Top 15 Reasons to Eat Salads Regularly!

“You are what you eat.” Still, salads are usually considered to be boring, and thus avoided as a part of our daily diet. However, eating salads made with fruits or veggies is an immensely useful habit for a nourishing fulfilled diet. Also for getting various other benefits such as loads of fiber, vitamins, minerals & more.

Top 15 Reasons to Eat Salads Regularly!

1. Salads are Super Healthy!

Salads are Super Healthy!
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Salads are very good for health, which actually goes without saying. They have loads of vitamins, minerals like Vitamin A, C, K; iron calcium, and various antioxidants as well. Having different combinations of salads help you to gain benefits of each of these vitamins and minerals. This helps you feel healthier, and also prevents a lot of diseases by increasing your immunity.

2. Salads help with Digestion

Salads help with Digestion
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Salads are very easy to digest, as they’re healthy and light. They’re extremely beneficial for your overall digestion as well. More often than not, we tend to feel full & bloated after our heavy meals. It is to avoid such times when the digestive power of salads come into play and helps aid your digestion effectively. 

3. Salads help with Weight Loss

Salads help with Weight Loss
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One of the easiest ways for weight loss is eating lots of salads. Salads are very low in calories; in fact, they also help to reduce the calories from your body. The nutrients present in salads are capable of aiding weight loss. This is due to a low-calorie count, and also as they act as appetite suppressants, making you feel fuller for a longer time.

4. Salads improve Immunity 

Salads improve Immunity
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A better immunity is achieved due to the presence of a lot of antioxidants in salads. Also, the high fiber content that helps in better digestion of food leads to overall improved immunity and wellness. Salads help prevent diseases by immunizing your body against harmful antibodies that disrupt your natural state of health.

5. Salads help Beat the Heat

 Salads help Beat the Heat
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Especially in summers, salads are capable of hydrating your body. Fresh salads are very light, nourishing and high in water content. This helps to reduce the effect of heat in summers. As they help to cool down our body temperature to a significant extent; and also provide Vitamin C, summer essentiality.

6. Salads add Fiber to your Diet

Salads add Fiber to your Diet
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Salads are very high in fiber, and thus provide a lot of required energy to your body. It also helps with issues like constipation to a significant extent. Cholesterol reduction is another advantage. When you eat salads, you feel fuller and this helps you to combat overeating your meals after your salad session; leading to weight loss.

7. Salads are Good for Your Eyes 

Salads are Good for Your Eyes
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Salads that include stuff like carrots, green veggies like spinach, and even fruit salads having strawberries or oranges; provide vitamins A, C and E among other benefits. The properties of zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin etc. help to sharpen eyesight and also prevent cataracts or other eye problems.

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8. Salads are Tasty!

Salads are Tasty!
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As untrue as this sounds, it’s not. Of course, when you see a plate with round slices of assorted raw veggies spread around, you’re bound to feel otherwise. However, salads can taste really good, especially when you make them interesting. Instead of slicing, try chopping stuff up in small dices. Make a mixed salad bowl, add some sourness, experiment a bit, make them fun!

9. Salads are Super Easy to Make

Salads are Super Easy to Make
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Now, this is a fact. Basic salads are super easy to prepare as you don’t have to cook anything, there’s no baking involved… In short, no hassle. You just need a handful of basic skills like peeling and chopping, and Voila! You’re sorted to go ahead and make a salad on your own.

10. Salads can stop Sweet Cravings

Salads can stop Sweet Cravings
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Artificial sugar and sweet cravings are very harmful to our well being. But this is exactly when salads come to rescue. Adding a handful of your favourite fruits like berries etc. to your salads, instantly bring a sweet element for your taste buds. You can also consider making fruit salads to combat your sweet cravings. This will kill two birds with one stone, and prove to be a harmless solution. 

11. Salads help to Sleep Better

Salads help to Sleep Better
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Surprisingly, a salad having lettuce will help you to sleep better. This is due to the presence of lactucarium in lettuce. It has sleep-enhancing compounds that help to induce sleep, and also promote relaxation. Thus, you can treat your insomnia to an extent with the help of such salads.

12. Eating Salads increases your Vegetable Intake

Eating Salads increases your Vegetable Intake

Eating a whole lot of veggies is quite a task for most people. But considering the kind of value they add to our bodies (in the form of vitamins, minerals and enzymes); they should absolutely be a part of our daily diet. Eating salads will automatically increase your raw veggie intake, and thus your well being.

13. Salads can help to Prevent Constipation

Salads can help to Prevent Constipation
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Constipation can prove to be the root cause of many other health-related problems. Eating vegetable or fruit salads, avoiding junk foodstuff, and increasing fluid or water intake is helpful to deal with constipation. The fiber content present in salads helps to prevent & control such issues.

14. Salads are Good for the Heart

Salads are Good for the Heart
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If you eat salads regularly and thus increase your vegetable intake, it reduces the risk of heart troubles and even hypertension. Also, in order to make your salads good for the heart; you can add tomatoes, carrots, apples, peaches etc. Adding fat-free dressings that are easily available in the market, is also a wise decision.

15. You can Always try Different Types of Salads!

You can Always try Different Types of Salads!
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There’s no one right way of making salads. You can always try out different combinations with your favourite nutritious ingredients. A good seasoning and lemon juice really help elevate the taste quotient. You can also choose fruit salads. Just remember to add a touch of seasoning (with rock salt or Chaat Masala) to make them taste more fun.

So these were the Top 15 Reasons for you to make Salads a part of your Meals. You should also remember that although eating salads is a great step towards better health, it is just a part of the entire process. Along with eating salads, you should also pay attention to overall balanced food intake, staying hydrated, working out, and also maintaining a good sleep schedule.  

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