Top 15 Spiciest Dishes Of India

India is a country known for its colorful and cranky spices. In old times, people from overseas came to India to get the best herbs and spices. The vibes of this old culture are still alive in the cuisine of India. Indians are fond of spicy and tasty dishes. So, get ready for diving into the genre of spiciest dishes of India. Because we have got the top 15 spiciest dishes of India which can set your mind on fire.

Top 15 Spiciest Dishes Of India

1. Kozhi Curry

Kerala’s specialty in chicken non-veg genres is its Kozhi’s curry. With a mix blend of lots of spices and creamy coconut milk, the curry is a must-have for chicken lovers. The taste of the curry may vary with every home, but the spiciness of the curry remains constant.

2. Misal

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M for Maharashtra and M for Misal is nothing different from each other. It is undoubtedly one of the famous dishes that you will find in every street corner fo Maharashtra. A piquant, tangy, and spicy combination of spices and healthy sprouts is what misal is all about. You can have it with butter-fried Pav or bhujiya.

3. Chicken 65

Chicken 65
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It is hard to find a menu of Indian non-veg restaurant that does not have Chicken 65 in it. The suffix 65 in the name of the dish has two reasons. The first one lies in its composition as it is made up of 65 different spices. Another popular theory states that the inventor of this dish, Mr. A. M. Buhari invented it as a simple meal solution for Indian soldiers in the year 1965.

4. Madras Curry

Madras curry is a 350-year old recipe that got its name from the city itself. The curry is made up of lots of spices and spoons full of chili powder. Make sure to have some yogurt or sweet dish by your side before diving into this sizzling curry. 

5. Chicken Chettinad

Chicken Chettinad
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This is a special minicourse dish of Chettinad, a place in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu. Chicken is showered with lots of spices, yogurt, coconut, poppy seeds, and a lot more ingredients. Enjoy this spicy dish right from platter served hot with some soft rice or Chapatis.

6. Lasaniya Batata

When it comes to Gujarat, the spiciest dish found here is lasaniya batata. The words lasaniya and batata means garlic and potatoes. It is a gravy type curry made of piquant potatoes with lots of spices that emerged in it.

7. Rista

In the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, a rista gets cooked in the kitchen of many houses. A delicious gravy lumped with soft mutton balls will water your mouth with its reddish appearance. The dish is found to be very spicy due to the heavy doses of red chili powder.  

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8. Laal Maans

 Laal Maans
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Rajasthan is considered to be the most vegetarian state of India. Despite this fact, the state has maintained the legacy of tasty dishes in the non-veg genre too. Whenever you visit Rajasthan, just do not dare to forget about having the Laal maans.

9. Kashmiri Chicken

Another famous dish of Kashmir is the Kashmiri chicken that has the name of the place itself. The meat is gently marinated with authentic spices that give rise to the delicious aroma.   

10. Pork Vindaloo

Many people know goa for its amazing beaches and cheap beers. However, goa also has an interesting and spiciest dish of its own. The pork Vindaloo curry is Goa’s special dish that is believed to be a version of Portugal curry Carne de vinha d’alhos. The basic structure of gravy is very spicy and full of chili-pepper which is enough to leave your tongue on fire.

11. Kolhapuri Chicken

Kolhapuri chicken
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Kolhapur is a place in Maharashtra famous for two things- Slippers and chicken. Talking about the taste of Kolhapuri chicken, it is spicy as hell. Because the chicken is specially marinated in chili powder and other spices overnight to enhance its spicy flavor.

12. Phaal Curry

Phaal curry
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For all the chili or spice lovers out there, do you have guts to taste the spiciest dishes of the world? This dish is none other than the Phaal curry which is especially served in Indian restaurants in the form of challenge. The extent of spiciness can be understood from the fact that chefs wear special gas masks while making this dish.

13. Piro Aloo

Piro Aloo
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Some dishes taste wonderful due to its different combinations. One such spicy dish found in India but originated from Nepal has a combination of softness and crunch. It is none other than the stick filled with small slices of Piro aloo. The spice coated fried potato cubes taste absolutely delicious when enjoyed with pickles or sauces.

14. Shutki Maach

Shutki Maach
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People who are odor-sensitive may not find this dish good. But it is one of the best Bengali dishes in India. The fish is dried and cooked in the perfect blend of spices. The final meal does not smell good but tastes utterly delicious.

15. Stuffed Bell Pepper

Stuffed Bell Pepper
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You might have seen different applications of colorful bell peppers in dishes. But the most interesting and spiciest Bell pepper dish is available in India. From rice to soybeans, you can get many variations of stuffed bell pepper grilled over a subtle flame. This dish is a deluxe delight to experience.

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