How to Care For and Maintain a Kanchipuram Saree

Kanchipuram sarees are one of the most beautiful and respected sarees in India. They are made from silk and cotton and have a dark green color with gold embroidered motifs. These sarees are very expensive to make, so you will want to treat them with the utmost respect when wearing them. Here are some tips for maintaining your Kanchipuram saree

Always iron the saree before you store it.

To keep your saree in good condition, it is important to iron it before you store it. Ironing Kanchipuram sarees will help prevent wrinkles and prevent creases from becoming permanent. If you don’t iron your saree before storing it, it will be difficult to remove all the wrinkles when you want to wear your sari again.

Protect the front of your saree from wrinkles by using an ironing board cover. It’s also important not to spread the fabric too much during ironing; this can cause creases that aren’t easily fixed later on when trying to wear it again. 

Keep it away from direct sunlight.

You should keep your latest Kanchipuram silk sarees away from direct sunlight. This will help prevent fading and damage to the silk threads of the saree. In addition, you need to avoid leaving your Kanchipuram sarees in direct sunlight for more than an hour at a time. If you have left it out overnight, it is best to put it into a dark closet or cupboard where there is no direct sunlight.

Use a good quality detergent. 

Use a good quality detergent while washing it, and do not soak the saree in water for too long. Dry it in the shade or hang it on your clothes rack when you wash it. Do not iron the saree until it is completely dry from wetness and then apply starch over them to make them look even more elegant than they already do!

Dry clean the saree to avoid damage to the silk threads.

A dry cleaner who knows how to handle silk is your best bet for cleaning a Kanchipuram saree. If you can’t find one, ask around at a local fabric store or online retailer and see if they have any recommendations. The label should clearly state whether or not this garment can be dry cleaned, so look carefully before making your purchase decision!

If you’re worried about damaging your precious petticoat’s delicate weave by washing it in water alone (which may dissolve some of its elastane), ask if your local dry cleaner will iron them after cleaning instead of simply hanging them up again like normal laundry items would be done with other fabrics such as cotton shirts etcetera.

Do not use bleach.

Bleach is a chemical that can damage the silk threads of your saree. The chemicals in bleach will stain other clothes, so it’s best to avoid using bleach as much as possible. Instead, use a good quality detergent to wash your Kanchipuram sarees separately from other clothes to prevent staining them with dye from your saree. Wash the saree in cold water for the best results, especially if you want to preserve its color and texture. 


If you’re looking for a good way to care for your Kanchipuram saree, this article has helped you. It’s always a good idea to check with your local dry cleaner before making any major decisions about cleaning or repairs. If they don’t have the right tools or chemicals available, ask them what kind of service they offer in their shop so that you don’t end up with a negative experience when it comes time for an important ceremony or party dress!

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