Top 15 Places to Visit in Kolkata

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Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is known as the ‘city of joy’. The holy river Ganga (Hooghly) flows through it, and the city holds a very important place in the history of Indian culture.

Top 15 Places to Visit in Kolkata

1. Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial
Source- Telegraph India

This breathtaking and astonishing architecture gathers the attention of most tourists. It has now been converted into a museum and falls under the Ministry of Culture. The sound and light show in the evening makes the visit even more delightful.

2. Eden Gardens

Eden garden
Source- DNA India

It is one of the largest grounds in India, and this stadium has probably witnessed the best cricket matches ever. Starting from test crickets, world cups to IPL, a whole lot of matches have been played here. Moreover, it can accommodate 66,000 people.

3. Howrah Bridge

Howrah bridge
Source- clevelandbridge

This bridge is one of the major attractions in Kolkata. It is built on the river Hooghly, and it is among the longest cantilever bridges in the world. The amazing structure of the bridge is eye-catching and looks even more beautiful at night. 

4. Park Street

park street
Source- The Statesmen

This area has many pubs and restaurants, thus, it is a major hangout spot in the city. The place is always bustling with various activities and is generally known to be ‘the street that never sleeps’.

5. Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Dakshineswar Kali Temple
Source- Give N Take

This monastery is heavenly and it lies in the heart of many Bengali people. The temple is also the abode of Ramakrishna Paramhamsa (one of the greatest yogis of all time) with his spiritual god. This temple is a perfect place to find peace of mind and body.

6. Indian Museum

Indian Museum
Source- holidify

It is one of the oldest museums not only in India but in the world. This huge museum has several galleries of scientific works, geology, archaeology, economic beauty, and works of art. It is definitely a must-visit place in Kolkata.

7. Jorasanko Thakur Bari

Jorasanko Thakur Bari
Source- itinari

The house is famous as it was the ancestral residence of the very famous Tagore family. Currently, it serves as a museum that offers various details and information about the history of the Tagore family. 

8. Marble Palace

Marble Palace
Source- remotetraveler

The palace built in Neoclassical style is a very famous tourist attraction in Kolkata. The mind-blowing architecture and the vast collection of paintings, sculptures and furnishing are well known and a real treat to see.

9. Rabindra Sarobar

Rabindra Sarovar
Source- LBB

The vast water body with immense beauty is a place worth visiting. The surrounding is adorned with flora, and it is also home to thousands of migratory birds during winter. Moreover, it has a children’s park for entertainment and fun activities for kids.

10. Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary
Source- ytriphd

This place is located in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas, and it has one of the rarest animals in the world. The park has the second-largest number of one-horned rhinoceros in India. It is also home to other animals like tigers, elephants, deer, barking deer, bison, spotted deer, etc.

11. Science City

science city
Source- ytriphd

It is one of the largest science museums in the world where you can enjoy while learning a wide variety of things. This place also has a special section just for aquatic life, which is fascinating.

12. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul Cathedral
Source- holidify

The church was built in 1874 and is famous for its Gothic architecture. The design is called ‘Indo-Gothic’. The architecture is visually pleasing to such an extent that you can’t take your eyes off it. The massive glass windows glorify the church even more.

13. New Market

new market
Source- Pinterest

This area is a great place for street shopping and has over 2200 stores. You can find numerous types of clothing and it is known to be the fashion hub of the city. The place is also famous for its amazing and delicious street food treats.

14. Birla Mandir

Birla temple
Source- easymytrip

This massive temple, the epitome of an outstanding architectural masterpiece, caters to the attention of many pilgrims including foreigners. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha and was built by the industrialist Birla family. 

15. Eco-Tourism Park

eco-tourism park
Source- Kolkata Tourism

This park is perfect for a leisure walk and is mainly designed to promote eco-tourism. It spreads over an area of 475 acres and is known to be the biggest urban park in India. The park has various small water bodies inside it, and it continues to be a favourite spot for families to have picnics.

So next time you land in Kolkata, make sure you visit some of the above mentioned places. You will certainly have a good time visiting these magnificent places, and it will be a rich cultural experience.

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