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Top 15 German Superstitions That Will Amaze You

Around the world, different cultures hold different beliefs and superstitions which gradually become symbols of good luck or bad luck. We can say that ‘Superstitions are habits rather than beliefs’ because they become a part...

Top 15 Largest Hindu Temples In The World

Visiting any religious abode provides us peace and the presence of a power that connects us to something beyond this world. Temples are always open to everyone. Be it when you are happy or sad,...

Top 15 Myths About Mental Illness That Need To Be Corrected

Illness refers to anything affecting the body or mind. You must have heard people saying that they are having a stomach ache or headache, but very few people confront having a serious prolonged illness like...


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Top 15 Most Beautiful Islands In The World To Explore

Islands across the world have emerged as tourist hotspots, with a sheltered sense of culture, and thriving biodiversity that each of them boasts of....

Top 15 Waste Of Money Habits You Should Be Aware Of

There are many people in the world who earn decently but do not know the art of saving money. Most of us spend money...

Top 15 Indian Shows On Amazon Prime

India has been delivering excellent content on online platforms. Especially, Amazon Prime is flooded with the finest Indian shows. It is an unignorable fact...

Top 15 Battles Fought In The Indian History

History includes many events which helped in the evolution of a nation, society, and mankind as a whole. That's why battles are important. They...

Top 15 Lifesaving Foolproof Hacks You Might Not Know

Have you ever woken up to a life-threatening dream wherein you saw yourself caught in the midst of danger? Of course, many of us...

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