Top 15 Chocolate Brands That You Must Know

Our chocolate cravings never end, and we know it is a universal thing. Chocolates are so famous right now in our day to day life that we never say no to it. Let’s see what are the most famous chocolate brands all around the world that people enjoy the most.

Top 15 Chocolate Brands That You Must Know

1. Ferrero Rocher

Top 15 Chocolate Brands That You Must Know - Ferrero Rocher
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This brand has to be on the top of my list because of its unique flavor. It is the best selling brand and people all over the world enjoy having this. This makes a very popular festive gift be it Diwali or Christmas or Raksha Bandhan. This mouthwatering little ball of happiness contains a hazelnut inside is covered with chocolate and a thin wafer shell.

2. Hershey’s

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This chocolate brand alone produces so many varieties of chocolates that an entire article would be filled with it. From various chocolates to chocolate syrup to various baking options, this brand has it all. They also have their chocolate town in Pennsylvania and you can visit them for the most fun.

3. Lindt

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This famous brand from Switzerland produces one of the most amazing white chocolate on earth. It comes in a variety of flavor options and the chocolate just melts in your mouth like silk. It also has one of the largest factories in the world.

4. Ghirardelli

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This US-based brand is a division of Lindt. But it deserved a special mention on our list because of its popularity amongst the chocolate lovers. This company is also famous for holding a 2 days chocolate festival, every year. And the visitors can enjoy any of the miniature version of their chocolate.

5. Toblerone

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This another brand from Switzerland is a very famous one because of its shape and the logo. The shape of the chocolate is in a mountain form and it resembles its mountains logo (which is the most famous popular mountain in Switzerland, Matterhorn). 

6. Cadbury

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This brand is a very recognized one and produces many different kinds of chocolate products. From dairy milk to gems this brand has made everything. They are also a perfect thing to gift during the festive season and the holidays. Personally, I love their Dairy Milk Bubbly, it’s just amazing.

7. Patchi

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This irresistible chocolate is made by the Lebanon based company. This luxurious and rich brand has many varieties and flavors like orange peel, almonds, dried strawberry, cheesecake, cotton candy, peanut butter, etc. They mainly cater to the Middle Eastern Countries and delivers in America through their online store.

8. Mars

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This famous brand is responsible for all those mouth-watering chocolates that we have in the market right now. They have produced Snickers, Dove, M&M’S, Milky Way, Twix, and whatnot. They mainly focus on making confectioneries and candy bars rather than making conventional chocolates.

9. Guylian

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This is a Belgian based brand and their product is so delicious that it will literally make your heart happy. Apart from their famous hazelnut seashell praline, now the company also akes different truffles, bars, and gift boxes.

10. Godiva

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This Belgian based company sells not just sweet chocolates but is also famous for many other things. They are also famous for their coffee, cocoa shakes, truffles, chocolate-covered snacks, etc. They also make seasonal products to cater to various occasions and festivals. 

11. Milka

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Switzerland does have a lot of chocolate brands and Milka is a Swiss brand too. This company is famous for producing many flavors such as white coconut, milk chocolate with oreo, caramel, strawberry yogurt, etc.

12. Nestle

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This famous brand from America is a global brand and is famous for its variety of products. I mean who hasn’t tried their famous KitKat! Also, they are very famous for their Toll House Cookies which you might also remember from ‘Friends’ when Monica spends the entire day making those amazing cookies.

13. Green & Black’s

Green & Black's
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This is a UK based brand that is famous for making organic gourmet chocolate. Their chocolates have a unique taste and it melts in your mouth like anything. They are also very famous for including caramel, fruits, and nuts in their chocolates.

14. Taza

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This brand is not very famous in India but it is quite a famous one in America. The Somerville based brand produces over 40 different types of products and has unique flavor and texture.

15. Theo

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This is a newer brand as compared to all the other chocolate brands on our list. This is the first trade certified cocoa producer in the United States and they aim to bring organic cocoa to the country. They mainly sell their chocolate in six different categories and the most famous one is a salted almond dark chocolate bar. 

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