Top 15 Style Tips For Teens

You probably don’t wanna invest in quality pieces cause it’s expensive, and there’s no point in investing in an item that is not gonna fit you a year later. That’s totally justified. But your style can be as unique as you are.

So here’s a list of the top 15 style tips for teens:

1. Fit

The most important thing you need to nail down is to make sure that your clothing fits you right. Right now, there’s a wave of ’90s style, which basically means loose and oversized cuts. In my opinion, I’ll suggest stay away from that and make sure your t-shirt, denim, and your shirts fit you well; in well-fitted clothes, you’ll look leaner and more muscular.

2. Shop from the right store

Fast fashion stores are best, especially if you are young, like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21. These stores are great because you can find pieces that are cheap but will look good and stylish. That’s what you want when you’re outgrowing your clothes.

3. Focus on essentials

Focus on building a solid wardrobe that consists of fundamental pieces. Make sure the quality of those pieces is good, so they’ll last longer, and basics, you can rock them with anything!

4. Layering

This is where you really increase your style; layering is the best and easiest way to show how stylish you are. You start playing with textures and proportions, and when you do that, your style is gonna be untouchable.

5. Assess your wardrobe

You need to look at your wardrobe and see whether you have anything that is outdated, outworn, or oversized. Just get rid of it and buy better stuff that will upgrade your wardrobe.

6. Invest in shoes

Shoes say a lot about your personality. If you want to keep it safe, always go with canvas, leather, or suede leather. Keep it simple with a silhouette like Nike Airforce 1 or Stan Smith. That way, you can wear it again across anything.

7. Style different

Set yourself apart from your friends. Nowadays, everybody in a group of friends dresses exactly the same. Be brave enough to be different; this is literally the best way to stand out.

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8. Accessories

Everything you buy doesn’t have to be cheap. There are certain areas where you should invest your money, such as in accessories. You can buy bracelets, rings, chains, and even watches, as you can keep wearing them for years and years.

9. Use social media

Go online on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, and look at your favorite celebrity, what they are wearing and what is trending, and then invest in some of those pieces.

10. Take care of your clothing

Learn to iron or steam your clothes and, most important, learn to do your laundry. It is the best age to go to your mom or dad and learn how to launder properly.

11. Don’t be scared to dress up

You can’t be afraid of wearing something as simple as chinos, sneakers, and a polo making it seem as if you’re going to a business meeting.

12. Don’t follow trends

Trends come and go; you don’t wanna wear something that your friends are wearing, so integrate some of your personal taste and style with some of the trendy items that are popular.

13. Get a job

If you like wearing expensive clothing or you like stuff that your parents aren’t really receptive to buying you, I would say get a job and earn your money because you will respect and appreciate the clothing you buy with your money.

14. Experiment and learn

Experiment and learn what clothes fit you best. You don’t wanna buy assuming your size cause there are a lot of cuts in every piece of clothing. Buy modern and slimmer cuts to look better.

15. Have respect

Have respect for yourself, don’t do things that are self-destructive, and have pride in your appearance and who you are as an individual. Act sincerely and dress appropriately.

That’s it; these were the top 15 style tips for teens. An age where it is so easy to get carried away, but once you learn to be confident, nothing can stop you!

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