Top 15 Ways To Get People To Trust You

Gaining someone’s trust is not as easy as it sounds. Trust is a feeling, and it is genuinely hard to have complete trust in someone.

Top 15 Ways To Get People To Trust You

1. Find Mutual Friends Or Connections

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It is a prevalent thing that we all know that if two people have a common friend, then there are more chances of them coming closer or becoming better friends.

2. Greet Warmly

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This doesn’t just mean the right behavior, but the gesture of greeting someone warmly will make people trust you more. Nothing is more infectious than a nice smile on your face while meeting someone.

3. Mirroring Body Language

ways to get people to trust you
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This has been shown in a study that mirroring someone’s body language will make them trust you even more. This is meant to be used such that it seems natural rather than you trying to pretend it.

4. Talk Slowly

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Being a fast talker might be a great requirement for some professions, but you should try slowing down your pace to gain someone’s trust. People who talk slowly and make the listener understand their point are more likely to be believed.

5. Ask Great Questions

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Asking questions is an essential aspect of a conversation. Great questions make people share things with others, while on the other hand, asking someone idiotic questions might irritate them.

6. Be A Good Listener

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Listening and hearing are 2 very different things. Good listeners are often loved more than those who are just careless about what the other person is speaking. This will make people trust you as they will have faith that you will surely understand whatever they are saying.

7. Validate Yourself, Validate Them

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Before talking to someone, do a quick research about them on any of the social media platforms. This will help you know more about them, and like our first point; this will help you find a common link between the two of you.

8. Be A Team player

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Don’t talk or behave like a selfish person. This kind of behavior will make people hesitant to get close to you. Show them that you are a part of a team and you are a team player. Share your opinions and listen to others. 

9. Be Kind And Helpful

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Kindness is the greatest gift in the world. People who are kind and helpful are indeed loved by everyone. This will not only show your humanity but will also paint a good picture of yours in other people’s minds.

10. Trust Others First

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 If you want others to trust you, then you will first have to make sure that you trust them. Believe in what they are saying, or just help them somehow without expecting a favor back. This will help you to gain their trust.

11. Be Okay With A Little Embarrassment

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According to a study, showing a bit of embarrassment in front of someone makes them trust you more. It shows that you are socially aware of the feelings of others. This trick works exceptionally and will allow people to rely on you.

12. Have A Positive Opinion Of The World

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No one likes a negative thinker or a negative talker. Become someone who encourages people and talks positively. This will help people form a better image of yours, and they will be more fond of you.

13. Be Sincere And Authentic

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Sincerity is something that is needed everywhere. Show people that you are actually concerned about them and be authentic in your behavior. Do not do things just for the sake of doing them.

14. Be Patient And Consistent

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These two traits are going to help you in the long run. Building a successful relationship with someone and gaining their trust requires a lot of patience and consistency.

15. Obey Rules

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Nothing makes someone more unreliable than a person who is constantly breaking the rules. People are only fond of a person who goes by the rules and never breaks any of them, with some exceptions, obviously. This habit will make others trust you even more.

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