Top 15 Ways To Boost Immunity Naturally

As the COVID-19 pandemic is going on and we don’t have any supplement to cure it, we are totally dependent on our immunity system to combat coronavirus. Now the question is how to improve our immunity? So, here we are with the top 15 ways to boost immunity naturally. 

Top 15 Ways To Boost Immunity Naturally

1. Sleep Well

Sleep Well
Source: HealthCentral

Studies proved that immunity and sleep are closely interlinked. Inadequate sleep may lead to illness, and proper adequate sleep will boost immunity naturally.

2. Focus On Natural Sources

Source: Healthline

There are plenty of natural sources available in the market that will help you to improve your immunity system. Blueberries, dark chocolate, turmeric, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach, ginger, garlic, green tea, kefir, sunflower seeds, almonds, kiwi, citric rich fruits, red bell pepper are the common examples that you can easily purchase from the market.

3. Exercise

Source: Time Out

Moderate exercises like cycling, jogging, rope skipping, swimming, walking, and hiking, burn unhealthy fats, increase blood flow, and anti-inflammation in your body. Exercising regularly will strengthen your physical capability and increase immunity cells that ultimately help to combat illness. 

4. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated
Source: One Medical

A dehydrated body has a strong chance of getting the illness (like indigestion, headache, heart and kidney problems, etc.) in comparison to a hydrated one. Drinking water at regular intervals not only protects your body from viruses and germs necessarily, but also it can prevent you from dehydration.

5. Eat Antioxidants Rich Foods

Eat Antioxidants Rich Foods
Source: WebMD

Whole Plant foods contain nutrients and antibodies in abundant amounts, and these antibodies lower down the level of chronic inflammation, which ultimately decreases the risk of heart diseases, cold, and certain cancers.

6. Say No To Smoking

Say No To Smoking
Source: Medical News Today

When it comes to smoking, try to say no. Cigarettes release Nitrogen oxide, Carbon monoxide, Cadmium, and contain Nicotine. These chemicals affect the growth of immunity cells like T-cells, Cytokines, and B-cells. 

7. Eat Healthy Fats

Eat Healthy Fats
Source: Eat This, Not That

Like whole plant fruits and vegetables, healthy fats such as Omega-3 and Olive oil contain anti-inflammatory bodies that decrease the level of chronic inflammation in your body and build up your immunity system to fight illness.

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8. Positive Mindset

Source: Thrive Global

A positive and stress-free lifestyle automatically boosts the immune system. As we are going through Coronavirus Pandemic, all we need to do is to think positive thoughts, talk to people, and encourage them. Attitude is everything, so stick to positivity and try not to stress for anything.

9. Drink Alcohol In Moderation

Drink Alcohol In Moderation
Source: New York Post

Excessive drinking can lead to a weak immune system. Researchers proved that when we drink high measures of liquor, our body is excessively bustling, attempting to detoxify our system and weaken the body to fight against viruses and infections.

10. Through Herbs And Supplements

Through Herbs And Supplements
Source: Ascension Kitchen

Some exploration has proposed that mixes in herbs and enhancements can boost your immunity system. Astragalus, ginseng, dark cumin, licorice, and herbal tea like green tea are only a couple of herbs that have immunity-boosting characteristics.

11. Eat Fermented Foods

Eat Fermented Foods
Source: The Independent

Scientists claimed that fermented foods like kefir, yogurt, natto, kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut help the immunity system to identify between harmful, healthy, and normal cells and then target the harmful ones.

12. Through Sexual Activity

Through Sexual Activity
Source: CTV News

Studies proved that making love once and twice a week increases the level of immunoglobulin (A) that protects us from sickness in comparison to those who are very sexually active and those who are not sexually active.

13. Do What Makes You Happy

Do What Makes You Happy
Source: Healthline

We all know that happiness is the home of a healthy body but do you know what exactly happiness does? So here is the answer, happiness lowers down all the tensions that worry you and ultimately increases your immunity system. That’s why the pamphlet in the hospital always says “Keep Smiling”.

14. Food And Personal Hygiene

Source: Good Housekeeping

“Prevention is better than cure” is the very basic concept we all know. Preventing anything from happening is the very first step of curing anything. So, find what makes you ill? Maybe that contaminated food, maybe your dirty hands, or maybe be your unawareness about hygiene. Therefore, try to eat healthy food, wash your hands at regular intervals, and by following these basic rules, you will be able to eradicate more than half of the chances of getting illnesses. 

15. Other Immune Response Factors

Other Immune Response Factors
Source: Medical News Today

Follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, adequate sleep, etc. are the main factors to boost immunity but there are some other scientifically-proven immune response factors like getting sunlight, playing with your pets, singing in a choir, etc. These factors improve our immune system not directly but indirectly.

These 15 ways to boost immunity naturally are simple and easy to follow. So, to survive this pandemic and to stay healthy in the long run all we have to do is improve our lifestyle a bit only, try to gain knowledge, and follow the guidelines. 

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