Top 15 Telltale Signs Of Toxic People

The first need of a being is to be with people, people with whom you share different relations, and are important to you no matter what. Human interaction is inevitable in any phase or aspect of your life; you need to interact to sustain your life. But your mental health is also affected by these people around you, and the last thing you’d need from them is stress and toxicity. If they don’t make you feel happy, confident, and comfortable in your own skin, you need to cut them off.

Top 15 Telltale Signs Of Toxic People

1. Hypocrisy

toxic friends
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They set standards for you to maintain in different aspects, but you often see them falling short of those standards. You have to put effort into maintaining those standards. What is the point of a relationship in which you have to pressure yourself into pretending to be not what you are?

2. Adamant

adamant friends
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If something happens, it’s challenging for you to explain yourself to them. They don’t put themselves in your or anyone else’s shoes. You desperately try to explain yourself, but all you get is silent glares and no support whatsoever.

3. Not Supportive

unsupportive friend
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If you let them know about the struggles you face while doing something, they don’t support you and rather make you feel small about it. You end up feeling ashamed of your struggles after talking to them. They make you hide your struggles further up, and you end up getting no help and fighting alone.

4. Suppression

suppressive friend 
Signs Of Toxic People
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You start to hide your true self in front of them because you always end up feeling bad about yourself. You hide your positive self and happiness because you have noticed that when that happens, it ends up getting worse.

5. Needy

needy friend
source: insider

They are really needy; they try to manipulate you to meet their needs. They appear selfish to you at times because they were not there when you needed them, but now they are demanding you to be present for them wherever they need you.

6. Not Apologetic

unapologetic friend
source: cousellor who cares

No matter how hard you try, they never own up to their mistakes. They make lies on the spot to counter your points, and it always somehow ends up making you realize your mistakes and them escaping the question. Your mistakes are always highlighted, but theirs end up getting declared rubbish.

7. Mansplaining

source: oprah

They hog conversations and never let you voice your opinions. This has become a pattern. They seem to not care about your opinions because apparently theirs is always important, and you end up not contributing to any of the conversations.

8. Apathetic

apathetic friend
source: elite daily

They seem not to care about your feelings. It’s always them who needs attention and sympathy, but when you need the same things, they call you off, saying it’s not that big of a deal and that you’re overreacting and wave off your concerns.

9. Blaming

source: the statesman

They blame you for what happens around you and them. They indirectly form connections of you from the happenings. They often blame you for feeling something that they have instilled in you without your knowledge.

10. Distancing

distancing from others
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They are not happy with other people you’re friends with. People whose company you enjoy more than theirs, but they make you believe that they are not good for you and try their best to distance you from them.

11. Validation

toxic friend
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They don’t validate your success and are often jealous of your growth and success. They may term it as mere luck instead of appreciating your hard work, making you feel not deserving or happy for your achievements.

12. Invading Boundaries

toxic friends
source: yahoo news

They slowly and steadily erode your boundaries. You don’t know how but they know everything about you, your passwords, your chats, and use them against you to make you feel miserable.

13. Bringing In The Past

toxic friends
source: convent garden family law

They bring up the past in every argument to make you feel stressed. They know it makes you uncomfortable, but they always bring it no matter what and blame your habits and feelings for causing what happened.

14. True Colors

toxic friends
source: pathways

You are the one who sees their true colors because they fake it in front of others. You may see them contradicting things they themselves validate in front of others.

15. Comparison

toxic friends
source: elite daily

They compare you to everyone else in their life and show how you are never enough or how you make no efforts for them, and still, they are there for you when in reality you know they are not, but you are always there for them.

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