
Image Credits –

Whoever came out of this manhole should have had the basic courtesy to place it properly. It is disturbing. Imagine if you’re driving and you spot this? What would you do?

3. Kit Kat

Kit Kat
Image Credits – Google images

No offence to this person but don’t you think all the people around the world have this unsaid rule where you are supposed to eat kit kat chocolate by a bar and not like this. NO! This is unacceptable and cruel. Nestle is offended!

4. Tiles On The Floor

Tiles On The Floor
Image Credits –

Talk about being a perfectionist. Placing tiles is a hard job but don’t put your issues in the way of your job right? Just kidding, it might be a mistake and must’ve have thought no one’s going to be bothered by this. Are you bothered by this?

5. Puppies

Image Credits –

Puppies are adorable. However, this picture is not about puppies who are just minding their own business and having their meal. Do you observe the pattern they are placed in? There is something wrong, isn’t it? Let’s just assume that the black dog tried to eat in a bowl beside the white dog but before he could, her cousin just joined her.

6. Upside Down

Upside Down
Image Credits – Google Images

Either you are a keen observer, or you have OCD. You are in a store, and you spend time looking at boxes. When you find something like this, some of you may ignore it. However, the rest will have a strong urge to place that particular box in the right order.

7. Lights

Image Credits –

Your job is extremely boring if you choose to stare at the ceiling lights instead of doing your work. The purpose of lights is to provide light; the placement doesn’t matter, right? Think about it!

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8. Pizza

Image Credits –

The box it comes in is square, the pizza is a circle, and the slice which we cut is a triangle. It’s complicated enough. You sit down to eat a pizza and want to have a slice of that cheesy Margarita but then there is one annoying person… wait, who would actually do this? Unless the person hates you!

9. Entrance

Image Credits –

Whoever designed this entrance must’ve been so disappointed or was it him who designed it in such a way? Why? On the contrary, who would want to destroy the First Impression quality when someone enters from this entrance gate?

10. Picture

Image Credits –

Admire and appreciate the image if you can’t understand what’s wrong with the image. This image will make you look twice to spot the difference.

11. Tablets

Image Credits –

No one to be blamed for this. There is nothing wrong with this picture, it’s just your mind playing games or do the placement of these tablets actually disappoint you?

12. Perfect Line

Perfect Line
Image Credits – Google Images

Can we call it a nightmare for a perfectionist? Hyperbole, I won’t take it back though. How hard is it to make a straight line? It’s a disturbing sight.

13. Pencil

Image Credits –

There is so much wrong with this single picture! The pencil kept upside down, the pattern, let’s not talk about the first from the left! Hyperbole again!

14. Tiles

Image Credits –

Elegant High class woman: Ouch! I broke my Rib-cage!

15. Switch Board

Switch Board
Image Credits –

Is the switch buttons or screws? What if I tell you all the lights are off? Aren’t some rooms have two switches for the same appliance, supposed to make your job easy? Well, this is a whole new level of annoyance.

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