Top 15 Ways to Fill Your Own Cup

In our lives, we often tend to get overwhelmed by the drudgery of everyday mundane life, effectively leading to emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. During such moments, it becomes vital to take a step back and re-evaluate our routines. By incorporating small habits of self-care within our routine, we can easily replenish our energy reserve. Mentioned below are fifteen suggestions for ways to fill your own cup.

Top 15 Ways to Fill Your Own Cup

1. Going for A Walk

In times like these people have forgotten the essence of staying close to nature. Vehicles and the ease of transportation has made people such that they tend to hate walking for even few minutes. Walking is one such thing that has been recommended by doctors time and again. Basking in the lap of nature is one of the easiest ways to ground oneself when plagued by immense loads of work.

2. Reading

Besides providing one with new information, a habit of reading books helps gain clarity, develop critical analytical abilities and provides a safe space to seek refuge in from the cacophony of the world. Reading is a beautiful hobby that makes you stand apart from the rest. Reading often gives you a true companionship that is hard to find in life.

3. Exercising

Exercising is one such thing whose importance is highlighted since childhood time and again. Going to the gym is something that not everyone can do and so doing some physical activity every day not only boosts physical health and strengthens immunity, but also helps sharpen the mind and reduce anxiety. It also helps in bringing a healthy glow to your skin.

4. Writing Love-Letters to Yourself

We are a generation hiding our problems from us. We live with a bundle of deep insecurities and our mind is always full of doubts questioning our self-worth time and again. Thus dealing with low self-esteem, writing letters to yourself serves as a gentle reminder of the strength you carry within yourself and the tiny wonders you achieve every day instantly allows self-soothing.

5. Declutter

Studies have shown that decluttering spaces greatly affects the human mindset. It is advised to live in open and clutter-free spaces. The mess around might result in triggering anxiety levels to a large extent resulting in you worrying without a specific reason. Thus, a decluttered space provides significantly reduces stress levels.

6. Digital Detox

We are constantly on our phones. From waking up in the morning to sleeping at the night we are always being under this digital aura. This not only has adverse effects on our health like disturbing the sleep cycle but also hinders our overall growth as an individual. Taking a few hours or days away from the virtual world contributes to greater mental peace by allowing one to stay present at the moment.

7. Mindfulness

Humans lack this beautiful quality of staying present in the moment. They tend to get swayed by either the past events of their life or the worries of the future. Mindfulness plays an important role here. Mindfulness is the art of staying in the present moment and observing one’s thoughts without judgment. It greatly improves the power of introspection.

8. Blow Bubbles

Many doctors suggest blowing bubbles to reduce anxiety. Reverting to the childhood joys of blowing bubbles allows one to reconnect their inner child, thereby helping one to self-soothe.

9. Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a beautiful feeling. Memories are a person’s most priced possession sometimes and sometimes they can help a person a lot in their life. Immersing one in happy memories from the past by scrolling through old photo-albums or other memorabilia reminds one of the happiness and love experienced by them.  

10. Re-organize

Practicing self-care does not always have to be separate from work. Drawing up plans, creating schedules for the upcoming week or reorganizing a cluttered desk ensure increase in workspace productivity.

11. Baking

A fun way to de-stress is by baking cupcakes or cookies. The aroma of products used in baking helps soothe lingering stress. Baking is a creative art too where you can explore your hidden chef.

12. Spa-Treat

Engaging in a DIY-Spa treat at home is always a sure way to instantly calm the mind and the body.

13. Brew-a-Beverage

Tea is loved by many. There is hardly any house in India where tea isn’t made. The market is full of different flavors of tea with an enchanting aroma. Brewing yourself a cup of your favorite tea helps practice mindfulness.

14. Build-a-Playlist

Music soothes the soul. Many people enjoy humming to their favorite tune while others get engrossed in the composition and melodies. Making a playlist is a great thing you can do for yourself. This will help you to be happy and give you peace at the same time. So pamper yourself by creating playlists for various occasions for you to listen to.

15. Shake It Off

Shake away work-stress and everyday blues by plugging in your favorite music and dancing freestyle. Dancing helps in releasing certain hormones that boost your dopamine levels. dancing also helps you in staying fit.

Besides the suggestions listed above, you can experiment with painting, journaling and gardening to give your soul a hug.

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