Top 15 Reasons Why You Can’t Make New Friends Easily

Friends constitute a significant part of our lives. Having good and reliable friends is truly a blessing. Sometimes, people do not have enough friends, which can push them into a state of despair and loneliness.

Top 15 Reasons Why You Can’t Make New Friends Easily

1. You Don’t Get Out Enough

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There are people who like sitting at home, and later, complain about not having a friend. It is important for people to go out and find someone who shares common interests with them. Yes, people need to take efforts towards forging new friendships. 

2. You Don’t Care About Your Friends

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Making friends is only the first step, but keeping them requires more care and attention. If you are selfish and inconsiderate, then surely you will end up losing all your friends sooner or later. Show that you care about them. Give them a call and ask about their well-being. It only takes a little effort.

3. You Complain Too Much

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Everyone has a difficult life with different challenges to face daily. However, constantly cribbing about those things will make people ‘not’ like you. They will stop hanging out with you. This does not mean that you should stop sharing your problems with your friends. Instead, you just need to cool things down.

4. You Ditch Your Friends When You Are In A Relationship

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If you are someone who ditches their friends every time they get into a relationship, then sorry to say, but you are a terrible person. Leaving someone who has been in your life for years for someone who has been in your life for a few months is intolerable. Always value your friends and make time for them even when you are in a relationship.

5. You Don’t Pick Up People’s Social Cues

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If your friends use phones while you talk to them, this means they are not interested in your topic of conversation, or they might be too worn out to pay attention to you. To avoid such a situation, you can choose a new topic that would interest you both. 

6. You Try Too Hard

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Trying too hard to make people hang out with you or forcing them to stay with you is sort of pathetic. This will lead them to maintain a certain distance with you. Give your friends some space and let the friendship naturally blossom and flourish.

7. You Bully Your Friends

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Making fun of your friends can be funny sometimes, given that they are also seeing it merely as a joke. However, bullying them according to your “idea of fun” and disguising it as “not a big deal” is not cool at all. They might ignore it in the beginning, but in the long run, there is a high possibility of them cutting ties with you. Respect your friends and make sure that they are comfortable with you.

8. Your Expectations From Friendship Are Too High

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If you are someone who expects a lot from their friends and becomes sad every time they don’t act according to your expectations, then this friendship is not going to last for long. Let them be themselves. They have their own personalities. They might disappoint you, but that is life. 

9. Loose Lips Sink Ships

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If you constantly badmouth others, this makes them lose trust in you. If you want to keep your friends in your life, show them that you can be trusted. Also, avoid spreading rumors.

10. You’re A Scorekeeper

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If you are someone who always keeps a score of everything, it might become irritating for your friends. It doesn’t matter who texted last night or who arranged the get-together the previous time. All that matters is that you are with your friends. You should learn to cherish moments.

11. You’re Green With Envy

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If you are jealous of your friend’s success instead of celebrating and motivating them, you will never have friends. Be more considerate. Enjoy their success and share their pain.

12. You’re A Drama Llama

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If you are someone who is always cribbing about your issues and problems, then you are a drama llama. Nobody likes drama all the damn time. Everyone’s life is already difficult to fit another drama into it. Avoid such kinds of habits, and become more of a compassionate friend.

13. You Are Always Talking About Yourself

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If you are someone who can turn any topic of conversation to you and your life, then this is really bad. People are soon going to find it irksome, and they will end up avoiding you.

14. You’re Always Right

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There are a lot of people who want to sound like a genius all the time and will pretend that they have a solution for every issue. If you are one of them, then change your habit as soon as possible because this could be the reason for the end of your friendship. Stop coercing your buddies to agree with your points of view. 

15. You Aren’t Hanging Out In The Right Place

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Sometimes, the impossibility in making new friendships could be because you are searching for friends in the wrong place. If you want to have people who have the same interests as you, then join your favorite art class or sports club. This is one of the easiest ways to make new friends.

If you are finding yourself in a tough spot to make new friends or to maintain an existing friendship, the above-mentioned reasons could aid you in resolving your dilemma. Always remember that real friends are important in life, so don’t lose them because of your personal problems. Neither should you let fake friends stay in your life who don’t value your friendship, because life is too short to be spent with the wrong people. 

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