Top 15 Common Dreams And Their Supposed Meanings

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, coined the phrase, “Dreams are the windows to the unconscious.” This statement holds a lot of power because what if the things we dream about contain the answers that we are looking for in our real lives? Though most psychologists disagree with today’s state of dream interpretation, people still choose to accept dreams and their meanings as unsolved mysteries that they want to know about.

Here are the top 15 common dreams and their supposed meanings:

1. The Falling Dream

This is a very common dream that all of us might have dreamt about at least once in our lives. The falling dream signifies anxiety and loss of control in our work life, finances, marriage, relationship, etc. If an individual, however, enjoys the feeling of falling, then it usually suggests that the person is not afraid of changes.

2. The Getting Chased Dream

This dream definitely has a nightmare touch to it. Getting chased in your dreams signifies that you’re running away from something/someone that is causing you anxiety and fear in your waking life. However, this dream can also be seen in a positive light if the dreamer realizes that they need to address the avoiding issue as soon as possible. This dream is also more commonly occurring in women than in men.

3. The Teeth Falling Out Dream

Dreams about teeth are equated to anxiety that we feel regarding our appearance and how others perceive us in real life. This dream specifically originates from the fear of rejection, embarrassment, and lack of self-confidence. Teeth are used to tear, bite, and chew, and hence dreams about losing our teeth reflect powerlessness.

4. Unable To Find A Toilet Dream

This dream doesn’t always signify the need to pee in real life. In fact, the inability to find a toilet in your dream reflects your inability to express your needs in certain situations. It also represents your personal needs not being met because you always put others first. This dream would make you feel the need to have more privacy, self-care, or self-expression.

5. The Naked Dream

If you’ve just gotten promoted, gone off to a new job, or are coming into public view, then this dream might have become a common occurrence by now. Being naked in front of a group of peers signifies insecurity, humiliation, and feelings of vulnerability. Some psychiatrists believe that this dream is a message for the dreamer to become liberated.

6. The Flying Dream

Most flying dreams are pleasant and happy and signify the need to let go of current issues. Such dreams are also called ‘lucid dreams’ as you’re aware that you’re dreaming. However, if you are alone and struggling to fly, then it implies that you lack self-confidence.

7. Unprepared For A Test Dream

If you are a student, then this dream might have become your best friend by now. Such dreams are so real that we actually wake up convinced that we have failed an important test. But if you have graduated and still have the same dream, then it’s related to the anxiety you feel at your workplace. This generally originates from the fear of something bad that is going to happen.

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8. The Dream Where You Can’t Run

In this dream, your life depends on running, but no matter how hard you try, somehow, either your feet seem to be stuck to the ground, or you keep running in slow motion. This dream is said to occur generally when someone has self-esteem issues, lacks self-confidence, or they are going through a current situation where they feel powerless.

9. The Snake Dream

This dream has a lot of meanings attached to it. Seeing a snake or being bitten by one signifies hidden worries and fears that are threatening you. Alternatively, the snake is seen as phallic, which symbolizes temptation and forbidden sexuality. To make the meaning more confusing, many communities consider the snake as a positive symbol representing knowledge, healing, and wisdom.

10. The Dream Of A Murder

This dream seems horrifying, and hence it becomes important to know the hidden meaning behind it. If you dream of witnessing a murder or committing it yourself, then it’s usually a subconscious expression of repressed aggression and rage at yourself or someone else. However, if you’re the one who is murdered, then that suggests severed relationships in real life and you trying to disconnect from your emotions.

11. The Being Late Dream

This dream signifies that the dreamer is anxious and overwhelmed in waking life because they are trying to take different directions and doing too much in a limited amount of time. It also means that the dreamer shouldn’t make a promise that they can’t keep. On the other hand, this dream might also signify that it is never too late to go for things you want in your life. 

12. Crashing A Vehicle Dream

Cars in our dreams usually represent our drive in life and the directions we are taking. If you lose control of your car, then that means you are off-track in real life and want to get back on the road to keep going. The person driving the car in your dream would also help you to understand who is controlling your direction.

13. The Cheating Partner Dream

This specific dream ought to make you rethink your whole relationship. The cheating dream generally occurs when your partner spends too much time and attention on something that does not involve you. It also originates from the lack of trust in a romantic relationship.

14. The Dream Of The Dead

The dream, where you can see or talk to the dead, acts as a warning for you to get away from the negative influence in your real life. It can also be one of the ways to resolve your feelings with those who are no longer in this world. If you dream about someone who died a long time back, then it may suggest a current relationship that resembles the quality of the deceased person.

15. You Think You Woke Up, But You Didn’t

It’s fitting to end the list with the most common dream that usually occurs in the morning hours when we are nearly awake. In the dream, we think we have woken up, and we start going about our daily routine. Such dreams usually signify that the dreamer is extremely worried about the upcoming day and wants to be fully prepared to face challenges.

Everybody dreams differently, and the meaning of those dreams might not even be the same for others. Our unconscious won’t spell out the meaning of the dreams; it’s the job of our conscious of figuring it out.

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