Top 15 Stylish DIY Ideas To Stay Organized

Struggling for storage space? Tired of losing your keys? Want your house to look organized? Then you are in the right place. These innovative and stylish DIY ideas will transform everything for you. These life hacks are best and inexpensive to replicate. These cheap DIY projects are easy to make and recreate. A little planning and arrangement can lessen your burden and will save money.

Top 15 Stylish DIY Ideas To Stay Organized

1. Create Some Space

Create Some Space
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Are you in need of extra space? Then add a DIY ladder for hanging your hats or towels. This ladder is not only functional but also makes your room in your apartments for rent in Cary, NC, look less messy and even gives cool vibes.

2. Attach Baskets

Attach Baskets
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You can attach baskets to the wall of your bathroom and fold extra towels, bathrobes, and washcloths. This will give an attractive look to your bathroom area. It is also used in the kitchen to store the utensils.

3. Label Kitchen Essentials

Label Kitchen Essentials
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Have you ever mistaken sugar with salt or vinegar with water? Labelling all the kitchen necessities helps to track down things easily. You just need to use your favourite font to make sure the bottles stand out and are fit for your decor.

4. Hang Your Books

Hang Your Books
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It is a cool idea to keep your books hanging. Why follow the old ways if you can create your new route? This path of creativity will give your home a styling look, elegant, and trendy. This hack is great for keeping your kid’s books. You won’t need extra shelves or use cupboards to store the books. Rather, you will enjoy styling and organizing books your way.

5. Key Holder

Key Holder
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Keep a key holder with a big font calling your eyes to pick the house key before leaving. Or you can make your DIY key holder by styling it your way with your favourite font. Paint the font in bold and vivid colours, for not missing it on the way out.

6. Hang Your Phone

Hang Your Phone
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Does charging your phone brings trouble? Is your charging station disorganised? There is a solution to that. Place a cell phone holder or make one by your own using bottle of baby lotion and hang it near the charging point. This will create space for other stuff and your station will look clean and organised.

7. Colour Your Keys

Colour your keys
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Do you juggle between your car keys and home keys? One easy and hassle-free way to remember your keys is to paint each key with a different colour to differentiate them, either by shimmery paint or using nail paints.

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8. Make A Rolling Vanity

Have a Rolling Vanity
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It can be difficult to adjust the vanity box in small apartments. And giving space to a big vanity case is not ideal for many. Therefore, you could use a rolling vanity, which will be perfect.

9. Clip Your Chargers

 Clip Your Chargers
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This stylish DIY idea will make your life so much easier. You just have to attach a binder clip to the side of your nightstand so that you will never lose your USB cable under the bed. 

10. Hang Floating Shelves

Hang floating shelves
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You can get many types of floating shelves. These give your home a classic and clean look. You have to select the right type of shelf that suits your decor setting. The shelves can be attached on the walls using the brackets. You need to drill holes in the wall and nail the brackets on your desired site. Then slide your shelves over the brackets.

11. Design Some Vases

Design some vases
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You can make temporary designs and stick them on your flower vase. This will give your plain vase a classic look and a plus point to this is that you can remove the tattoo when you get bored of it! Nail polish remover will do great for erasing the tattoo.

12. A Ring Holder

A Ring Holder
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We are talking about those beautiful possessions that you may never wish to lose. For keeping rings safe buy a ring holder or create it using clay. You can experiment on what shape and design you want for your holder.

13. Teacup Candles

Tea Candles
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These candles are amazingly beautiful and surely deserve some love. Teacup candles are stand-alone candles that are one of their kind. Using your favourite Vintage Teacups and turning them into Teacup Candles gives out a bold and classy look to the guests.

14. Separate Containers

Separate Containers
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Keeping supplies in separate containers is one of the most important organization tips to consider. Instead of storing pencils, crayons and markers together, give each of them a separate jar. These jars will help you fetch needed supplies on time.

15. A Dreamcatcher

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A dreamcatcher brings positivity to your decor, it adds a modern whimsical vibe to your space. Moreover, it is less expensive and more attractive. It will give a simple and minimalistic feel to your room. And you can even make it very easily.

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