Top 15 Practical Habits For Weight Loss

Everything that we wish to accomplish in life has to be backed by a few basic understandings. One, your habits dictate your life; because they form your lifestyle. And two, you have the power to change your habits, and consequently your life. Here are the Top 15 Practical Habits For Weight Loss you should start cultivating if you want to Lose Weight.

Top 15 Practical Habits For Weight Loss

1. Start Drinking a lot of Water

Start Drinking a lot of Water
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One of the biggest favours you could do yourself is drinking a whole of water throughout the day. It’s a great habit to release toxins from your body. Also, having water before meals make you feel fuller so that you don’t eat a lot unnecessarily. Another thing is that many times when we feel hungry, we aren’t really hungry, but dehydrated instead. So it’s better to resolve that cause instead of eating unnecessarily.

2. Walk!

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Walking is one of the easiest and nicest things to do for weight loss. It’s something anyone can do, at any time of the day. Moreover, it’s absolutely free! If you want to lose weight, make walking a non-negotiable part of your day. Walking is the best thing to opt for, as it’ll not only help you burn calories but also increase your overall fitness. 

3. Eat your Food Slowly

Eat your Food Slowly
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More often than not, we fail to notice our speed at eating food. But it’s a very important thing to look after if you are trying to lose weight. The better you chew your food, the better it digests. And good digestion is the way towards weight loss. If you actually start practising this, you’ll be stunned at how fuller you’ll feel with the exact same amount of food that you usually eat. 

4. Never Sleep Immediately After Eating

Never Sleep Immediately After Eating
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This is a habit that many people are into; however, it’s one of the most negative things to do, if you wish to be a fit person in general as well. Going to sleep or even lying down after eating meals is extremely harmful to the body. This is because once the food has entered the body, it should be able to process digestion effectively. And lying down disrupts this process to a great extent.

5. Eat more Home Cooked Food

 Eat more Home Cooked Food
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The fact that we’re surrounded by a whole lot of processed junk is a disadvantage in itself. However, it’s up to us to make the right choices and decisions. Although it’s not possible to completely skip eating outside food, you can try to eat as much home-cooked food as possible. Prioritizing homemade over outside is the key to working towards a better weight. 

6. Eat Salads

 Eat Salads
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Salads are extremely beneficial for your daily diet needs. You should make it a point to have a bowl of salad with your entire meal, especially during lunchtime. Raw veggies are not just very hydrating, but also full of fibre. This fibre will improve your digestion effectively, and this will lead to weight loss.

7. Take the Stairs

 Take the Stairs
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It’s extremely important to work on this habit as well. Be it work, shopping places, home or any place as such; we always prefer elevators or escalators. A common excuse is to not have enough time. But the actual reason is the habit, the convenience and the comfort zone. No matter how difficult or boring it seems, you should always take the stairs. 

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8. Eat in Smaller Proportions

Eat in Smaller Proportions
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Another thing that these diets or unhealthy lifestyles tend to lead to, is feeling very hungry and then eating a lot at once. Truly one of the most devastating tendencies. If you want to lose weight, you should always eat in smaller proportions, and at intervals. This is the way to avoid overeating, and also helps better digestion and metabolism. A good way to do this is to take smaller size plates when you eat. 

9. Say Goodbye to Deep-Fry!

Say Goodbye to Deep-Fry!
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You read that right. As harsh as it may sound to some, it’s a huge step towards weight loss. Eating deep-fried food is one of the major causes of being overweight. So, in order to lose those extra kilos, you gotta learn to resist such temptations. Once you get used to resisting such things, you’ll find yourself feeling lighter. And to your utter surprise, you’ll actually stop gravitating towards them after some point in time.

10. Eat your Dinner Early

Eat your Dinner Early
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Eating dinner early is another super easy and effective way to reduce weight. Researches say that eating your dinner about 4-6 hours prior to sleeping helps with weight loss. If you think that it’s difficult to control your hunger (out of previous conditioning), you can opt for fruits or some baked munchies. Because it’s mainly about refraining from grains after a point in time. This is more like a lifestyle changing a habit, with massive results. 

11. Have Warm Water with Honey & Lemon Juice

Have Warm Water with Honey & Lemon Juice
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Mixing a spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water, adding lemon juice and having it first thing in the morning is very effective for weight loss. Both of these things have immense benefits for your overall health as well. It helps the body to get rid of toxins. And what better thing to do than this, early in the morning. Another way is to maintain a gap of about 30 minutes after every meal, and either has green tea or plain warm water. 

12. Work out 4 days in a Week

Work out 4 days in a Week
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Having a workout session every single day is highly effective. But if not every day, you should try for at least 4 days a week. If you’re a beginner, you can follow a basic workout regime at home. It can include exercises like skipping, squats, star jumps and Surya Namaskar. Practising Pranayama is useful as well.

13. Spend your Weekends Wisely

Spend your Weekends Wisely
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Weekends are for relaxing and unwinding from your busy work week. So for many of you, the basic idea of ‘chilling’ on weekends is becoming a couch potato and binge watching some web series, eating junk until you doze off. I’m not negating relaxation, but you should make certain changes in this kind of weekend routine. Spend at least one of the days outdoors. Inactivity is more harmful than it seems. And honestly, leisure time makes more sense when you actually make your body work (in ANY form).

14. Keep Track on your Munching

Keep a Track on your Munching
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Another habit you need to work on is your munching. Many times, we’re very mindful about eating healthier meals and still end up achieving less than we aim for. This may be due to your midday or midnight munching. Fried Chips, chocolates, cookies and what not! Replace all of this with baked stuff and fruits. This way, you’ll not just gradually change your old habits, but also invest in better health.

15. Take it One Day at a Time

Take it One Day at a Time
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One of the most important things to say is this. Apart from keeping faith and being positive, you need to be patient. Patience is required not just to see results, but also while you’re into the process of changing your old habits and lifestyle. Don’t even overwhelm yourself by thinking about everything at once. Because you figure out more things and get better at them; only if you take it one day at a time.

These were the Top 15 Practical Habits that you can start following today if you want to lose weight. The best part is that these aren’t even going to cost you any money.

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