Top 15 Thrilling Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

Want to make memories with your kids this summer? Try these fun 15 summer activities with your kids, which will keep them from getting bored this summer season. These summer activities will help you bond around and also create memories.  Share this with your partner and plan your happy month.

Top 15 Thrilling Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

1. Have A Summer Picnic

Have a summer picnic
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Choose your picnic site and you are good to go! Prefer the playgrounds your kids like and prepare their favourite food. This outing will help you get along with your family and bond together. The parks offer an abundance of sites and spots for a picnic, they also have swings, tunnels and other adventure game sites. Kids will enjoy their time playing, eating and running around in the ground with you.

2. Backyard Summer Camp Out

Backyard Summer Camp Out
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Don’t want to travel far for campouts? No worries, you don’t have to then. A family camp out just outside your house will do the work, and also create a memorable experience for everyone. Put a tent for a night in your backyard and watch the stars together or prepare campfire and groove on everyone’s favourite song. By sticking close to home your kids can feel safe and still enjoy wonderful family time.

3. Go For A Family Bike Ride

Go For A Family Bike Ride
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Family That Rides Together, Stays Together! A bike ride is a great way to bond outdoors and have fun at the same time. A family bike ride helps in developing a positive attitude for sports in the mind of your kid. The goal of this is to enjoy and make the ride memorable.

4. Have A Water Balloon Battle

Have A Water Balloon Battle
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The water fight is something we all love, it’s mock combat using water guns or balloons against the opponent. Having a water bottle with kids can make them happier and more connected to the family. You can divide teams and throw balloons on each other and fight to win the water battle. It is a fun sport that will energize your mood and uplift the aura around you.

5. Blow Bubbles

Blow Bubbles
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Every child enjoys blowing bubbles! So buy some bubble solution or make some at home and enjoy your day with your kids. They will love it! You can engage your kids in this activity and observe their excitement level. Bubble blowing can be done outdoor or indoor, as per your convenience. This activity can actually be beneficial to your kids. They can help develop visual tacking skills and motor movements for your little one.

6. Fly A Kite

Fly A Kite
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There is nothing better than flying a kite with your little one. Buy a kite and be ready to show off your kite flying ability. It is a classic activity that will help you bond with your kid and spend time together.

7. Trampoline Jump

Trampoline Jump
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Trampoline jumping can be fun, you can go to a park and enjoy trampoline jumping or you can have a trampoline at your home. As trampoline jumping possesses a high risk of injury, it is advised by the experts to follow safety rules strictly.  You should keep your kid on loop and supervise their activity on the trampoline.

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8. Visit The Local Zoo

Visit The Local Zoo
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Apart from getting closer to nature and wildlife, zoo visits provide a bonding time to the family. It is essential for children to feel nature and know about their surroundings. A trip to the nearest zoo can give your children joy, happiness and also knowledge about different species living in their proximity.

You can teach your kids about their habitat and other specifications. Your kids will surely love their visit to the zoo and include it in their good days.

9. Go To A Beach

Go To A Beach
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Going to a beach in summer can be a refreshment for you. You will have time to play beach ball or swim or even scuba dive. You can try many water sports and push your family to join you in doing the same. Watching the waves can calm you from inside and help you feel relaxed. Your kids will love the beach idea and will feel amazed. You just have to make sure you carry enough sunscreen, snacks, toys, drinks and games.

10. Go To A Carnival Or A Fair

Go to a carnival or fair
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You can check out the fairs happening in your city and take your kids to visit. You can have the best summertime if you are prepared for the event beforehand. You have to pack the right things, prepare a to-do-list in mind and arrive early so you don’t miss any rides. Kids love carnival rides, so allow them to participate and experience the joy of carnival.

11. Watch The Sunrise

Watch The Sunrise
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Watching the sunrise with family is a bliss! You can go on a trek for an amazing view or you can watch the sunrise from your backyard while drinking tea. These small moments will define your life and make your living worthwhile. You should give your family the time they deserve and make them feel special.

12. Build A Sandcastle

Build A Sandcastle
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While on the beach or in a playground, try playing with your little one. You can build a sandcastle and tell them stories of your childhood, how you used to build the highest castle and your friends were jealous of you.

13. Watch A Movie In Your Backyard

Watch a movie in your backyard
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In the hot summer nights, you can enjoy watching your kids’ favourite movie projected on the big screen. You can just arrange a big projector and do all the set up required, then sit around comfortably and enjoy the night with your kids.

14. Catch Lightning Bugs

Catch Lightning Bugs
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Catching lighting bugs is such a thrill! You can spend your night spotting the bugs and then catching them in a jar. Kids enjoy watching the bug shinning at night, they will love their time spent catching and holding the bug.

15. Create A Summer Scrapbook together

Create a summer scrapbook together
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Help your kids in compiling their summer memories into a scrapbook. They can attach the photographs and write about their experience as the caption. You can help them be as innovative as they wish to be by letting them use paints, glitters and colour pens for decoration.

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