Top 15 Ways To Get Your Friends To Like You

Facing difficulties to get your friends to like you since a long time? Do your friends seem a little off and don’t show the same effort when you try interacting with them? Do you get avoided by your friends most of the time? Do you need tips that would help you make friends and get your existing friends to like you?

Here are some top 15 ways to get your friends to like you

1. Keep engaging in topics that interest your friends

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When you engage in similar topics that you and your friends find interesting, they automatically start liking you. Find topics that actually might interest them. Lead them into discussing them with you. This way there will never be boredom in your conversations and your friends would get excited to talk to you, every time an interesting topic comes up.

2. Become an emotionally reliable friend

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You can be the bigger person here. You need to try and understand your friends’ emotional needs to be a better friend. This way you will create a deep connection with them. You need to be there for your friends whenever they are emotionally vulnerable or sad. You have to be the friend who is always ready to listen to their friend’s emotional rants and distress. That way they would start seeking your emotional comfort and reliability in tough times.

3. Be a good listener to your friends

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You always have to be a good listener to your friends. Listening is more important than speaking or talking to your friend. Sometimes people only want friends who would just sit near them and listen to their problems. They see a friend in that person who would listen to their rants and console them after that.

4. Show care by little things and actions

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Sweet gestures like supporting them in their opinions, wishing happiness on occasions and festivals, visiting them when they are sick, helping them with their studies would leave an impression that you care about them. Again, by doing these simple tasks you can get your friends to like you.

5. Don’t judge. Appreciate.

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You have to be appreciative rather than being judgmental. Being a judgmental friend would start your friends to gather negative opinions against you. You have to be appreciative and supportive of them. You should compliment them and appreciate their success rather than circling out flaws in their every action. Compliments and appreciation are core keys to getting your friends like you.

6. Provide them space and good understanding.

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You cannot put a whole level of expectations on your friend to understand you or do certain things for you. You cannot expect your friend to be there for you every time. Because you need to understand the fact that they have a life of their own and eventually everyone is busy with their own lives. If they are unable to reach you at times of need, you need to understand that this might not be on purpose.

There is a possibility that they might be stuck with some work or an unavoidable situation. So, you need to lower down your expectations and provide them space and time. Expectations lead to disappointments and understandings lead to greater compatibility after all. When you provide greater understanding to your friend, you automatically become compatible with them.

7. Encourage them always.

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Failure often knocks at every person’s door. But when it does, every good friend must encourage them that they can do better. It’s your responsibility as a friend to encourage them till they can regain their self-esteem. This way, your friend would realize that you got their back whenever they fail and they would then turn to you.

8. Always be the helpful friend

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Always be there for them when they face any problem. Try to empathize with them in their issues. Help them in certain matters when they get stuck and can’t get out of it easily. You can become helpful to them in other ways like providing notes or lending them things when they need them. This way they will form an impression that you’re a helpful friend and start liking you easily.

9. Develop a good sense of humor

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No one likes a boring friend. You need to keep your friends attracted to you and excited whenever they come to talk to you. But how do you do that? You need to develop a good sense of humor. Cracking up jokes in between conversations, being a sport, and not taking things personally would boost up your personality and charisma.

10. Try to participate in similar activities

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One of the most important things that would help you engage better with your friends is to participate in similar events and activities. Joining similar activities such as sports, or group dances and performances with your friends would radically boost your bond between you and them. This would help you build a good friendship with them.

11. Keep your ego aside in friendships

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Having an egoistic mindset is bad for your social life; you should keep your ego aside in friendships. There will be occasions when you need to apologize for some wrong actions you committed or in cases when you hurt a friend unintentionally. If you don’t apologize for your mistakes and carry an egoistic mindset that you are the righteous here, you would lose friends. Good friends never carry ego.

12. Compensate for your mistakes

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One of the crucial things to note down is providing some compensation for your mistakes. As I have said before, when you hurt your friend, you always should apologize. At the same time, you need to provide some sort of compensation for your mistakes too. Compensating can be in any form such as checking up on them about how they feel, bringing those little gifts or sweet tokens of friendship such as chocolates or spending quality time with them, watching movies, etc. It’s an amazing way to bond with them better.

13. Never try to be argumentative over silly matters

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No one wants a friend who is always argumentative. You can argue over genuine matters and speak on necessary matters. That doesn’t mean you should develop a quality of being argumentative always even on silly discussions and topics. People tend to avoid distressful and argumentative situations and hate people who encourage them. Your friends should always find comfort and peace in you, not unnecessary arguments. So to get your friends like you, become their peace and not a bickering friend whom they tend to avoid.

14. Prioritize your friends in your life

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Prioritizing is an act of showing your friends that they matter to you. When you prioritize them by showing what place they carry in your life, they too do the same. They feel happy and content that they hold some place in your life and would be obliged to prioritize you and your needs in return. Likewise, they would try to be your good friend and be there for you.

15. Be social and confident

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I have mentioned all the tips to get your friends to like you. But do you know what’s more important than all of these? What else is missing? Well, you can apply the mentioned tips only when you are a confident, interactive, social, and outgoing person. It would be really difficult for you if you keep an introverted attitude and try to make friends. Instead, you should be a little outgoing and keep an extroverted mindset to fit in your social life.

These top 15 ways to get your friends to like you would benefit you in the long run. They would not only help you discover good friendships but would always boost your personality to make new friends. People would love talking to you and start liking you. By applying these tips, you are already becoming a strong influence and part of their lives they wouldn’t want to lose ever. So what are you waiting for? Implement these ways and be the most amazing friend your friends have always wanted in you.

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