Top 15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is worth a billion dollars. Hotels are great, and it is the best way to make your trip even more comfortable. But do you know that there are so many things that they don’t want their customers to know? Most people share their bad experiences with 2-star rating hotels. There are very few disappointing reviews about the 5-star hotels too. So today, we have compiled some of the hidden things about the hotel industry.

Here are the top 15 things you didn’t know about the hotel industry:

1. Most Rooms Are Dirty

Yes, that’s true. To be honest, until and unless you have these special lights that allow you to see dirt, you might not be able to find it out. Also, there’s always a possibility of cleaners forgetting to clean certain parts of the room. You can literally see dust building up in some areas of the room.

2. Tourist Places Get Commission

The major idea behind doing this is to mutually benefit both parties. Irrespective of how famous or moderately famous the place is, there’s mostly a relationship put in between the hotels and the places. Both of them promote and advertise each other.

3. The Nature Of The Water Bottles Varies

Many times, you would find water bottles in your room. It is always safe and better to ask whether those bottles are complementary or not. If these bottles are chargeable and you keep refilling them throughout the day, then you might end up having a big bill for it.

4. Luggage Storage Isn’t Simple

Yes, this is a very tricky thing to do, and one requires a lot of attentiveness while doing this. Label your luggage while you go out exploring. Hotels already have a hard time doing this job, and all that they can do is become more strict.

5. Glasses Are Many Times Unchanged

I know this sounds really gross, but trust me, it’s true. Sometimes the hotel staff tries to get away by not changing or washing the glasses. Imagine how many hands would have touched those glasses and how many have had drinks in them.

6. Remote Controls Are Very Dirty

Remote controls are probably at the top of the list of the dirtiest item in the room. It is touched by several hands, and they are hardly being sanitized ever. Most people do not have a habit of cleaning their hands, and even if they do, there are still a lot of germs.

7. You Can Keep The Toiletries

Yes, that’s right, you can keep them. Toiletries are complimentary, plus they are already added to your room charges. Also, they are not of any use to the hotel. They have already been used or even half used. These toiletries end up going in the dustbins. So, there’s no harm in picking those yourselves.

P.S. Don’t steal anything that is actually owned by the hotels. That isn’t cool, obviously.

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8. Cleaners Are Paid On Per Room Basis

In many instances, the maids are paid on per room basis. So, if they take much time cleaning just one room, they might not get time to clean the other rooms. This also proves our upper points about why customers very often get untidy rooms during their hotel stay.

9. Sunday Is The Best Day To Book Rooms

For some reason, the hotel prices are generally low on Sundays as compared to any other weekdays. A lot of people successfully take advantage of this deal, and it would be even better if you were a regular traveler. So if you are not getting any luck while bargaining, then make sure to make the bookings on Sundays.

10. You Can’t Do Anything About Resort Fees

Even after all this research, we are unable to come up with the significance of this fee. It looks like the hotel charges its customers this fee just to rip them off. You can’t really do anything but pay it along with all the other additional charges.

11. Some Hotels May Hold Grudges

Just like customers do not forget about the bad experience that they have had at a particular hotel. Hotels, too, never forget about those customers who have given them a hard time whilst providing the services. The worst that could happen is that they may end up not providing you with the room. 

12. Alcohols Might Be Diluted

It is a pretty common scam done by many hotels all around the world. Bartenders might end up diluting your drinks to reduce their costs. The hotel might be nice but if they have decided to rip you off, then try not to fall for it.

13. Room Upgrades Depend Upon Your Behavior

All of us have heard about room upgrades. But seriously, this doesn’t happen like that. If there’s a chance of upgrading, then the customers need to be on their best behavior. Be polite and kind to the staff and the room service too. They do not just give up the rooms until and unless you earn it with your behavior.

14. Cleaning Staff Sleeps In Your Room

This might be a rare thing, but trust me, this happens. In case they know that the next customer doesn’t have to come in the next couple of hours, then they will happily utilize that time. They will sleep on the bed before cleaning it to get a few minutes of rest. 

15. Key Card Can Be Killed By Your Phone

Try not to keep your key card in the same pocket you kept your phone. If you do so, then your phone will end up demagnetizing the card, and you will not be able to open your room. Then you will have to rush to the reception to ask for a spare key for your room.

Hope these insights will help you travel safely and worry-free! Always be careful and remember, kindness goes a long way!

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