Top 15 Synonyms To Flaunt Your Vocabulary

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In this list, we have tried to compile the most flaunt-worthy words that could be used in the place of the words which you have been using regularly. Using these words will not only enhance the level of your communication but also give a professional touch to your personality. Let’s focus on the given top 15 synonyms to flaunt your vocabulary.

Top 15 Synonyms To Flaunt Your Vocabulary

1. Zoilism (Criticism)

Zoilism (Criticism)
Source: YouTube

We are living in the country of the largest democracy and Criticism is our basic right, we use this word “criticism” almost on a daily basis. So, to flaunt your vocabulary more fancy try to use “Zoilism” instead of Criticism. Zoilism is used to represent strong criticism or a sense of strong displeasure towards anything.

2. Billingsgate (Bad Language)

Billingsgate (Bad Language)
Source: The Sports Physio

Billingsgate is used to refer to a person using “Bad Language”. The story behind this word is that this word was generated from the bad language used by the workers at Billingsgate fish Market, London. Using this word in place of bad language will make you sound less harsh and rude.

3. Riant (Cheerful)

Riant (Cheerful)
Source: Thrive Global

A Riant person is the person of jolly, happy, and cheerful nature. The word Riant was derived from the Latin language and is an exclusive replacement for the word cheerful. While cheerful and joyful are very commonly used words, replacing them with riant will add a touch of sophistication to your language.

4. Horripilation (Goosebumps)

Horripilation (Goosebumps)
Source: AnatomyBox

Goosebumps is the word we use on a daily basis. “Horripilation” is the medical name for the phenomenon responsible for the bristling of body hair. It is a good replacement for the word Goosebumps. Using this word will not only make you stand out, but it will also fetch you some good recommendations for movies.

5. Mephitic (Smelly)

Mephitic (Smelly)
Source: The Tory Party

Mephitic is used for bad, foul, and noxious smell. Try to use the “Mephitic” word in your daily vocabulary and to avoid simple words. This is a kind of word that will make the negative in its meaningless apparent. Therefore, while you are complaining of something being mephitic, you would still sound humble.

6. Ululate (To Bewail or To Lament)

Ululate (To Bewail or To Lament)
Source: Pinterest

This word is somehow related to the Wolves, can you guess it’s meaning? Yes! You guessed it right. “Ululate” means To Howl, the sound made by wolves.

7. Obliquate (Bend)

Obliquate (Bend)
Source: YouTube

Belongs to the root family of oblique, “Obliquate is a good replacement for the word Bend can be added easily to your vocabulary.

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8. Wanchancy (Unlucky)

Wanchancy (Unlucky)

Derived from the word Wanchance, which is used for misfortune in old Scout days, Wanchancy is used to mean “ill-fated” or “unlucky”.

9. Yesternight (Last Night)

Yesternight (Last Night)
Source: YouTube

As the word said itself, Yesternight is used in place of Last Night. Some more words from the Yester family are Yestermorn, Yesterweek, and Yestereve.

10. Laodicean (Indifferent)

Laodicean (Indifferent)
Source: Medium

The term Laodicean was derived from the ancient city in Asia named Laodicea. Due to their indifferent interest in the church and religious apathy, the term “Laodicean” was originated which means indifferent, apathetic, and unconcerned persons for religion.

11. Kenspeckle (Recognizable)

Kenspeckle (Recognizable)
Source: MEME

The term “Kenspeckle” is derived from the Scots Dialect and has roots from Scandinavia’s Culture. The word “Kenspeckle” means conspicuous and easily recognizable.

12. Idoneous (Appropriate)

Idoneous (Appropriate)
Source: Liberal Dictionary

This word is derived from the Latin language word idoneous means, suitable, fit, and appropriate. Add the word “Idoneous” in your daily vocabulary instead of using ‘Appropriate’ words.

13. Abdominous (Paunchy)

Abdominous (Paunchy)
Source: No. 1 Free Wallpapers

It is easy to remember. Abdominous is derived from the abdomen root family and a perfect replacement for the word Paunchy. There’s no doubt that it elevates your vocabulary status.

14. Febrile (Feverish)

Febrile (Feverish)
Source: Today’s Parent

If you are writing a sick leave to your school principal or you are writing a mail to your senior authorities that you are suffering from flu, then try to use the “Febrile” word instead of Feverish.

15. Daedal (Skillful)

Daedal (Skillful)

Daedal is a very good word to address skillful work. Initially, it was derived from the name Daedalus, the person who built the labyrinth with his skillful architecture and artwork.

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