Top 15 Reasons Why Fine Dining Is Exorbitant

So, before you start reading let me clarify to you that we are not talking about a casual restaurant or even a classy one. We are going to talk about the actual fine dining restaurant where you need to have a good amount of bucks to match that level of elegance and sophistication. Let’s get to know about some of the reasons why fine dining is so expensive and exorbitant.

Top 15 Reasons Why Fine Dining Is Exorbitant

1. The Kitchen Staff

kitchen staff
Source: Hotel School

 The food served in this restaurant is not done by just any other chef. It is done by those chefs who are worth having Michelin star. They have a good culinary degree and years of practice in this field too. Also, the salary that they receive is very high as compared to other chefs.

2. Preparation Time

preparation time
Source: France Montagnes

 When you are going to have fine dining this means they are going to serve you with utmost sophistication. They take a lot of time in preparing just one order and the result is undoubtedly incomparable.

3. The Waiting Staff

waiting staff
Source: Pinterest

It is not just about the chef but the waiting staff also have to have very good skills to deal with the customers. They need to have good communication skill, proper etiquettes, and also proper knowledge of the food they are going to serve so that can advise their customers.

4. Top Shelf Wines

Fine Wine
Source: Beverly’s

If you dine at a fine dining restaurant they are not going to serve you just any random wine. Diners are being served the high-class wines and spirits and this is actually where they make high profits. 

5. Complementary Cuisines, Drinks, And Other Such Services

complementary cuisines and drinks
Source: Burger Abroad

Fine dining restaurants usually offer their diners some kind of complementary dishes or service just to set the mood of their customers and to give them a taste of their chef. This cost is charged from the customers only and the restaurant doesn’t bear that expense.

6. Location 

Source: Ocean Prime

Well, the location also plays a very important role in the reputation of these restaurants. One wouldn’t want to go to a shabby and uncared place where the restaurant is located. So they make sure that their restaurant is located at some of the most desirable locations. The high rent for the place paid by the owner adds up to your cost as well.

7. Cleanliness

Source: The New York Times

 Cleanliness and hygiene of any place tell about the kind of service they will provide you. Fine dining restaurants keep a good look after their cleanliness and they employ extra staff to keep a proper check of it.

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8. Intricate Detailing 

Intricate detailing.
Source: Foyr

Keeping up with all kinds of detail is a difficult task to do but fine dining restaurants know very well how to do that. They pay a huge amount of attention in looking after everything, whether it is food or cutlery, or interior, or decoration, or anything. These are the things that attract their customers and distinguishes them from any other restaurants. 

9. The Tableware, Cutlery, and Glassware 

tableware, cutlery and glassware.
Source: Pinterest

The food served in these fine restaurants is not just served in nay cutlery. They all are of extremely high quality and it does add to the cost of your food ending up in a higher bill.

10. Top Kitchen Equipment 

Source: Travel Iowa

To prepare world-class dishes, you need equipment that is top-notch too. Whether it be knives, pan, or anything, all of these are bought from special places and not just from anywhere.

11. Staying At The Cutting Edge of Food Trends

Food Trends.
Source: Joe Dimaggio’s Restaurant

People who visit fine dining restaurants expect their chef to be updated with all the current food trends and all the exquisite dishes. The extra effort of the chef adds up to your bill as well.

12. Fewer Serving Hours 

Source: Four Seasons

These kinds of restaurants are open throughout the day just like any other restaurant. Their serving hours are very few and many fine-dining restaurants do not even serve during day time. This is because the time taken by the chef in the preparation of food is much higher. Also, it is not easy to book a table easily at these restaurants because they serve very limited diners in a day. Thus, this amount of preparation for very few customers makes it more expensive.

13. Complex Menus 

complex menus
Source: Resto-Hub

The menus of these restaurants are complex and they have tasting menus too. This adds up to the cost and which ends up adding in your bill.

14. Interior Decor 

Interior design
Source: Pinterest

The way the interior of any restaurant looks says a lot about it. This is why the interior designing and decor of all fine dining restaurant is high end and stands out from all the other restaurants.

15. Ingredients 

Source: Restorani Beograd

When you are talking about fine dining, the first thing that comes into your head is the food. It has to be of a top-class that is why the ingredients used while preparing these cuisines are of the top class itself. These are expensive, fresh, and the chefs personally buy them.

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