Top 15 Summer Essentials To Pack While Travelling

Summer in India stretches from March to June where the temperature rises from the month of March and goes to its peak in May and June. This time is quite hot and humid. The hot air and increased temperature affect the weather. This is the time when people get a long vacation, where they plan travelling to distant places. These summer trips require prior preparations as it is always important to pack the necessities with you.

Top 15 Summer Essentials To Pack While Travelling

1. Water bottles


Carry mineral water bottles while travelling. It is said that in India, the taste of water changes in every few kilometers and it’s true! You should carry an ample amount of water while travelling in any region of India. Especially in destinations like some far off hill station or desert, you should be extra cautious. Remaining hydrated should be your first priority.  

2. Glucose drink


Water is not going to be enough! You should carry glucose drinks while travelling. The sun will drain out your body liquids and dehydrate you. Dehydration is a common health issue in summers of India. Continue sipping the glucose and stay hydrated and enjoy your trip.

3. Energy bar

energy bar

Carry a good amount of energy bar for your summer trip. Energy bars help in proving sugar to your body which will help your body from dropping sugar level. The dropping sugar levels can prove to be a major health hazard in Indian summers. You can’t eat heavy meals on the trip as it could slow you down with stomach problems. Thus, for your hunger issues, you can always have energy bars in your pocket.

4. Wet tissues

wet tissue

Tissues and wet wipes are a must in the travel kit, especially when it’s summertime. Summers in India can lead to many unwanted facial discomforts. Carrying wet tissues is wise because otherwise, your skin could catch dirt and bacteria which could make your skin dry. Using drinking water for washing your face is also not a wise plan, so you should use the tissues as it contains flavour and refreshing agents that will make you feel fresh.

5. Sunglasses


During summer, the heat in some of the hottest places in India becomes even more difficult. The UV rays will hit you the hardest in the summer and it will be harmful to your skin as well as eyes. So don’t forget your sunglasses before you leave for your trip. The glasses will protect your eyes from the harmful radiations and will keep you from getting direct sunlight onto the eye.

6. Summer Cotton Clothing

cotton clothes

Cotton shirts and trousers are the best summer travel gear. Your wardrobe for an Indian destination in summers should have cotton or linen clothing. You should wear loose-fitting cotton clothes, and cover your head with a cotton scarf or cap to prevent direct exposure of sun. Beware of sunstrokes and try wearing light colour clothes for reflecting away the sun rays.

7. Sunscreen lotion


Sunscreen lotion is a must! Always apply sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Make sure to use at least SPF 30. Your exposed skin is always at risk of getting sunburn. Apply the cream generously on your face and exposed areas for protecting it from ageing and fine-lines.

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8. Hand sanitizer


Use hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean, just water is not going to be enough. Hand sanitizers are handy and easy to travel with, they help in killing germs and protecting your hygiene.

9. Mosquito Repellent

mosquito repellent

The irritation the mosquitoes cause can’t be tolerated, so using mosquito repellent creams can help you from the mosquito bite. Carry mosquito repellent creams and plug-in devices in your backpack.

10. Travelling Shoes


To avoid sweat and grime from developing into fungus, you should prefer nice, aerating shoes rather than a compact leather sandal. The shoe must be airy, open and comfortable.

11. Summer Body Mist

body mist

One of the major issues in the summertime is the sweating skin. The sweat can cause itchiness and produce bad odour from your body, which is why you have to have a body mist in your bag. Apply the mist and get rid of the bad smell. You will feel much fresh after its use. This is a mandatory summer product to pack in.

12. Towel


For packing for a summer trip, you’ve got to have a towel in your travelling essentials list. It will help you wipe whenever you sweat.

13. Travelling Basic toiletries


Soap, shampoos and minimum makeup products must be kept while travelling. A small travel hair drier is also helpful when there is no time to wash and dry hair.

14. Gadgets


A few vital gadgets for your enjoyment, such as phones, chargers, camera and its batteries are mandatory to ensure you never get bored.

15. Old newspapers


Old papers must be carried as you never know when you won’t get a sitting place, so you can place the newspaper on the floor and make space and sit. The papers could also be used to cover the oily food articles that you have carried for the trip.

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